Our lives can provide us lots of wise lessons on which we can feel bad and hopeless. At such moments people need help and concern most of all. Sometimes everyday obligations can be put in peril. But then a person appears who helps us, gives us support and let us feel protected. Such a person can become a real angel. How should we recognize those persons? We can thank them in our real life. We can send them flowers or make other pleasant things. The best way to appreciate a person is to thank him or her on the concrete date. Such occasion exists. When is Be An Angel Day in 2022? What are the traditional ways of following the date?


The day is devoted to those who can be an angel to others or needs help from such people. The history of the day isn’t a disputable question. It is known exactly who proposed the idea to make such an occasion. The proposition couldn’t be done by a commercial organization. It was initiated by a person who loves God, people and can involve men and women into kind affairs. Thus, the event itself can be accepted as a good will of everybody.

Be An Angel Day

The date was initiated to involve people in doing kind things to others. The initiator is a woman. Her name is Jayne Howard Feldman. She made the first occasion in 1993. It was set on the 22nd of August. The occasion is sometimes confounded with the Angel Day which is in May. Be An Angel Day is a motive to be a charity giver to other people. The basis of the charitable acts isn’t very important.

The initiator of the occasion insists that she was inspired by angels when the idea of a new holiday came into her mind. The woman proposed to consider the event as an annual holiday. The idea was so generous that people decided to follow the proposition. Thus, every year people all over the world try to make their best deeds on the 22nd of August.

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More and more people try to follow the tradition of celebrating the holiday. Mass media representatives also have taken the idea with a great will. The amount of people and organizations which participate in the occasion has increased greatly since 2003. And it is increasing nowadays. If you want to follow the tradition, you should find the information in the social nets by the request “What day National Be An Angel Day in 2022?”


What does Be An Angel Day mean for the society and an individual? The motive to make an event appeared as a great will and concern. The main reason is to encourage people to be better than they think they are. They may show kindness to other individuals, groups of people and even non-human beings.

People are proposed to become real angels for somebody. They can express their attitude to others by helping them in a difficult moment. There are lots of situations when we need somebody’s help. It is very important when we get a chance to rely on another individual who can give us a support.


Every man and woman, and even a child can serve God’s idea to provide love among human beings. We should lend a helping hand to the people in need. The idea of the day can also encourage men and women to be good and kind with respect to the best friends, neighbors or just strangers.

The tradition to help each other develops people’s character treats and can raise the feeling of self-esteem and self-assurance. Thus, a person is encouraged to make more kind things.

The idea of the occasion was so great that it was taken for granted not only by people but also by the whole countries. They provide various festivals and charities which can explain the importance of the idea for all people who want to take part in the occasion. When is Be An Angel Day 2022? It’s on the 22nd of August.

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Sometimes we hear about the holiday and don’t understand exactly what it means or what we should do on this date. The impression strengthens most of all if we think about foreign festivals and events. Other holidays store the meaning in itself. The most obvious examples of this concept concern holidays devoted to food and drinks. Everybody understands that the best way of celebrating the date is to taste the object of the occasion.

Be An Angel Day has a distinctive meaning. You can hardly find the explanation of its definition, though there are lots of definitions of the word “angel” in the net. All of them are given by the most valuable dictionaries.

The word has its origin in Latin and Old Greek. The word meant “messenger” in those languages. The word “angel” can be found in the chronicles dated back to the 10th century. The main meaning reflects a being which is not a human, but which is wiser and superior to human beings.

Another dictionary explains that an angel is a spirit. It can also be a guardian. The main mission of an angel is to convey a God’s message or a message of kindness. A person can be regarded as an angel if he or she makes everything possible to help another person. What is the date of Be An Angel Day 2022? It’s set on the 22nd of August.

Be An Angel Day


If you have no idea how to follow the occasion, you should take into account all the given recipes of the day. A person can help elder neighbors with household chores. They may need simple actions in buying food and medicines. They can even mow the lawns around the house. They also may need to communicate with anybody else. So, a cup of tea can be a good reason for it.

The individuals can also find a minute to visit their elder relatives and give them a helping hand. Strangers also can be in need of a simple gesture. You can give flowers to them, provide them meals and clothes. Another idea of the following the event is to send a card to your own angel, to a person who always helps you in a serious situation. It can be the best friend, a colleague or a relative.

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Persons can make donations into various healthy organizations. Homeless people can need warm clothes or a glass of water. They don’t need lots of money. Sometimes a ten-dollar donation can save a person’s life. There are lots of gift cards in the internet. Why not to send them to everybody who is dear for you? It’s a good chance to phone to relatives and say to them “You are my angel”. They will be pleased a lot. Women like to make various delicious cakes to give thanks to a person. Another way to thank somebody is to make a tea-party. A cake may be ordered. If we say “Thank you” more frequently, the world will become better. If you want to follow the tradition of observing the occasion, you are to find the idea in the internet “When is Be An Angel Day in 2022, calendar of events?”

Be An Angel Day Facts

There are several facts as a conclusion:

  • The date was set accidentally. The idea came to the initiator’s mind and she started it on a random case.
  • The initiator of the holiday is Jayne Howard Feldman. The woman is a great worshipper of God and the Bible.
  • The first celebration was set in 1993.
  • The initiator insists that she thought about angels when she decided to propose a new holiday.
  • The original idea of the celebration was to encourage individuals in good deeds.
  • Though the occasion isn’t an official holiday, the communities all over the world prefer to follow it.
  • There are no strict rules of the observance, so everybody can choose his own way of following the date.
  • The date of the holiday is strict. The public will do kind and generous things on the 22nd of August in 2022.


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