When is National Name Yourself Day in 2020? To tell you the truth we would be rather surprised to get the proper answer from you. As a rule, people don’t know about the special occasions, which are considered to be unofficial ones. You see there are no mass celebrations, parades and contests, organized by the government and nobody calls this event as an additional public holiday. In order to clarify the situation, today we are going to discover the matter in details.


Investigating the matter what day Name Yourself Day in 2020 is, we would like to tell our readers something really amazing about this holiday. However, under these conditions we haven’t managed to find any information available about the establishers of this special occasion. In addition, we have to confess that we know nothing about the necessity to hold it on April 9th annually as well.

At the same time this is of common knowledge that there is a definite connection between the human name and his/her fate. People guessed about this fact in ancient times. After that in the Middle Ages it was thought that, knowing the name, one can be affected by man in witchcraft ways, spoiling and various spells. Therefore, the newborns were at those times called with two names, from which, the second one was kept in secret. Our ancestors were sure that the person’s life path determined the name.

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Consequently, it is possible to change the fate changing the name. In ancient times people performed in such a way when they wanted to recover or to get rid of persecuted constant misfortunes. However, today, deciding on such a radical step in favor of fashion or caprice, many contemporary men and women do not even think about what they can cause or provoke by this decision. In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, we have to be rather careful. Otherwise, it is possible not to correct the life for the better, but to destroy it completely.


What does Name Yourself Day mean? – To tell you the truth, we are not able to answer whether you would like to celebrate this unusual special occasion or not. You are the only person, who can reply this question.

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By the way the fate managing, done through a name can be performed in many ways. The Romans, for example, wrote the name in inverted letters, in order to bring about the same revolution in human life. Marrying, women took the name (surname) of the husband, thereby declaring that from now on they began a new life. The same thing happened with the tonsure or church acceptance as well as the entry into a secret society. You see, even until now, with the hope of greater luck, pseudonyms are being picked up by writers and artists.

The name of a person is a special cipher, in which the main personal characteristics are laid. In this case, every sound, every letter has its reflection in the corresponding form of DNA, This is a scientific fact. The hearing perceives any positive and negative information that will be “materialized” at the cellular level with the help of amino acids and proteins. Thus, the name that accompanies us from birth dictates the development of a certain set of qualities, which is what the physical organism does. So, it is woven into a single whole with the genetic code of the individual. Therefore, its change, especially in adulthood, is fraught with unpredictable consequences.


To be more honest we would like to mention that the question “When is International Name Yourself Day 2020?” need a great amount of various clarifications and explanations.

Are there any objective reasons to get rid of your own name and take a new one? – Of course, they are. And all in all there are a lot of them. However, doing this we should think about those people, who named us some years ago. Why did our parents or grandparents do it? Perhaps, it was a decision in honor of other people? – If it is so and the fortune of such men/women wasn’t successful, you really don’t need this connection.

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However, it also happens that the name given by parents with a violent fantasy makes the child an object of ridicule, forcing to take a defensive position from childhood, to struggle for a normal attitude towards the own personality. As a rule, it affects the psyche and character much.

And finally, one of the main reasons for abandoning the former name, especially in recent times, is the desire to do as much as possible for self-expression and realization.

But it is worth doing only if other psychological mechanisms for correcting the personality and fate do not work, and the negative aspects of the present name are much greater than the positive ones. Sometimes, in order to change the life scenario, it is enough to reduce the name or use it in another form.

For example, it is not always permissible to break the full sound of a name by cutting it and transforming the darling forms. So, Elena should not be called Helen. After all, these are different names, respectively, and two different people: Helen is usually emotional and explosive, while Elena – calm and compliant. It also sometimes negatively affects a person, if Mary is called Masha, Alexander – into Russian Sasha and so on.

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When is Name Yourself Day in 2020, calendar will remind you. The date is fixed, that is why you are always free to celebrate it every year you would like to do it. The event is held on April 9th. This fact is proved. However, unfortunately, there are no any special traditions or customs for its proper celebration.

In accordance with wide-world practice, the best thing to do this day is to choose another name for one day. Are you interested? – If your answer is positive, we would like to give you some recommendation how to do it successfully and without any additional troubles.

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So if you are determined to change your name, follow the simple rules:

  • Avoid names that generate internal contradictions. For example, you can’t initially use a male name, being a female and vice versa. By the way, this is the main reason why the specialists do not recommend using Alexander and Valeria for ladies.
  • Think about how you want to see your future, what personal qualities you would like to develop.
  • Relate the name with the sign of the zodiac. It should strengthen the positive qualities of the sign and smooth out the negative ones.
  • Choose a combination that is traditional for the country where you live, because foreign names can also cause internal discomfort.
  • The new one should be beautiful, euphonious, with good meaning, and most importantly – to approach the person.
  • It must be combined with the middle one, if it is so. The ideal situation is when both are perceived as a single whole.
  • In order to get the desired results for sure, consult a specialist before acting.

National Name Yourself Day Facts

The replying the question “What is the date of Name Yourself Day in 2020?” seems impossible without the introducing of some additional facts.

The specialists are sure if you change your name in adulthood, at first you may experience some inconvenience. It takes time to get used to the new combination, to love it, to enter into its condition, and only after that your life will find a new track and will develop in a positive direction. Sometimes it is much more difficult as it may seem at the first sight, but you shouldn’t upset from the very beginning.

And remember, the personal letter combination is, of course, important, but all in all it is only a small part of the complex algorithm of building personality and life in general. Any changes in life directly depend on your own efforts.


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