In early ages the religion has only been formed, it was a difficult topic for understanding for every person. First people believed in the forces of nature, in some things, which they didn’t understand. With time people started thinking that everything, which is happening to them are done due to the will of some unreal creatures. People treated them with honor and respect and tried not to make these forces angry. Some time later people came to the opinion that the only creature which exists and control their lives is God. Different people appeared, who tried to explore all this and it all turned into a religion. Later they connected some unexplained things with the will of God and the most important of them they turned into holidays. There is a holiday, connected with Jesus Christ’s life and it is called Corpus Christi. Here we will learn some facts about this holiday and find out when is Corpus Christi in 2018.

Corpus Christi 2018

Historical background and holiday facts

So, this topic began a long time ago, particularly in 1200es. Before Christ came to heaven, he made a victim at the last day in the form of bread and wine. After it, people wanted to feel Christ near them all the time because he was their teacher of life and the cleverest person ever. That is why after his death they partook of the sacrament with a piece of bread and a spoon of wine as the sign of taking a piece of Christ. This action makes every person in some way become closer to the God.

Except for sacrament, people make special festivals in their cities in the honor of the holiday and celebrate it all day. At the beginning when the holiday hasn’t been accepted by the church and government, churches had right to celebrate it on their own, but later in 1264 it was announced as ecumenical. From that time the concrete day was chosen and we all know when what day Corpus Christi in 2018 is.

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The sacrament itself is a solemn action, which is held with hundreds of people, gathering in their churches, reading special prayers together with priests and singing special solemn religious songs. This holiday is not sad – on the contrary, it is very bright and beautiful and all people are happy to become a bit better and closer to saint people and God.

What is happening during the holiday

So, as it is a catholic holiday in general, there are always huge and loud festivals everywhere. In different countries and even churches the festivals and traditions may vary, but there is one tradition, which is the same and obligatory for everyone – it is a solemn procession with sacred gifts around the church or if it is a small town – around the main street. It looks very beautiful and unusual. Priests wear their festive attire and walk around with special paraphernalia. The priests always go first, followed by simple people. In small towns, it looks great when along the small street a huge amount of people walk, sing songs, play music and it all looks and sounds great. Such processions can be often met for example in such countries as Greece and Spain. In these countries, people have a special attitude towards religion that is why their processions and festivals differ from any others.

Those people, who want to visit one of such festivals, should come to this or that country beforehand or at a particular time and know what is the date of Corpus Christi 2018. If you prepare for this holiday and plan your trip accurately, you won’t be late for the ceremonies and festivals and will have great experience to see, how people treat God and have rest. Also, it is a great opportunity to know something new about other cultures and people, to see how do they behave in different situations.

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Corpus Christi

Interesting traditions of the holiday and when is Corpus Christi 2018

The holiday is celebrated with special splendor. Many companies and factories prepare for it beforehand to make all the preparations in the best way. So, one of the peculiarities of it is that many streets are decorated with a natural flower or some compositions, made of such flowers. It looks really gorgeous! Everybody must see it at least once a life. The streets are full of flowers, houses are full of flowers, churches inside are full of flowers. People and companies do not spare money for such decorations, though it all is really expensive. It is hard to imagine, how much money people spend on it.

There is one more peculiar tradition, which is not less interesting. People can meet giant dolls on the streets or in churches everywhere. These dolls are of a huge size, about three meters height. They symbolize or represent personages from the bible or different ancient stories – kings, queens, saints, etc. So, you must see it all and make photos.

But do not forget to prepare for the holiday and know the concrete date. If you don’t know for sure when is Corpus Christi in 2018, the calendar will help you – this year we will celebrate it on Thursday, May 31, 2018. You have enough time to plan your trip for unforgettable memories add emotions.


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