World Vitiligo Day

Since 2011, June 25 has been celebrated annually around the world World Vitiligo Day. The date was not chosen by chance. On this day, Michael Jackson died – a legendary person, the most famous singer of our time and a victim of this disease.

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo – a disease that has not been well studied so far and cannot be treated. It is more noticeable on dark skin, but according to statistics, it occurs equally often in people of any age and any ethnic group. So far, Vitiligo Day has not been recognized at the UN level. To change the status, a petition was created, which needs 1 million signatures for support, and so far a little more than half a million have been collected.

The purpose of World Vitiligo Day

All initiatives for the establishment of this day belong to the Vitiligo Research Foundation (VR Foundation). The main purpose of the organization’s activities is to spread information about the disease, research options for its treatment and prevention, help patients, and collect funds for research. In the world, more than one hundred million people suffer from vitiligo, become victims of oppression and rights violations by other members of society.

World Vitiligo Day
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