All of us like eating something sweet and delicious. Of course, tastes differ, but for the great part of contemporary society it is really rather difficult even to imagine their day without a candy, a piece of chocolate, an ice cream or a cake? Do you agree? As a rule, many people do. However, can you answer the question โ€œWhen is National Cake Day in 2022?โ€Are you ready to reply immediately or perhaps do you need some minutes for thinking about?

Unfortunately, in many cases you will hear the negative answer. And that is the main reason why we have made a decision to discover this situation in details.


Frankly speaking it is almost impossible to explain, what day World Cake ay in 2022 is without taking into account the historical background of this event. Itโ€™s a pity, but in this situation we havenโ€™t managed to find out any information about the holiday establishers as well as why it is celebrated on November 26 annually.

All in all the history of the cake origin began about 2000 years ago. The exact date is unknown, and we canโ€™t either list the ingredients, which were included initially.

Fruit Cake

According to the ancient recipes the very first cakes were a combination of flour, honey, nuts, eggs, milk and other flavors. Flour was the main ingredient that made baking cakes possible. Fruit were added in the last turn.

The Greeks first came up with this idea. Contemporary archaeologists have found in neolithic villages unpretentious cakes, which were made from crumpled grains. They were moistened first, and then boiled.

Since the 1900s, recipes for cakes have become much more complicated. A large number of types of flour and ways of its processing, methods of the dough kneading, all these things made cakes the way they are today. Of course, now there are easier ways of baking, with a mixer box, for example. After all, kitchen utensils and appliances went so far, making baking cakes unusually simple.

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For a while, the words “bread” and “cake” in Europe were close in meaning and easily replaced each other. To make the dough fluffier, the yeast was added. Later, for the same purpose, the eggs were used as the initial leaven.

Early forms for baking cakes were represented by regular round-shaped pan without a bottom. At that time, wax paper was used as a bottom. Later the pots had the same round shape, but already with the bottom. That’s how the baking dish was born. The next big improvement in cake recipes was the invention of soda and baking powder.


What does National Cake Day mean? Frankly speaking, usually it is up to you to decide, whether to celebrate this day or to forget about it. You see a great amount of contemporary guys and ladies havenโ€™t even heard about its existence.

In general we should mention that in fact cake is a common name for a large group of desserts, which are more or less similar. Unlike a pie, cake consists of some shortcakes, covered with chocolate, confectionery cream or jam. And as a rule, all types of cakes are decorated from above with confectionary glaze, cream, fresh fruit, mousse, jelly, marmalade, chocolate, coconut shavings, pieces of nuts and wafers and so on.

It is necessary to take into account that cakes are not only sweet confectioneries, you can also meet them as a basic dish, for example, liver cake.

By the way, in literal translation from the Latin language, the name of the dessert โ€œtลrtaโ€ is translated as round bread.

Up to the present moment, there are many different types of these dishes. They are prepared all over the planet in accordance with local traditions and tastes. This or that kind of cake depends first of all on the composition of the initial ingredients, which the confectioner uses during the dessert preparation.

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In order to prepare cakes we can use different types of dough. However, most cake varieties are baked on the base of short pastry, as well as a biscuit. Some people prefer to prepare these desserts with the help of ready-made waffles, biscuit cakes or even puff pastry.


Trying to find the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Cake Day?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention that cakes are foods rich in carbohydrates, which are involved in many metabolic processes in the body, performing whitening saving functions.

If we are talking about rational nutrition of a healthy person, then of course carbohydrates are needed. 400 grams of them in a rational diet should be consumed per day. If a man or a woman donโ€™t have any problems, then he/she can afford a sweet one every day, but not more than 50 grams of sugar or analogues, for example.

But for people, suffering from overweight, improper metabolic processes or diabetes mellitus, the carbohydrate amount should be reduced. Unfortunately, in some cases like in type 2 of diabetes mellitus, easily digestible carbohydrates are rejected in general.

According to the specialistsโ€™ point of view, cake is a delicacy, not a meal, and it isnโ€™t recommended to treat yourself every day.

Nowadays in modern grocery stores you can purchase a great variety of ready-made cakes. In the process of its preparation the specialists actively use jam, marmalade, condensed milk, chocolate paste and other ingredients. Finely chopped nuts, fresh or canned fruit and berries are also popular.


When is Cake Day in 2022, calendar will inform you without any difficulties. The only thing you have to do is not to forget when November 26 comes. And, please, donโ€™t worry, the holiday is annual, so you are free to include it into your organizer.

Chocolate cake

However, do you know how to celebrate it properly?

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Here is our tip list.

  • Buy cakes. All of us have our own favorite sweet dishes. We can purchase them in the bakery, the choices of which are really endless nowadays. You can find something special for yourself, your guests or relatives.
  • Bake a cake. You can try a new recipe or prepare your master dish. And donโ€™t forget to ask your family to join the celebration. By the way you can cook something unusual together. This moment will be remembered for a long time or even turn to be a good tradition.
  • If you are an active Internet user, you would probably like the idea to capture the process of cake baking or even eating. Create a funny video or take some amazing pictures and post them on social media.
  • What about a great party? โ€“ Eat the cake together and make a lot of fun.

International Cake Day Facts

Usually in the attempts to get the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Cake Day 2022?โ€ modern guys and ladies want to get some more information as to this matter.

For the most curious ones we want to mention that for the preparation of some cake types, various alcohol drinks are actively used. The most typical addictives are example wine, liquor, rum, cognac, whiskey and others.

The cake recipes may also involve additional ingredients, which improve the taste and nutritional value of the finished dessert. More often, cake supplements such as cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut chips, dried fruit and candied fruit are put to the cakes.

Historically, this delicious dish has a rounded shape. However, some types of cakes are made in the form of rectangles or squares. Italian confectioners make cakes in the form of a hemisphere.

As a rule, cakes are topped with confectionery glaze, chocolate ganache, marshmallow or mastic. Modern confectioners often use several types of decorations (figurines from marzipans, sweets, and mastics) to make the dish even more interesting.


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