When is National Drink Wine Day in 2021? Are you ready to give a quick reply to the question like this? Frankly speaking, we are almost predicting the negative answer in this case, that is why, please, donโ€™t feel yourself embarrassed, everything is really ok. The matter is that among the representatives of the contemporary society, there are at least a few of those, who are ready to cope with this task without any serious thinking and surfing the net.

And by the way, that is the main reason, why we have made this decision to investigate the details of this holiday as widely as it is possible.


Of course, trying to discuss the subject, what day World Drink Wine Day in 2021 is, we should draw close attention to the description of the historical background to this theme. As a rule, the readers expect our explanations as to the establishers and the reasons for celebration this holiday on February 18. We know this, certainly.

However, unfortunately, in this situation we are going to disappoint you a bit. Why? โ€“ The matter is that the notable day is relatively young and there are no many facts about it.

The names of the creators are completely unknown as well as the explanations for holding this event on February 18.

Women drinking wine

All in all wine is one of the most loved and noble drinks in the whole world. The history of winemaking is rooted in the history of farming, when people began to grow grapes and learned how to get this beverage from it.

For the first time, wine is mentioned in the Bible, Genesis, when Noah, after landing on the earth after the flood, planted a vineyard. However, there is a theory that the inhabitants of Mesopotamia grew grapes even a thousand years before the events of the Bible. It was in the territory of the modern east, according to the assumptions of historians, wine first appeared, and then was spread throughout the world by sailors.

Almost every ancient religion has its god of wine. In ancient Greece, he was called Dionysus, in Rome – Bacchus, and in Egypt it was the god of the vine of Shai.

However, there is no reliable information on whether the vintners cultivated the native inhabitants of the American continent. For example, the Indians led a nomadic way of life, which did not imply constant courtship of the vineyards. But grapes in the New World grew – this is evidenced by the legend of the Viking Leiphe Eyrikson, who in 1000 discovered Greenland: when he sat down with satellites on an unknown land, his companions went to inspect the territory and one of the bottoms returned very drunk, as the man ate the batterer sun grapes. Vikings named this land Vinland. Probably, this is the present island of Newfoundland.


What does National Drink Wine Day mean? Oh, please, do not demand from us the direct answer to this question. What is the problem? โ€“ You see, we have found this day celebration to be rather individual. Perhaps, it is difficult to believe, but among the representatives of the contemporary society there is a great amount of those, who donโ€™t consume any alcohol at all. That is why it is not a great surprise that these people are not going to be involved into this occasion.

In accordance with the specialistsโ€™ points of view the manners of wine drinking are very important as well. For example, celebrating this holiday, we shouldnโ€™t forget that tt is accepted to pour white wine no more than 3/4 glasses, red – 2/3 glasses.

By the way, bottles with aged and vintage wines are not shaken and wine is usually poured no more than 1/3 of a glass.

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White wines are usually served chilled to 6-8 ยฐ C, high-quality white wines – up to 4-6 ยฐ C.Rose wines are cooled up to 8-12 ยฐ C.

And at last table red wines are served at room temperature or slightly warmed up.


Trying to give the proper reply for the set above question โ€œWhat is the date of National Drink Wine Day 2021?โ€ we want to introduce to our readers a great amount of various facts.

For example, do you know about a great amount of the advantages, belonging to this drink? Modern research has shown that wine really has a strengthening effect on the human body, increases the immunity and tone of the body, has pronounced antibacterial properties, helps restore vitality in their decline. Also it enriches the body with microelements, vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9), amino acids as well as removes toxins and normalizes metabolism.

However, to make wine good, you should know how much to use it. Experts believe that the rate of wine consumption is one or two glasses, drunk with food. For an adult healthy male, the norm of regular consumption of dry wine is 300-350 ml. a day, for a woman – 150-200 ml.


When is Happy Drink Wine Day in 2018, calendar will surely remind you, that is why there are no serious reasons for being worried about. But we want to upset those, who are now planning to get the list of certain rules, used for this day proper spending.

We donโ€™t have it, because there is no any in fact. All in all the best way to spend February 18 unforgettably is to open a bottle of good wine and to drink it in a warm company of close friends or relatives. It is clear, of course, but, please, do it correctly.

Wine and grapes

Are you sure that you know how to consume this alcohol drink in order not to spoil its sophisticated taste? Here are our tips:

  • High colorless glasses are designed for dry and red wines;
  • The top part of glasses for port is traditionally made of green or blue material;
  • For semisweet wines you should take wide enough and open vessels without any ornaments. These glasses are of small capacity and various shapes;
  • For fortified wines specialists usually use narrowed glasses;
  • For Madera and Sherry vessels with a narrow cylindrical crownwith a capacity of 75 ml;
  • Glasses of colored glass with a capacity of about 100 ml are used for white wine;
  • For red dry ones experts use large lafite glasses of about 125 ml;
  • Conical glasses are designed for dessert and liqueur wines.
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Also we should mention that from the wine glasses it is also possible to drink dry wines as well as champagne.

International Drink Wine Day Facts

Well, you have already got the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Wine Drinking Day 2021?โ€ and in fact it is not a difficult mater to talk about for a long time. But now we are going to give you some very amazing pieces of information, which would definitely draw your attention much.

So, have you ever heard that wine prevents the development of atherosclerosis, as its valuable property is the ability to lower the cholesterol content? It sounds surprisingly, but it is really true.ย  In accordance with the experienced specialists, it turned out that in countries where locals drink a lot of natural grape wine, the mortality from cardiovascular diseases is much lower.

The polyphenols contained in the wine are useful as a preventative against many diseases: they have a powerful antioxidant effect, block free radicals formed in high amounts when smoking, the effects of ultraviolet rays and radiation, excessive physical exertion and in many other cases. Polyphenols help to slow the aging of cells and to prevent the cancer.

In disorders and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, red wines with a high content of tannins are useful.

Wine prevents the development of caries and the deposition of tartar.

Finally, wine is an excellent antistress agent.


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