Can you answer very interesting and unusual question “When is World Whisky Day in 2024?” immediately? Unfortunately, as a rule, not many of us are able to do it. But it is really in vain, because this celebration seems to be rather funny and terrific. Are you interested? We will answer you then. So since 2009 whisky lovers all around the world have celebrated their own holiday. This event is kept on May 18 every year without any exceptions, as the date is fixed. At the very beginning we would like to mention this holiday was established in honor of the birthday of Michael James Jackson, who was an author of seminal works about the whisky from the United Kingdom.


It seems impossible to answer the question what day World Whisky Day in 2024 is, without historical background of this event. So let’s discuss it in details. So the Michael Jackson, who was a namesake of the famous American singer, was born on March 27, 1942. After school, he began working as a journalist in Edinburgh, where he started to write the special reviews about alcohol: initially about the whisky, and then about the beer as well. Jackson’s articles, which were devoted to whisky and beer, became popular not only among professionals but also to a wide audience of these drinks fans.

World Whisky Day 2017

For example, in his book “The Malt Whisky Companion” he gave an assessment of a variety of whisky brands on a 100-point scale. In his opinion, only the brands that received an assessment of 75 and above are worthy of purchase.

This drink history comes from the 12th century. Its authorship belongs to St. Patrick, who was considered to be the famous monk from Ireland. According to the specialists’ discoveries, the founded scrolls belonging to Scottish Treasury, belonging to 1494, contain the following record: “Deliver a certain quantity of malt to John Carr for the aquavit creation”. It is interesting to mention that so much malt would be quite enough to prepare about 1,500 bottles of modern whisky!


What does Whisky Day mean? – That is a good question, but it is not very easy to answer it in a proper way. First of all the people who established it wanted to show the culture and traditions of this drink consuming. Not all of us know that whisky should be poured into a glass in small portions. At this time the bottom of the vessel has to be closed slightly.

Treating your guests with this noble drink, you need to ask in advance, whether they really prefer this drink and the way they like it. Depending on the personal tastes, you should bring the desired drink, diluted in the proportions your guest likes.

Despite the high popularity, not everyone knows how to drink whisky in a proper way. Knowing the simple rules of its use, you can enjoy the true aroma and love it not only because of the popularity, but because of exquisite and versatile taste bouquet.

The whisky production is rather complicated. – The malt should be mixed with drinking water in order to obtain some the wort. After that the received wort is fermented, wash is distilled and as a result the alcoholic solution is obtained. It should be kept in special oak barrels. By the way, not everybody the whisky quality mostly depends on the species of oak as a material and the area where it was grown. The most exclusive sorts are poured into barrels of sherry which are brought from the distant Iberian Peninsula.


When is World Whisky Day in 2024, calendar will remind you without any exceptions. But have you ever thought why this even was created? – The matter is that World Whisky Day was established in order to honor Jackson as well as to popularize whisky culture and use of this original strong alcohol drink.

It is also rather interesting to mention that the contemporary celebration of this holiday is not coordinated by any organization. As a rule all kinds of festive events are held locally in pubs, restaurants and special places where there is a large variety of the drink. You can choose something really special for your personal taste or to organize the original celebration if you are an owner of the establishments mentioned above.

Whisky, like any other alcohol, shouldn’t be used in the morning, because its components tone organism and lead to its relaxation. Scotch is believed to be elite alcohol that is why it is not served at noisy parties for a great amount of people. Cozy home atmosphere is an ideal variant this drink.


In the UK usually on this International Whisky Day, ordinary people are able to visit almost all the most famous factories. As a rule the plants don’t allow any visitors into their premises. The most exciting part of the festival is represented by tasting this flavored drink. As a rule, it is performed under the expert guidance. You have a chance to taste the rarest and aged kinds of whisky. It sounds really terrific, doesn’t it?

At the holiday period there are interesting meetings with collectors, who are able to share their experiences, various dance programs of national direction.

You can also participate in the historical tours, which tell a lot of interesting facts about the technological processes of preparation and the development of the bottles and labels design. Moreover, the visits to the factory museum garages are also organized. There you can see all samples of the original trucks which deliver the desired products to the contemporary consumers. The active participants are usually invited to take part in the traditional Scottish sports like throwing some logs or heavy hammer.

The whisky festival program includes a great number of different events. The most popular events are the follow:

  • a competition for the most rapid barrel construction;
  • different exhibitions;
  • festive evenings of Scottish folk traditional music;
  • funny contests, interesting receptions and festive dinners at the special distilleries;
  • Scottish parties with live music and merry dancing;
  • special and rather original menus in the most part of restaurants, bars and cafes;
  • different contests;
  • wearing famous fashion show kilt, which are in fact Scottish skirts;
  • amazing visit the Whisky Museum.

World Whisky Day

Whisky Day Facts

In the world there’re many varieties of whisky. That is why when we are looking for the answer to the question “What is the date of World Whisky Day 2024?” we mean the alcohol drink produced in UK.

By the way the British Government has already taken care and to give a special definition for this popular drink. Thus, in 1988 the Act on Scottish whisky was adopted. Nowadays Scotch Whisky is considered to be the most popular export drink of Albion.

Although everyone is now free to drink the favorite whisky as he/she likes. But, however, in order to evaluate the drink and to improve the impression of the tasting in the proper way, you have to follow some definite rules when you are selecting glasses and organizing the whisky tasting.

In order to experience the full taste, it is recommended to drink it from a low of glasses with a thick bottom. However, we can’t but mention that the Scottish whisky tasters prefer to drink from the glass on the leg with thin walls round shape. This kind of glasses is also called “tulip” for the external similarity with this flower. Why is it so? The matter is that this form of the vessel helps the tasters to concentrate better on a full bouquet of aromas and to enjoy the amazing play of light belong to noble kind of alcohol in a glass.

If you have already got the answer to the question “When is World Whisky Day 2024?” and are going to organize the testing at home, please, don’t forget that the temperature plays an important role for the understanding of the true taste of the drink. Too cold whisky will not reveal the flavor in full, and hot drink will have a strong scent of alcohol. It is for this reason, it isn’t recommended to drink it with ice. The ideal temperature is considered 18-20 degrees.

Whisky should be drunk in small sips, enjoying its taste and bouquet, prolonging the pleasure as much as possible. Before you drink a little hold it in your hand so that it reaches its ideal temperature.

For whisky it will be better to serve chocolate, fruits, seafood and game. Each sort has its own taste and aroma, which are considered to be unique. So in practice it is difficult to talk about standards.


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