What kind of cleavages do men like? This is one of those issues that are now discussed in women’s forums. It would seem the answer has long been known: the guys like the female bust, and which one, depends on the particular man. Nevertheless, he worries over and over many girls. Obviously, this question is not asked from idle curiosity. Let’s find out when is National Cleavage Day in 2020?

So, the global observance is held yearly since 2002 on either March or April mainly in South Africa. The main target is to honor women’s bust and let them feel important and powerful in our life. The author is unknown but many sources refer to Wonderbra and Cosmopolitan magazine as an inventor.


It is believed the cleavage was known in the Ancient World. Actually, they wore a dress started well below the chest and was held with a ribbon. Similar “dresses” can be seen in ancient Egyptian paintings and on the depiction of the goddess of snakes from the island of Crete (XVII BC).

Decollete – in its modern sense – appeared later, in Europe. But also a long time ago in the XIV century, in Burgundy, at the court of Isabella of Bavaria.

The pointed Jennens with veils, plumes, long-nosed shoes, which the priests called “devil’s claws to catch unauthorized pleasures”, just entered fashion. Did not know the holy father’s, scolding innocent shoes the innovation is coming up more interesting, namely – a rectangular neckline on the dress, then still delicately revealing the area below the neck and part of the back was called the cleavage, from the word decollete, which means “cut off the neck.”


Despite the eerie name, the new trend was liked by the ladies. The neckline was growing, until, finally, the mettle of Charles the Bold, Agnes Sorel, did not come up with the idea of ​​wearing one breast open, which for the first time demonstrated on her public repentance. In history, this remained under the name “the finest affliction of his sins Agnes Sorel”, and soon, as the outraged Christ claim so dressed up as a half-kingdom. Only the whips and the threat to prevent confession managed to bring shamelessness.

In the Renaissance, corsets laced up to the chest, and everything above solemnly exhibited. In Rome, an example was given by Lucretia Borgia, nicknamed the “New Messalina”, in Florence – the Beautiful Simonetta, the beloved of the Duke of Lorenzo the Magnificent and the model of Sandro Botticelli. Let’s get closer to what day World Cleavage Day in 2020 is.

Turning back to the history of a holiday you would ask: Who invented such an extraordinary day? NCD was invented in 2002 by a manager of a Wonderbraand is celebrated basically in SA.


What does National Cleavage Day mean? The main purpose of the observance according to Wonderbra managers is to let the women realize their dignity is something special they should be proud of. Every man is looking for both eyes and boobs appreciative for any woman. Also, some people say the day was made to show the woman’s power and femininity in any sphere and area of life. Big or small, round or oblong – men like a cleavage, because it emphasizes femininity. There are no definite standards for an ideal bust. Any size or shape of the breast will find its connoisseurs.

So, forget what advertisers and men’s magazines are repeating. It turns out the size of the cleavage is not so important for the guys, as everyone is used to thinking. Women also like photos of male models, slender, smart, with deliberately carelessly disheveled hairdos and white-toothed smiles. However, in the reality, they do not cope with Apollo daily. The shape of the bust, more precisely its elasticity and height, is what you should pay attention to.

Everything you need is to keep in touch when is International Cleavage Day 2020.


As you know, the dressed woman is more intriguing than naked. Since the Middle Ages, noble ladies in portraits have been depicted in corsets, emphasizing their charms. The frankness of the decollete could vary, from the completely innocent ones of Chardin to the magically perverse ones of Rubens, but one thing is undeniable: erotics in such canvases is much more than in painters who refused to cover up their heroines.

NCD is a day when thousands of women come out into the streets to show their female dignity and power in our modern world. On the first festival in 2002, many girls in South Africa came to the malls showing their perfect G-Strings.


If we come to the surveys on the Internet about the size of the female cleavage, then the third dimension (“more than 32%”), the “golden mean” between the small bust of the young seductress and the big breast of the male star magazines. Behind it, with a small lag comes the bust of the second size.

The 36С and 36D sizes in most polls hardly gain any 5 percent! Although many articles and topics do not include the possibility of voting for a particular answer. For example, on one of the official German women’s websites, the opinion of several men with different tastes is simply given, each of them holding fruit – from cherry to watermelon – corresponding to the preferred size of the breast.

Activists of the movement in such an erotic manner try to attract public attention to women’s dignity and call for respect for their qualities and forms on what is the date of National Cleavage Day 2020. The biggest action took place in New York, where the demonstration of a woman’s cleavage in public has long been not considered an offense: nearly 70 activists came to the central streets of the city.

Kitten in Cleavage

 International Cleavage Day Facts

  • According to Wonderbra Cleavage Rating, the first place is dedicated to Salma Hayek with the best cleavage among celebrities. The second place is Marissa Miller.
  • Surgeons at the American Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, do 600 breast reduction operations per year. 97% of their patients believe a large cleavage has a bad effect on their health, 78% have a backache, 79% cannot run, and 77% are not able to play sports at all.
  • Corsets that tighten the waist and bulge the chest, went out of fashion during the First World War, when the army lacked steel, and it was taken from women who wore corsets with metal plates.
  • According to the study, 80 % of women wear an unsuitable bra size, which can lead to back pain and digestive disorders.
  • Louisa de Lavalier covered her neck with a lace, Athenais de Montespan wore dresses so open contemporaries wondered how they held on to her. Angelica de Fontanges first thought of decorating the cleavage with flies. Preferences of Madame de Maintenon, who allowed only open shoulders, forced the women of fashion to cover the chest with scarves.
  • Studies have shown that breastfeeding has a lasting positive effect on maternal health, reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • The bourgeois tastes of the nineteenth century determined double standards. Until evening, a tightly closed dress was provided, in the evening a bold cleavage was allowed.

Finally, love your couples and don’t depend on the size of their cleavage. Also, don’t forget to check up when is National Cleavage Day in 2020, with the help of a calendar.


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