Food holidays always give much fun to people. Itโ€™s a reason not only to eat favorite dishes, but also to be involved in various festive events. Special attention is paid to meals which were created by various cafes and restaurants. They initiate new holidays to gain attention to the cafe itself and its new dish. It helps to increase sales. One of such famous food is Buffalo wings. This tasty creation got its holiday. When is National Chicken Wing Day in 2022? What are the traditions of the event?


Several thoughts exist as to the invention of the holiday. The first suppose says that these tasty meals were first made in 1964. The inventor is considered to be Teressa Bellissimo from New York, Buffalo. The woman was the owner of the Anchor Bar. She worked with her husband Franky. These parts were very cheap. People didnโ€™t use to cook delicious dishes with these parts of chicken. The Americans very often used them to cook soup. These parts were also used for stock or thrown away.

National Chicken Wing Day

The legend says that Teressaโ€™s son came home with several guests late at night. There was a need to prepare something nourishing and tasty. The main demand concerned time of preparing. It had to be a kind of a snack. Frank and Teressa had to cook something special for their guests. The woman decided to fry the wings and serve them with cayenne sauce. The original recipe had the hot sauce.

The Bellissimosโ€™ son, Dominic, insists that the creative idea appeared in their bar. He explained to the reporter of The New Yorker that people in the bar wanted to get a special snack with their drinks. So Teressa decided to cook the chicken wings. Then she added a special kind of the sauce.

Another claim which concerns the Bellissimo family is that the barโ€™s owners were to get chickensโ€™ necks and backs. But the wings were delivered instead. There was a necessity to cook them in any way.

The Bellissimo family didnโ€™t register deep-fried food in their menu the same year. They did it in 1974. So, there are several speculations as to the creation of fried and sauced wings.

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In 1969 another bar started to serve Buffalo wings. The owner of that place was John Young. He explained that he had taken the idea of serving this food from a bar in Washington. They had earned a great income due to this meal. Mr. Young decided to register his own bar in Buffalo and serve the wings in the hot sauce. His bar was named as John Young Wings โ€™n Things.

The 29th of July was decided to be made a special day in 1977. The food became very popular, especially in Canada and America. There are lots of variations of the festival across the world. People are proposed to visit thousands of cafes and restaurants which serve this meal with hot sauce.

The date was proclaimed a holiday in 1977. The authorities of Buffallo, New York made a festival in 2013. If you want to visit one of the places on the festive day, you should get the information with the requirement โ€œWhat day National Chicken Wing Day in 2022?โ€


What does National Chicken Wing Day mean for the people of America and Canada? The festival is a great possibility to eat tasty food. This type of food is not accepted nowadays as a stock, so people may use them in their everyday meals. There are lots of recipes familiar to the Buffalo wings. People can make them at home. The fact can become a real wonder for the families. It is a chance to make a new family tradition, so the holiday can mean a lot for many families.

The best way to spend the festival is to go out in the evening. The holiday is the symbol of some American cafes and restaurants. They always celebrate the date as their own holiday. So, the owners propose a wide range of sales. The main attention is paid to Buffalo wings.

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The youth can go out with friends. The Americans meet their friends and have fun during the evening. It is a chance to communicate with their dearest people. And, of course, the main hero of the day is a Buffalo wing.

National Chicken Wing Day means a lot for the American cuisine. This meal is its symbol. Tourists from the whole world, who come to New York, try to taste Buffalo wings. They are one of the most famous snacks in the world. The Americans were to make this festival and they created it. When is International Chicken Wing Day 2022? It is always set on the 29th of July.


The definition of the majority of holidays is a very distinct thing. There is no need to explain how it can be defined. Foreign people also understand the origin of the title. Other festivalsโ€™ titles concern the places where they are always celebrated or the purpose of their celebrations.

National Chicken Wing Day has got a rather understandable definition. It is a day when people are to eat a concrete food. It is also understandable that there is no need to go to sushi-bars and pizza-huts. Local people and tourists are to visit cafes and restaurants where they can order the meal and some drinks.

National Chicken Wing Day

Chicken is also very popular among other nations. It is the most accepted kind of poultry. That is why it is thought to be one of the most useful ingredients in many receipts. The word โ€œchickenโ€ was already known in Old English. Then it transformed in Middle English. Later it got the widely known variant.

Chicken wings are regarded to be the representative of the western food. It is certainly can be found in lots of cafes and bars in America. In the original variant chicken wings are not served with sauce. Buffalo wings are made with spicy sauce. The last variant is usually served with cheese.

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As the holiday is a representative of food holidays, it is usually celebrated in the cafes and restaurants. There are more than two thousand Buffalo wings bars in the North America. All around America and Canada there is a wide range of various propositions. They are given to every client. It is a tradition to make half-priced sales.

People can find not only a customary kind of a wing. The boneless variant has also become very popular. Besides the usual meal every client can choose any sauce which he likes most of all. Traditional menus propose more than 20 receipts. What is the date of Chicken Wing Day 2022? The date is always observed on the 29th of July.

A special tradition is proposed by the famous American chain of bars โ€“ Hooters. People get a possibility to celebrate the holiday beginning from the 28th of July. The next day the clients can eat as many wings as they want for one price. Itโ€™s not very high. A boneless wing is 2 dollars cheaper than the traditional variant. This special proposition is given from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hooters can be found almost in every town. There are more than 400 locations across the continent.

Chicken Wing Day Facts

  • The food is the most favorite snack during its festival and Super Bowl Sunday. The statistics says that people ate more than a billion of chicken wings.
  • The receipt got its name after a place in Buffalo which is the second largest city in the state of New York.
  • The statistics admits that an average man is able to eat 12 wings during one visit.
  • People like records. One of such competitions was made in 2015. It lasted for 26 min. The winner ate 444 wings.
  • Nowadays more than 80 thousand clients attend bars where they can follow the observation.

If you want to set a record in eating this meal, you should ask the internet community โ€œWhen is Chicken Wing Day in 2022, calendar of food competitions?โ€


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