The founder of Black Friday is considered to be Franklin Woolworth. It was he who had made a first sale in 1873 in a small town in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster. But when is Black Friday in 2017 now? So then it was just one day out of history of the great sales. Young man Woolworth came from a peasant family, he lived in a rural wilderness, but did not want clean up the cows and the plow the land a lifetime.

And he got to the shop – in those days the sellers themselves determined the price of goods: with the help of the trained eyes and the clever conversations they had to find out the customer’s solvency and only then set prices. Poor fellow Woolworth suffered because of this duty greatly, and when he would have to lay off, came up with a trick. He threw out on the counter all seasonal goods and put a sign next to “Everything for five cents.” This was the first sale in the United States!

Black Friday 2017

Why is this Friday, and why black?

When stable prices and sales became commonplace, sellers quickly realized that most of the profits they receive before Christmas, when people buy presents. Hence the tradition to organize the biggest sales right after Thanksgiving Day (24 November) began – so buyers had a whole month in order to get done all the shopping and delivery services. So there was a Black Friday – a time of rapid sales right after Thanksgiving. The term “Black Friday” appeared much later.

In 1951, Factory Management and Maintenance magazine noticed an interesting trend: after Thanksgiving, many workers took time off for health reasons, and in fact in such a way wanted to give him a four-day mini-vacation – probably to walk the shops in search of discounts. At about the same time the expression “Black Friday” the police of Philadelphia began to use, shocked by unrealistic stoppers annually occurred on Friday after Thanksgiving. Sellers were to blame because of traffic jams, who set unprecedented last minute discounts. Customers also were to blame, because they threw everything and went shopping – just as it will be now. When is Black Friday 2017? Now you can answer your question.

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Finally, there is another version why this day is called Black Friday. The thing is that in the US accounting losses are marked in red, and profits – in black. You can guess that Friday after Thanksgiving – is one of the most profitable periods of the year both for sellers, and for buyers. Perhaps black Friday is named so because in the run-up sales thoughtful buyers take queue at shops from the night, when everything is black.

There are still several variants, why Friday is black:

  • Reducing prices leads to a hidden accounting.
  • There are “black spots” on the cheap products – if it is bad, it is “black” for buyers.
  • The version that only Negros run on sales, is too appropriated. Previously, these people had little money, and they could not afford the expensive things.

In fact, the sale is seen as a real holiday, though informal. To find out in advance, what day Black Friday in 2017 will be – is impossible, because every company makes holiday in different days. If the holiday is in one Friday, many customers will not have time to buy things in different shops, so Black Friday lasts from one to several weeks. In the US, on Black Friday it is necessary to buy products only in those stores that have a large network in the country. The larger the store, the more it can concede the buyer, not ruining his own.

How to keep track of discounts?

Fact is that most of the stores do not specify the coming last minute discounts and special offers. Moreover, sellers often do not know what discounts and what products will work in an hour or five minutes. Managers of trading network are guided by customer behavior and correct proposals on the basis of consumer activity. If sellers arrange sales after a day of Thanksgiving, the Black Friday kicks off on November 24 this year.

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Black Friday

The plan of preparation for the “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”:

  • To plan budget.
  • To create a shopping list.
  • To study the principles of service aggregator of discounts.
  • To choose interesting shops, to explore their interface.
  • To sign up at the forwarder, to get an American address.
  • To sign up in US stores by entering the forwarder at the delivery address.
  • To wait for “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”.

Earlier, Black Friday took first place in the ranking and the number of visitors in the stores, and in terms of sales. From year to year holiday is losing ground, since not all sellers and shops offer discounts on desired products. If the advertisement says that the equipment is sold cheaper, it is likely that discounts will end by the time you come to the shop. So, it is advisable closer to the day of Thanksgiving to think: “what is the date of Black Friday 2017?” Today there are many shops in the internet that organize weekly sales, so hurry up!

Tradition in the Day of sales – Do They Exist?

Undoubtedly, throughout the world the day of total sale is holiday. And every holiday has its own traditions. In the United States of America it is accepted to celebrate it in an especially way. Black Friday have come up with marketers who would like to make a little slack season for a month before Christmas, more efficient in terms of sales, because people began to save money – they have both to buy present, and make the feast.

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On Black Friday discounts can reach 80-90% in shops. Therefore, the Americans take turns beforehand. Before the opening of large stores there queues up to 15 thousand people can gather. In order the purchase was successful, decided to sing songs. Upon returning home, each buyer will have to try all the things that he had bought.

If it is machinery, it should be turned on. And if it is a gift, it should be hidden. Feast in occasion of purchases shouldn`t be arranged – decided to go to a restaurant where there are no people. All places are usually empty; people are trying to have time for buying goods. The traditions can be ignored, but now asking your friend or family about “when is Black Friday in 2017”, calendar shows it is on November 24th.


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