People all over the world read books and magazines, though there are so many electronic devices, which could probably replace them all. But still printed editions are still very popular and each segment has its own auditory. One of these segments, which is rather huge, is covered by comic books. We speak about not only children but adults also, men and women. All over the world people are interested in stories about drawn superheroes, their stores and certainly, colorful pictures. Their fans even dedicated a whole holiday to it all and in the article, we will find out, what is it all about and when is National Comic Book Day in 2022.


But first of all, before we will deep into the topic, we will need to speak about its background, because it is the basic thing at this situation. We will know what gave the start to it and who became spreading of the holiday itself. However, except all this, later in the article we will speak about other details, though now we need to begin with something more fundamental and important.

National Comic Book Day 2017

Earlier comics were divided into real comic books and also magazines. And the time, when they appeared, was different. The real comic book appeared somewhere in 1933, according to the official information, in the United States. Its name was Famous Funnies and its popularity spread rather quickly. But in reality, there was one more comic book, which existed earlier even, than this one. It also had hardcover and the main her there was Obadiah Oldbuck. A lot of people remember those stories and even now they greatly know about it all. It is not concretely known, who in particular and when decided to create such a holiday for all the fans and comics lovers. But at present times all of them know beforehand, when is National Comic Book Day in 2022.

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What does National Comic Book Day mean, we will decide in a couple of further paragraphs. Certainly, after seeing the name, you could easily guess it, but still, we would like to give you an opportunity to deep a bit more into the topic in order to have wider and more full information about it. There are some similar holidays in different countries, that is why it is usually better to explain everything in order not to mix it all. Also, we hope that this information all in all will be interesting for you to read, will help you to know something new, change your ideas on it, probably, and many other things.

So, as to the meaning of the holiday, we will explain it very simple. Once a year every time people, who are fond of or just interested in reading comics, follow the new things, which come out, know the most popular and not very heroes of these stories, dedicate a whole day to it all. The sense of it is to spread their culture, their ideas, share their enthusiasm on this point. Also, it is a good possibility to meet like-minded people from totally different countries, to visit specialty shops, which organize different events and sales on this day. To take part in it all these people know beforehand, when is International Comic Book Day 2022.


Many people already know about the existence of such a holiday, and not only in the United States, the place of its birth, but in many other countries, where thousands of comicsโ€™ fans live.ย  Comics are not only about funny or silly things, which make people relax and have a bit fun. But the topic inside of them may be totally different, and a good part of them is rather serious, making its reader to think over everything, which he sees. Many of them teach people some moral and it is very useful. That is why those, who didnโ€™t like comics and treat them like a silly time spending, had never deepened into the topic.

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That is why, comic books day can be defined as one day per year, when those, who love this topic and are truly fond of comics, can dedicate all their free time to reading them, visiting comics shops, which organize special events. Also, they can meet with the same fans like they are, talk to each other, know something new, share their views, take part in different games and competitions. Though it may seem childish for someone, there is nothing bad in it โ€“ people are getting positive emotions and develop their knowledge, which is always better. Such people know, what is the date of National Comic Book Day 2022. September 25.


As to the traditions, concerning this holiday, they are not very wide. It even can seem that that are quite standard for such kind of events. Usually, at this day, a person can dedicate all the time, which is free, to reading comics. It can be done while riding to work or studies or other places, during your break, or just sitting somewhere in the part and drinking coffee. Why not? Instead of losing you free time you are able to spend it with pleasure, even if you are alone. But maybe you will find a friend, who will share your interests and will help you to spend this time even more interesting.

National Comic Book Day

Also, it is a usual thing that specialized shops, which sell comics, organize various interesting events for their visitors. You may often take part in something interesting, connected with the comics, or just came to meet new people, talk and discuss the books with each other, share a different point of views. It may be really interesting, why not? Such activities are often really rather funny, bring a lot of pleasure and happiness to those, who take part there. That is why usual fans often try to know beforehand, when is Comic Book Day 2022, in the calendar, to be ready for it and find something interesting.

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Comic Book Day Facts

In the paragraphs above we have spoken about such a holiday, which is dedicated to the comic books. It is a good reason to make people be interested in something, to broaden their minds, to know something new, make friends and communicate with a lot of people. Thousands of people are not just simple lovers of these stories with pictures, but they are extremely fond of it all and know much things about it, including the history of its appearance, which we discussed earlier. And this is really great because not all people are able to know, why and when it all began.

There are a lot of interesting stories and facts, which are connected with the history and time when only comics began to appear in the country. Maybe they separately are not so huge and important, but each of them took part in the development of it all. That is why it is important to remember, for example, the hero of the first comic book, which we named in the beginning of the article, for example. There are also a lot of other interesting moments, which influenced the spread of this culture โ€“ comic lovers, so you can deep into the topic or have a chat with those, who know much more about it all.


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