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🎂 When is Black Forest Cake Day 2020

When is National Black Forest Cake Day in 2020? Wow, this question sounds really terrific! However, only some people know the proper answer to it. And, unfortunately, the most part of them are working in confectionary, culinary, restaurants and cafes. In accordance with our points of view, it is not fair. That is the reason, why we have made a corresponding decision to discover the event in details.


The cake with a rather unusual name “Black Forest” is considered to be rather popular nowadays. Perhaps this is an explanation why discovering the matter what day Black Forest Cake Day in 2020 is, we should pay a close attention to the historical background of this dessert.

In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, the bakery started to be cooked in Germany almost one hundred years ago. It happened in the early 1930s. It sounds really terrific, doesn’t it? – In fact the delicacy has needed a century to gain its acknowledge and popularity. Nowadays it is well-known all around the planet.

Black Forest Cake

In the corresponding Southern area in the XIX century, it was already known not the cake, but the dessert of cherries, whipped cream and kirschwasser: the brewed cherry was served with cream, sometimes with the addition of kirschasser. Confectioner Josef Keller (1887-1981), native of the Black Forest Ridlingen, claims the invention of the dessert for the now-defunct Agner Café in Bad Godesberg in 1915, but in his 1927 recipe there was only one layer of cherry filling and shortbread. The archivist of the city of Tübingen Udo Rauch called the inventor of the yummy thing confectioner Erwin Hildebrand, who worked in the city cafe “Walz”. In 1818-1924 Tubingen, now unrelated to the Black Forest, was part of the corresponding district. In the 1930s, the “Black Forest” bakerygained popularity in Berlin, as well as in other major cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Before, in the absence of electric refrigerators, cafes and pastry shops could not offer cakes with whipped cream for mass sale.


What does Black Forest Cake Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide whether to celebrate this special occasion or not. In the modern world there are people, who don’t like eating cakes. They hate sweets in general. Other people are on a diet that is why it is not surprising that these men and women are not going to spend this day in a proper way.

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If you, licking at looking at this cake, want to know what it is made of, then here’s a list of ingredients: chocolate cakes, whipped cream and cherry with chocolate putting at the top. Also add the sour cherry liqueur in order to emphasize the cherry flavor.

It can be assumed that this bakeryis named after the Corresponding massif in Germany, but in fact its name came from liquor from a rather sour cherry. It is cherry and alcohol that give the bakeryits original taste. Usually Americans do not add alcohol to the “Black Forest”, in Germany the same liqueur is considered the main ingredient – otherwise this bakerycan not be called “Black Forest”.

If you like, you can bake your own “Black Forest” according to a modern recipe. There is no doubt that you will forever fall in love with this delicious cake.


Investigating the question “When is International Black Forest Cake Day 2020?” we would like to introduce our followers a lot of amazing things. In our turn, we can’t but mention the amazing fact. – Not everybody knows that the largest cake of this type was presented in 2006 in well-known “Europe Park” arranged in Germany. In order to make a yummy with a diameter of 10 m and weight of 3 tons, the bakeries had to use 700 liters of fat cream, 5 700 eggs, as well as 800 kg cherries and 40 kg of chocolate. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget about 120 liters water.

Unfortunately, as it has been already mentioned above, for certain the origin of the bakeryis unknown, and it is not necessarily associated with the same-named region of Germany. There are several versions. According to one of them, the name of the cake was given by chocolate chips, resembling a dark or black forest.

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In accordance with another, the bakerywith kirschwasser is called the Black Forest because it is in this region that this alcoholic beverage is mainly produced. In addition, perhaps the modern cake “Schwarzwald” had a predecessor originally from Switzerland. The name of the bakeryby association could be given by a traditional regional woman’s straw hat with pompons.

Its original name is Schwarzwald and the English version of “Black Forest” is nothing but a pure translation from German. All in all Schwarzwald is a region of the large European country, Germany. These territories are visited by local as well as by numerous tourists from all over the world. However, the name of the tasty dessert does not come from the region. Some specialists are sure that the matter is in the special quality of the water, which was taken from the well, located in the church, arranged, by the way, somewhere in the Schwarzwald. It was initially used for the dessert preparation. World famous thing appeared in 1949, obtaining the 13th position in the list of the tastiest desserts in Germany.


When is Black Forest Cake Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. This is not a serious problem in fact. As a rule, people remember the date without any troubles. The matter is that it is celebrated on March 28th every year. It means that you can be involved any moment you like or would love to.

Piece of Black Forest Cake

As you can understand this holiday is not an official one that is why we shouldn’t expect any events organized on the state level. However, it is not a reason for being upset as you can always invent something special for yourself as well as for many people around. Today we are going to give you some recommendations.

This day you can cook your cake at home, but more and more people all around the planet prefer to go to the nearest café or even the fashionable restaurant. Usually this bakery is prepared almost everywhere. But here we want to give you a small piece of advice. Try to find out in advance which place makes the tastiest samples. If you are not ready to taste one everywhere, look for proper information on various forums or ask your friends.

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National Black Forest Cake Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of Black Forest Cake Day in 2020?” we would like to represent our followers some amazing pieces of information, concerning the popular cake:

  • As a rule, the yummy thing consists of some chocolate cakes, all of which are whipped with cream and fresh or frozen cherries.
  • Sometimes the cooks in some countries of Europe prefer to take two kinds of berries. In accordance with them, the sour ones will be more suitable for the top (for decoration), while the sweet are perfect inside.
  • Usually, according to the old tradition this yummy dessert is added with the special kind of liquor, created from an acidic cherry called “Kirschwasser”. However, it is not obligatory, of course. You can take any type you like.
  • As it has been already mentioned above, the cake has nothing in common with the popular tourist destination in Germany.
  • In the mass media of that period the dessert was initially described and advertised in 1934.
  • Since 2006, in Todtnau, the corresponding festival is held every two years, where both confectionery professionals and amateurs compete.

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