When is National Date Nut Bread Day in 2022? Can you give a quick and as the same reply to this question? Unfortunately, we are almost sure that being asked you will answer negatively. According to some statistics data, people usually donโ€™t pay attention to the events like this. Well, of course, it is not so important, as, for example, miracle Christmas, religious Easter or beloved from the childhood Birthday. But at the same time, if there is a choice, we often give preference to this kind of bread, not the ordinary one.


To receive the answer to the set above in this article subject, what day Date Nut Bread Day in 2022 is, is impossible without any attempt to try to discover the past of the event.

But, unfortunately, in this case it has turned to be unreal. There has been no any information available about the establishers of the occasion. The reasons for celebrating it on December 22 are unknown either. Perhaps, once it was something like a successful marketing decision.

Date Nut Bread


What does Date Nut Bread Day mean? Are you really sure that we will give you the answer to this question? No, it is not difficult for us, but you should understand that the reply is rather individual. All in all the contemporary people can be divided into three main groups: those, who like this product, those, who donโ€™t and humans, which have never tried this bread in their life.

Dates are a product well known to us and loved by many since childhood. The fruits of the palm are considered to be a delicacy from time immemorial. Widely cultivated in hot countries, they go on sale around the world. Most often we buy dates in the form of dried fruits, because it is in the dried form that they acquire a sweetish-spicy taste peculiar to them.

In general bread baked with dates and nuts will help us to maintain strength in long journeys anda tedious ways. Therefore, the specialists recommend the travelers to take it with them as a snack. The portion has to be taken by all lovers of the long roads, when the overwork becomes easier and it is necessary to recover strength.

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There are many legends about the fact that dates are so nutritious and rich in their composition that it is possible to stay healthy and live for many decades eating only them and drinking water.

There is even evidence of such experiments.

Perhaps these stories have some serious reasons, given the extreme usefulness of dates. But we want to warn you that you should not expose your body to such extremes, as for some people this product can be forbidden.


Well, you have already obtained the answer to โ€œWhen is International Date Nut Bread Day 2022?โ€ which sounds very simple indeed. It will be on December 22 and by the way, on Friday this year.

Either we would like to mention that up to the present moment bread with various fillings is considered to be rather popular all around. So, that is an explanation why in the modern stores you can see this product with raisins, seeds and other fillers.

Most often it’s the so-called sweet bread, which resembles something between ordinary one and a cupcake. As a rule it can even be eaten with tea.

Well, we have already told much about one components of this yummy, letโ€™s discuss the second one. โ€“ In general, nuts are rich in useful fatty acids, which are not synthesized by the body, but are extremely necessary. At the same time, they contain a small amount of water and starch. Unsaturated fats are needed for the normal condition of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes, as well as for the proper operation of the brain, heart, reproductive organs, digestive, nervous and immune systems.

By eating nuts, you get a set of essential amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts.

Due to the high fat content, nuts, seeds and grains are considered to be high-calorie foods, but they play an important role in the system of a healthy diet as rich in dietary fiber, essential for the normal functioning of the intestines.

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Purified nuts, grains and seeds should be eaten as fresh as possible, as the specialists are sure that from prolonged storage, they become rancid.

By the way, do not eat more than 100 grams of nuts per day. Of course, it will be really difficult to consume so much, when they are just a bread component. โ€“ You see, a handful of nuts during the day can be afforded without risking to gain extra pounds. Try to eat different nuts or their mixtures even in baking products.

In general nuts should be chewed or grinded well. Before use, they can be soaked, so they will be easier to digest.

Not worth eating kilos of nuts, but you are free to add them while cooking in order to flavor your dishes, to bake bread or to eat desserts with them. With any diet, nuts will become an indispensable source of nutrients, while remaining an excellent treat.


When is Date Nut Bread Day in 2022, calendar will help you not to forget. All in all the only information that should be minded is that it can be celebrated on December 22, just before the appreciated both by children ad by adults Christmas and New Year holidays.

However, do you want to know, how to spend this holiday properly? โ€“ Of course, the best decision will be to treat yourself and your family members with this amazing product. Certainly, you can buy some in the nearest supermarket, but why not to bake something for a change?

Date Nut Bread with cream cheese

Usually when you talk other people, that you are going to prepare this dish, they seem to be rather surprised. Be ready to hear something like โ€œOh, bread with dates? Didnโ€™t you mistake why you were reading this recipe? It sounds amazingly, doesnโ€™t it?โ€

Do you know the most important advantage of the homemade bread? โ€“ Its peculiar feature is simple. โ€“ This product is always fresh and certainly natural. You can eat it with butter, jam, cheese, creams, marmalade. You see, any addition is quite suitable.

Date Nut Bread Day Facts

So the mentioned above subject โ€œWhat is the date of Date Nut Bread Day 2022?โ€ has already revealed, and now it is time to find out something new about this unusual and almost unknown holiday.

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Today we are going to teach you how to bake this tasty thing at home. According to the specialistsโ€™ points of view, the dough should be kneaded with the usual yeast. In the middle of the process you should add dates ad nuts. Well, that is almost everything indeed. โ€“ After theseactivities, your warm home-made bread is already ready.

Our recipe will be good for a company of 8 people. The average cooking time is 135 min. Of course, if you are a beginner, it may take you a bit longer.

  • flour – 650 g;
  • black pepper ground (coarse) – 6 g;
  • salt – 6 g;
  • dry yeast – 7 g;
  • olive oil – 25 g;
  • sun-dried dates (pitted) – 350 g;
  • vegetable oil – 30 g.

There are some stages of this dish preparation. And now we are going to tell you every one in details. Just follow these recommendations and you will get perfect bread as a result. It is not so difficult as it may seem at the first sight.

  1. Sift flour, add pepper, salt and yeast. Pour olive oil and water (450 ml.). Knead your dough. Mix for 10 minutes. Place into a container, covered with vegetable oil, cover with a film and leave for 1 hour.
  2. Dates have to be cut into large pieces. After that add them to the dough. Stir well, as your dough has to be even.
  3. Cover the pan with a sheet of parchment. In order to form an oval loaf from the dough, you have to be careful. With the help of the scissors make diagonal incisions after every 4 cm. Then add flour. Leave for 15 minutes. Place into the oven and bake for 45 minutes at 200 Cool on the grate.


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