Day of Agricultural Workers of Ukraine

What day is it?

From early morning until late at night, agrarians and farmers of Ukraine work tirelessly, providing the country with everything it needs. Without any hesitation, their work is difficult and troublesome. Ukraine is endowed with fertile lands and ideal conditions for creating a quality product. Some study to become agronomists in higher educational institutions, and some work in the fields and farms all their lives.

The state introduced a holiday in honor of agricultural workers to recognize hard work and show respect for agronomists and farmers. The Day of Agricultural Workers of Ukraine is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of November.

The only means of keeping the state in a state of independence from anyone is agriculture. Even if you have all the wealth in the world, if you have nothing to eat, you are dependent on others. Trade creates wealth, but agriculture provides freedom

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

How did the idea to celebrate the Day of Agricultural Workers of Ukraine come about?

Agriculture in the world was discovered more than six hundred generations before us, so it is quite an ancient business. Ukraine has been famous for its chernozems since ancient times, and agricultural products have been one of the main export items for many centuries. So, in ancient times, 17,000 tons of grain were delivered to Athens every year from the Black Sea Greek colonies.

Since the second half of the first millennium, with the spread of the harrow and the plow, the two-field, and then the three-field system of agriculture began to be used in Ukrainian lands.

In later times, the nature of land ownership had regional characteristics. Thus, in the Transnistrian regions, peasants were given as much land as they could cultivate. In Right-Bank Ukraine, the filvarkovo-manor system was established, according to which the peasants had to work a certain number of days on the feudal lord’s land.

But a common feature of agriculture in the Dnipro region, the Left Bank, Slobozhan region, the Northern Black Sea region and other regions of modern Ukraine was the extensive introduction of farming.

At the same time, rye, wheat, barley, oats, buckwheat, and peas were among the main crops. From the end of the 18th century. began to increase the area under technical crops: hemp, flax, tobacco. They also started growing potatoes and clover.

In their farms, peasants grew various garden crops: pumpkins, garlic, onions, horseradish, etc.

It should be noted that after the abolition of serfdom in Ukraine, the farming type of management became widespread, in contrast to Russian villages, where communal management prevailed.

But the Bolshevik experiment in collectivization led not only to the loss of peasants’ motivation to increase labor productivity, but also to a national tragedy – the Holodomor, which before the Soviet authorities was considered impossible on the fertile Ukrainian lands.

Modern trends in the development of agriculture in Ukraine

In the first years of Ukraine’s independence, many reforms were implemented and many efforts were made to develop agricultural activity. Today, our country has achieved success in this matter and is known far beyond its borders. Among other things, it is worth noting that seven times more grain is grown in Ukraine per year than coffee in the whole world.

Growing corn and breeding chickens are also considered promising. In addition, our country is the world leader in sunflower production.

Agricultural workers are respected in the country, and therefore the Day of Agricultural Workers of Ukraine was introduced to express gratitude to them for their hard work.

Day of agricultural workers of Ukraine in history

  • 10,000 years
    Farmers and herdsmen unite. The concept of “agriculture” is emerging.
  • 1848
    April 17
    Peasant reform in Austria “On the abolition of feudal obligations in the western Ukrainian lands – in Galicia and Bukovina”.
  • 1861
    February 19
    Abolition of serfdom in the Russian Empire. The “Manifesto” on the abolition of serfdom and the “Regulations on Peasants Leaving Serfdom”, with which the Russian Emperor Alexander II addressed the entire nation in connection with the implementation of the peasant reform in 1861, was announced.
  • 1906
    November 9
    Stolypin’s agrarian reform in the Russian Empire. About 1 million Ukrainians moved to the Asian part of Russia, where they received land allotments.
  • 1917
    November 8
    The Bolsheviks promulgated the Land Decree, according to which landlord ownership of land was abolished without any redemption, landlord estates, like all land, were transferred to the disposal of parish land committees and district councils of peasant deputies.
  • 1927-1928
    Bread production crisis. Each household was obliged to “voluntarily” surrender an additional 20 poods of wheat.
  • 1930
    on June 1
    90,000 peasant farms were dismantled, livestock, various property, and buildings were confiscated; people were deported to Siberia and the Far North.
  • 1930-1931
    780 million poods of grain were exported from Ukraine.
  • 1932-1933
    The terrible tragedy of the people of Ukraine – the Holodomor of 1932-1933.
  • 1932
    August 7
    The resolution “On the protection of the property of state enterprises, collective farms and cooperatives and strengthening of public property” was adopted, declaring that all collective farm property (harvests in the fields, public stocks, livestock, etc.) is state property.
  • 1963
    Food crisis.
  • 1990
    The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the new Land Code of Ukraine as an independent state and adopted the Resolution “On Land Reform”.
  • July 1, 2021
    Free circulation of agricultural land has appeared in Ukraine.

Frequent Questions and answers on the Day of Agricultural Workers of Ukraine

What is included in the agro-industrial complex?

We include crop production, animal husbandry, industries for preservation and processing of products, and industries that produce means of production to such a complex.

What is Ukraine’s place in grain exports in the world?

Among all countries, Ukraine is the third largest grain exporter.

What modern technologies are used in agriculture?

With the use of drones in agriculture, it has become easier to control the stages of production, significant acceleration is observed during the chemical treatment of plants and crops.
Unmanned aerial vehicles help to obtain up-to-date information about a specific infected area and deliver the necessary fertilizers to the required area.
Installed thermal imagers on such devices provide surveillance and protection of areas at night.

Why is this day important?

  1. Agriculture not only provides food for the population, but is also an important industry of the country. According to experts, in the near future Ukraine will be able to significantly increase the export of agricultural products.
  2. Of course, this requires considerable efforts of workers in this industry, but, unfortunately, more and more young people are leaving for the city. Agricultural complexes lack professional specialists, which is why it is important to attract young people and encourage existing workers.
  3. Day of agricultural workers becomes a great way to show citizens positive changes in the industry, new achievements. Without a doubt, this event is of great importance not only for farmers, but also for the entire state.

When will we celebrate Day of agricultural workers of Ukraine?

Year Date Weekday
2020 November 15 Sunday
2021 Nov. 21 Sunday
2022 November 20 Sunday
2023 November 19 Sunday
2024 November 17 Sunday

Day of Agricultural Workers of Ukraine

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