When is National Find A Rainbow Day in 2020? Do you know it? โ€“ Well, ok, let us ask you in another way, have you ever thought about this holiday existence in the modern calendar? Today we want to investigate this case in detail as we find the holiday devoted to it to be very amazing.


We know quite well that such matter as what day World Find A Rainbow Day in 2020 is needs some serious clarifications and exact explanations. Especially, it concerns the event past.

According to the Bible, the natural object was created by God after the Great Flood. And initially it was a sign of his promise never again to flood people. In the Talmudic tradition, the item was created by God on the sixth day of creation. The Greeks have it as a manifestation of the goddess Iris.

In medieval Christian images, Christ on the day of the Last Judgment was sitting on it. The item is also associated with the Virgin Mary, the mediator between God and people. The symbolism of the thing depends on the number of colors in it.


In China it contains five colors, the union of which embodies the unity of yin and yang. On the basis of the Aristotelian triad, the Christian West sees in it only three (the symbol of the Trinity) of the primary colors: blue (the heavenly nature of Christ), red (passion of Christ) and green (Christ’s mission on earth).

All in all, the first person, who distinguished the colors of the item, was the scientist I. Newton. And, initially he discovered only five shades: purple, blue, green, yellow and red. After a while he added two more colors, which were orange and blue. In fact, the colors and shades of the object are millions, most of which are invisible to the human eye.

Sorry to admit it, but we havenโ€™t managed to find out any information available about the establishers of this amazing holiday. And it is a real pity to confess that there are no explanations why we have to celebrate it on April 3rd annually.

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What does National Find A Rainbow Day mean? All in all it is only up to you to conclude whether to spend this day in a different way or to forget completely about this amazing holiday existence. We are not able to impose you our rules.

In general, in accordance with scientific point of view, a rainbow is an atmospheric optical phenomenon that appears as a result of the refraction of light rays in a variety of water droplets when it rains or when water is spattered artificially.

The white sun’s rays, after they pass through each drop of water, turn into a multicolored spectrum of waves of different lengths, and therefore “colored” in different colors – from red to violet. Since drops have a different spherical shape, the spectrum is distorted in the form of a funnel. It is noted that such an effect is caused by refraction of light, reflection of rays from the surface of droplets and interference and diffraction.

It is impossible to see the spectrum of one drop, however, if there are billions of them, the observer can notice a set of colored rays, each of which comes from a separate drop, in the form of an arc.


Investigating the matter โ€œWhen is International Find A Rainbow Day 2020?โ€ we discovered many various facts and today we want to introduce them to our followers. In general, the object is an image of a peaceful heavenly fire, unlike lightning, which is an expression of the wrath of heavenly powers. The appearance of a phenomenon after a thunderstorm, against a backdrop of a peaceful nature, together with the sun, allowed it to be interpreted as a symbol of peace.

In the Bible, as it has been already told above, the phenomenon appears (in the episode with Noah’s ark) as a sign that water will no longer be a flood; it is seen as a symbol of the covenant made between Yahweh and people. The hemisphere of the object was considered a sphere (the second half of which supposedly is submerged in the ocean), that emphasized the divine perfection of this natural phenomenon. According to a common interpretation, the red color of the natural thing personifies the wrath of God, yellow – generosity, green – hope, blue – pacification of natural forces, purple – greatness.

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The amazing thing is that every person can see the full rainbow only at a certain angle. The center of the big rainbow circle is in line with the eyes of the observer and the Sun, when a person is in an airplane or on a mountain top.

It is also indicated that each observer sees the rainbow differently, even if they are next to the other. This is due to the fact that in their view the sun’s rays intersect, which pass through other drops at a different angle. In addition, each time the rainbow is updated, when the drops fall, and they are replaced by others.


When is Find A Rainbow Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you without any additional troubles. As we have already mentioned above this holiday is kept in definite circles on April 3rd annually that is why you are always free to involve.

Certainly, there are no any particular rules for celebration this amazing holiday. However, in most cases it is not a trouble for people with perfect level of imagination as they are always free to invent something interesting for themselves as well as for people around.

Rainbow above the forest

Of course, under these conditions the name of the holiday can tell you what to do. โ€“ What about watching this object in the sky? By the way April is a perfect time for this purpose, as usually it often rains. If it is impossible, devote this day to discovering something new. You see, there are plenty of books, documentaries, movies and Internet articles about it.

If you want to celebrate the day watching the object in the sky, we want to give you some recommendations, how to do it properly:

  • In order to see the rainbow, the angle of refraction of sunlight through a rain drop should be about 42 degrees, so at noon it’s almost impossible to meet a rainbow.
  • Through the lens of the camera in the photos, the rainbow has more intense colors. You can also see such a rare phenomenon as a night rainbow, often inaccessible to the unaided eye of a person. So, if you like, try this activity as well.
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International Find A Rainbow Day Facts

Investigating the matter โ€œWhat is the date of National Find A Rainbow Day in 2020?โ€ we would like to demonstrate the followers a great amount of various facts. And here is a list of the most amazing things devoted to this object:

  • This object is the refraction of the light of the heavenly bodies in droplets of water that soar in the atmosphere. These droplets, each in its own way, reflect the color of different shade.
  • The night object of this kind is called the moon. It is almost impossible to see it with the unaided human eye. – At night the moon should be in the full moon phase, the satellite is not high in the sky, there must be rain or fog, and the sky is very dark. If at least one condition is not met, then the eyes will see just the white light. Basically, a lunar rainbow is available for “inspection” near large waterfalls.
  • Occasionally in the period after the rain we can observe two rainbows: the main one is the most beautiful, while the secondary is less bright. This is due to the fact that the light is refracted twice in a drop.
  • Another miracle is the rare phenomenon, when the thing can be observed at dawn. The first mandatory condition is the presence of clouds. The second is the celestial star is at an angle of not less than 58 degrees from the horizon. And the last thing is that the ice crystals are arranged horizontally.


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