When is National Weed Appreciation Day in 2020? – This is a quite amazing question and a great amount of people will be rather surprised to find out about this holiday existence. Are we serious? Does the special day devoted to this plant exist? Yes, we are and this special occasion can be found in the modern calendar.

In summer, when we are resting in our private houses we meet a lot of these plants, but only some of them know about their benefits. That is the reason why we are going to discover this special occasion in details.


Discovering the question “When is International Weed Appreciation Day 2020?” we found out a lot of amazing facts. As a rule, the matters concerning the historical background of the special occasion, are of great demand. Unfortunately, we know nothing about the establishers of this holiday as well as why people have to celebrate it on March 28th exactly.

However, there is a special point of view, in accordance with which this day was chosen not occasionally. The matter is that at the end of the first spring month people usually started to pick up the herbs, which considered the healthy ones.



What does National Weed Appreciation Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is only after you to decide, whether to celebrate this holiday or to forget completely about its existence in the calendar. We are not able to dedicate you our point of view.

All in all in the contemporary world there are a lot people, who follow the tradition and gather all the weeds possible. They find them to be rather useful and prefer to treat themselves with their help. Everything is more or less clear, however, not everybody know how to do it properly. Here is our list of the recommendations.

  • never dig up the rhizomes of rare (and even more so – listed in the Red Book) plants;
  • we do not collect everything that we see cleanly – we always leave our natural healers the opportunity to live on and multiply;
  • do not tear out the grass with the root, if only stems or inflorescences are needed.
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We also can’t but mention that fortunately, among the representatives of the contemporary society there are a lot of men and women, who are real enthusiasts. In their summer cottages, they preserve and reproduce rare wild plants (for example, orchis), and then plant them in the surrounding forests or in the meadows. This activity is not easy in fact and needs a lot of time and skills.


When you are dealing with such matter as what day World Weed Appreciation Day in 2020 is, you want to find out about this holiday as many amazing pieces of information as it is possible.

The most delicious and healthy weeds about which people have already forgotten are burdock, quinoa, wheatgrass, plantain, dandelion, clover, viburnum and hiccough.

Men and women have always thought that weeds were only a detriment to their cultivated plants. But this opinion has turned out to be erroneous. To date, people know a large number of species of weeds, which are considered not only useful, but also delicious.

There are a lot of different plants all over the world. Most of them are unknown to mankind, but among those that people know, there are several thousand species. We are used to the fact that such plants are completely useless, and not infrequently they significantly worsen the yield of agricultural crops, and also affect their quality. This is due to the fact that weeds, growing around cultivated plants, absorb a lot of moisture and nutrients from the soil, which often leads to a deterioration in the growth of crops or their death.

In fact, very few men and women know that herbs are not only harmful for cultivated plants, they can also bring a lot of benefits. They can not only treat many diseases, but also become the main ingredient for cooking different dishes. Such plants are called “edible”, because they contain all the necessary components for beauty and health.

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When is Weed Appreciation Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. It is not a serious problem in fact. The matter is that the holiday is considered to be fixed, that is why you can join any March 28th you like or would love to.

Of course, there are no any official events, organized by the state, which will help you to celebrate this holiday in a proper way. That is why if you want to be in trend, the only things you want to achieve is to invent something special for yourself.

What about devoting this day to gathering the first herbs of the season? They are surely available in your town, even in your garden. Let’s discuss the dandelions.

This weed is famous because of its tops and roots. They are considered to be rather good for our organism.

From the flowers it is possible to prepare relatively tasty syrup. The only thing you have to do is to lay them in layers in a glass jar, pour sugar, water and close the lid. The future mixture should be kept in the fridge.

weeds for sale

Other secrets of dandelion roots are the following:

  • The first recipe is quite simple. You should add 1 teaspoon to tea or water. The plant improves memory and sleep. It also relieves stomach pain in children and adults and helps with dizziness and fatigue.
  • For the winter, you can cook jam: 300 g of flowers, 1 kg of sugar, 3 cups of water. Put the flowers for 15 minutes into water, squeeze them, dip into prepared syrup and stew for 20 minutes. At the end of process, you can add lemon. In the winter, a teaspoon of this jam will help to strengthen immunity.
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In general dried roots of dandelion are sold in pharmacies, but now is the time to use fresh raw materials, not postponing the healing effect for later. From the roots you can prepare broths to improve appetite, to normalize bile secretion and to prevent constipation. And infusions will help you with skin rashes and acne.

International Weed Appreciation Day Facts

Investigating the question “What is the date of National Weed Appreciation Day in 2020?” we would like to share a lot of facts among our followers.

Today we are going to teach you, how to collect medicinal raw materials properly. Perhaps, you will be really amazed, but this process is considered to be rather important and needs some special skills.

In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, it is necessary to collect the raw materials correctly, and only under these conditions the plant does not harm you, and the useful properties of herbs will be preserved fully.

As a general rule, the collection of plants, and especially flowers, is possible only in dry weather. Wait until the dew disappears, and only after that you can proceed. Plants containing essential oils, preferably collected in hot, sunny weather, but berries and juicy fruits – in the morning or in the evening.

Going for the herbs, arm yourself with scissors or a sharp pruner, a knife. Do not tear the stems with your hands – it is too likely to damage the plant, tear it from the root or break it. Carefully cut only what we need.

By the way, herbalists usually have their own rituals and rules, which reflect a careful and respectful attitude towards nature, which gives us health and strength. But even if you do not address the grass with thanksgiving speeches or read the conspiracies, starting to harvest herbs, neatness is an obligatory rule for everyone who procures medicinal raw materials.


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