Youโ€™ve probably got used to the fact that all the holidays are invented in honor of a merry matter or thing, like Ice Cream Day, Christmas or No Pants Day. Apparently, youโ€™ll be amazed to learn that there are several observances of not so rosy spirit mainly due to their names. You may even think of howโ€™d that doubtful reason to celebrate get into the calendar?

One of such occasions is National Panic Day. Questionable as it is, itโ€™s not about the whole world going crazy on a certain day. It actually meansโ€ฆ However, wait a minute! Letโ€™s sort it out from the very beginning. When is National Panic Day in 2022 and should we really hit the panic button?


The holiday is rather popular across the globe (especially given the search statistics on the Internet) but unfortunately, we canโ€™t tell who came up with this quirky project and when. Yet donโ€™t get stressed, weโ€™ll surely initiate you into that mystery one day.

National Panic Day

Instead, scan through the derivation of the word โ€œpanicโ€ because itโ€™s quite interesting issue. As the mythology has it, the son of Hermes was born with the legs of goat, long beard and a pair of horns. He was so cheerful and ridiculous that made the whole Olympus laugh and thus was named as Pan, meaning โ€œwholeโ€ from the Greek.

Eager for an endless amusement among the nymphs and sounds of the flute, he fell asleep at midday together with nature around. The local herdsmen considered this calm to be of a sacred spirit and didnโ€™t dare to break it under threat of angering the patron god. However, if there were some strange screams heard in the silence, they were attributed to Pan. Because the sounds were not supposed to emerge, they spread the panic among the god-fearing people.

Thatโ€™s how the phenomenon of unexpected fright was called like this and thatโ€™s why today we have the opportunity to educate you on when is Panic Day 2022.


What does Panic Day mean? Well, it works in two ways. You can adhere to the direct interpretation and let the steam out. There are so many stressful situations happening for every day of our lives. The plan thought out beforehand faces the reality with its unpredictability and something is sure to go wrong, get out of hands, and drive you around the bend. Most people react to those irritating things with an initial fear of not being able to cope, having little time to fix the problem and succeed, lacking the strength to control the circumstances. We experience that for all year round, and this day is like to succumb to the moment and let the panic loose. Not for long, though.

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Going for the second way, you can dismiss the panic and take the day to relax and reflect on the roots of this problem. Analyze your lifestyle, habits and daily routine and how they affect your state of mind. Youโ€™re not making it with the urgent project at work or coursework at the university that gets you freaked out once in a while? Learn a lesson of managing your time effectively from here on out.

An insufferable boss annoys you a lot? Make a compromise or try to look for a different place to earn money. The painful relationships tear you apart? Get absorbed in your hobby, job or just a differently new activity and there wonโ€™t be time for suffering.

Every fear is curable and you can actually train yourself to keep composure if you play a proper tune and eradicate the source of your fits of panic. What is the date of National Panic Day 2022? It will be on June 18.


What is panic in general? Itโ€™s an uncontrollable feeling of fear before the real or imaginary threat, the state of terror that grows gradually and weakens the personโ€™s self-control and suppresses the rational thinking.

It may occur in one individual and quickly infect those who happen to be around. In some cases, the panic is acknowledged to be a kind of โ€œweapon of mass destructionโ€ as it drives the crowd crazy oftentimes leading to tragic consequences.

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There can be three types of the panic states. A person feels the slight panic when the bus doesnโ€™t arrive in time or being in a hurry, or a sudden loud sound is heard somewhere near them. They are still in control of themselves and the anxiety is expressed through the slight astonishment, concern, tension and the like. The mild panic is characterized with a significant deformation of the general assessment of the situation and liability to stress and irrational decisions. The typical example is the news of the prices increase and the following reaction of people snapping up the items in the shops. The absolute panic disorder involves the loss of consciousness, total insanity and is considered to be the most dangerous phenomenon especially among the crowd. In the grip of dreadful fear, a man loses control over their behavior: they may run towards the seat of threat, rush about pointlessly, and perform chaotic actions. One of the most obvious examples is the stampede when the mad throng tramples people falling on the ground to death.

National Panic Day

How to deal with panic? First of all, control your breath. The panic entails the fast and shallow breathing that strengthens the anxiety spreading. The deep inhalation and calm exhalation make the heart rate even and reduce the blood pressure. If you have the opportunity, take the nervine medicine. If you havenโ€™t, use your sense organs to restrain the panic. Look at something that you find pleasant and soothing or close your eyes and imagine your favorite picture, place, etc. Try to listen to the sounds of nature โ€“ the birds twittering, the leaves rustling โ€“ do not focus on the blood pumping in your ears. Concentrate on the touches: feel the softness of a chair beneath you or catch the chill breath of the wind in the street.

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The panic gives way to your control, however, only if you are aware of how to properly overcome the dread.


What about the celebration of the holiday? Again, there are two options for you to choose from. You can let loose on the stress and anxiety built up inside you. The main condition is not to convert your own panic into the mass one. By the way, if you start rush about the office and someone of the colleagues tries to knock you out, you can say something like โ€œdo you even know what day National Panic Day in 2022 falls on? Itโ€™s today, so buzz off and let me panic to my content!โ€ But still, be careful with annoyed people.

The more appropriate (and solitary) way to unleash your tension is to go to those special rooms full of the plates that you may smash freely in exchange for some money, or drop by the nearest forest and scream it out loud. No one will suffer and you distress easily.

The other way tells you to take a day off, and dedicate it the first half of it to your much-loved activity โ€“ reading a book, playing video games, going shopping or to the spa. Then you get outside and take a tour of the beautiful and peaceful places like the pond with the wild ducks or the park full of the cutest squirrels. The evening should be spent within the family circle among your near and dear ones. Isnโ€™t that a perfect scenario of restoring composure and getting the negative vibes off your chest?

National Panic Day Facts

  • The holiday coincides with National Picnic Day.
  • It seems like the panic issue is an important one as thereโ€™s one more Panic Day in the year occurring on March 9.

Tick off in the calendar, when is National Panic Day in 2022, and spend it wisely!


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