There’re many useful holidays during the year. But this day isn’t a very useful occasion. Nevertheless, many people can’t live without this thing. They make you calm and tolerant at the moment. You can follow the event and celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. The occasion isn’t very normal event. Nevertheless, try to follow the tradition and find new ways of observing the occasion. When is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day in 2020?


The day appeared in 2001. The event wasn’t planned. It was a real suddenness. One of the US FM radio stations, the “Spirit 95”, got microphones. Every microphone was wrapped in special sheet. It was a plastic sheet. As the broadcast was still held, the audience heard the sound of the unwrapping process. That moment the occasion of celebrating the day with such material was initiated.

The new material was created by two men Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding in 1957. They wanted to make a new kind of wallpaper. It had to be made of plastic. The result of their work was a 3-dimensional example. It was to be used as shower curtains. The material’s inventors later wanted to promote it as the greenhouse insulation. Their initiative was unsuccessful.

Bubble Wrap

Despite the failure of their work, they managed to create the kind of a material used for packing. They understood the use and the necessity of their creation a year later. Later it was owned by Sealed Air Corporation. It became a generic trademark of the company. The first customer was IBM. That company used the new packing material for shipping its computers to their clients.

The producers try to find a new way of use of the material. They even initiated a special award “Young inventor” to people who can propose another way of the use of the material. “What day Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day in 2020?” it’s celebrated on the last Monday in January. It’s set on the 27th of January.


What does Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day mean for the holiday calendar? The idea of celebrating the day wasn’t planned. Nevertheless, it was accepted by lots of people. That’s why the holiday if celebrated by the followers of the tradition throughout the USA and other countries of the world.

The material is a very funny thing which gives people the chance to relax. The sound and tactile feelings make some people calm. Other individuals feel joy. The idea of bursting these plastic sheets is very popular among children. They adore playing with the material. They use it in different ways. There are a few people in the world that can’t stand the noise of bursting bubble wraps. The day can be followed by fans of the action. If you hate this joy, if you don’t feel relaxed but annoyed, you can avoid the places and areas where people observe the tradition.

You can wrap something during the holiday. The tradition will be followed and the joy will be got. The day can be widely used in the educational establishments. The teachers and tutors can follow the tradition of the occasion and use the holiday in team-building. Children adore the bubble wraps, so the tradition will become accepted.

Nowadays the material isn’t very popular. There’re other variants of wrapping fragile items. There’re lots of cons in using the material. It is rather expensive. Besides, the material isn’t considered to be biodegradable. It takes rather much space. The periods of shipping sometimes are very long. Bubble wraps can totally pop. When is International Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day 2020? It’s on the 27th of January.


The definition of the day is obvious. People don’t hesitate as to the way of celebration. They feel excited when they hear the term. They always understand the meaning of the event. The material is popular in almost every country of the world. Shipping of fragile items is common for every country. The material can be found everywhere.

Bubble wrap is made of transparent plastic. The spaces are filled with air, that’s why the inventors name them bubbles. The spaces make it available to transfer sensitive objects despite its size. If the item is complex and has got several layers, the material can be used for protection from vibration and shock. If the item is single, it is wrapped.

Nowadays the bubble wrap is made in many factories. Some variants have got less permeation barrier. It makes them more persistent. It helps to save air in vacuum spaces. The most accepted sizes of the spaces vary from0.6 cm to 2.6 cm. The mostly used size is 1 cm. Besides, the kind of an item can influence the form of the material. Computers and other electronic items must be shipped with the protection from static which can damage sensitive electronic things. The shape of the spaces depends on the will of producers. In 1997 the company from Italy produced the bubbles in a shape of a heart. What is the date of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day 2020? It’s set on the 27th of January.


One of the best ways to celebrate the occasion is to find the internet sites of the same name with special games and quizzes. They are devoted to bubble wraps. Lots of groups in many social nets are also devoted to this wrapping material. Twitter and Facebook is overfilled with photos and posts devoted to the holiday.

Producers propose to people many colors of the wrap. They are available in the specialized shops. You can also buy it in the internet. There’re lots of the examples in the post-offices. Your neighbors also may have it due to their purchases. It is necessary to find a meter and relax. You can give some centimeters to your friend or child. Try to pop every space if you can.

Old woman with Bubble Wrap

The original producers proposed a special competition to everyone who wants to develop his creative abilities. Children used the main material to wrap anything else. It was used as a kite kit, a swing for disabled kids, a cover for a cell phone and a floating garden.

The day may be used for having relaxed. If you want a popping competition, you should do it. Try to make a quest. Use it for a costume. Try to wrap yourself and then roll on the ground. It has to be very funny. Find the most interesting example with smiley faces or hearts and stars.

The internet communities propose to make a video or a photo and post it. The followers of the occasion can innovate the use of the bubble wrap. Try to find as many events as you can. “When is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day in 2020, calendar of competitions?”

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Facts

  • iBubble Wrap was created to reduce costs by Sealed Air Corp. Bubbles are made by the customers with the use of a pump. Originally it is a flat sheet.
  • The original state of the Sealed Air Corp. is New Jersey.
  • Almost 3 thousand people in Elbert, Colorado, gained the Guinness Record popping the bubble spaces in 2015.
  • The most numerous demonstration devoted to the holiday took place in 2013. It was held by the students of Hawthorne High School.
  • The material can be used for the clothes. The fact was proved by a woman from Britain in 2010. She created a wedding dress. The woman said the dress let her feel herself free and calm.
  • The impact of 1-minute procedure of popping is equal to the 33-minute massage.

The annual amount of production lets wrap the Earth more than 10times.


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