People have so many works to do on our planet. Every of us chooses his or her own way and choose what to do. Some people just want to earn money and do everything for their own life. Others, on the contrary, do not pay so much attention to their earnings but try to make our world better and change the environment to the better side. Such people choose professions, which a usual person will not be able to do and they need special courage and braveness for it all. In this article, we would like to speak about people, who chose one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs and a holiday, which was created to commemorate them. We speak about airborne soldiers. Further, we will tell you a complete information about this holiday and will find out, when is National Airborne Day in 2022.


The creation of such a holiday became a big step for people’s minds because such people must be mentioned and commemorated. They do what others people are afraid or unable to do because it all is very dangerous. And we should know at least something about their work and this holiday, which doesn’t let us forget about the best people of our world, though they seem to be invisible. But to begin the full discussion we should first look back to its history because it is one of the main points in today’s speech.

National Airborne Day 2017

So, the holiday’s history begins on 1997, though airborne of the Army existed much time earlier, certainly. It is hard to say, why has nobody made a decision or got an idea to create it all earlier, though everybody knew, how important those people for the country were. And a person, who created a holiday, was J.Bush, who was the president of the USA at that time. It shows that he really cared about the life of his country and about every person, who worked for this country and brought everything good to it. Since that time people began to know, what day National Airborne Day in 2022 is.

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What does National Airborne Day mean, we will be discussing throughout next further paragraphs. You will read the details, which will give you the full and concrete understanding of the holiday and will let you join it too. Such holidays like this one are very important to the country and to all our society on the whole, and we should understand it from our early ages and parents should explain and show it all to their children.

So, getting closer to the meaning, which we are going to make the holiday. This day is actually dedicated to the airborne of the country’s army, in order to pay people’s attention to these people and to what they do for your country all in all. It is an important part of the modern army and they protect the borders of it from the sky. It is not only physically difficult work but also psychologically. You never know, what can happen to you every time, you make a parachute jump, it may be just a case. But still, there are so many people, who chose this work and never give up. So, try to remember, when is International Airborne Day 2022 and remember these people.


So, in previous paragraphs, we have spoken about the common meaning of this holiday because sometimes people confuse the facts and do not know the correct information. But for such serious holidays, it is rather important to be correct in facts and their understanding, because this all concerns the live and safety of your country, together with difficult lives and destinies of people, who do this work. That is why try to read the article carefully to in order not to have questions more and have a correct understanding as a normal citizen of his native country should have.

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To define the meaning of the holiday, we should say first that it is a day, which is dedicated to people, who are airborne of the national army. We have understood it from the previous paragraphs. During this day people celebrate their friends or relatives, who take part there, also an official part is held in different parts of the country and also a minute of silence is obligatory. This all is made for people, who are currently working in the troops or who have died or missed during holding the missions in other parts of the world outside the country. That is why it is really important for people to remember about such people and know for sure, what is the date of National Airborne Day 2022.


In the article, we have touched upon the topic, dedicated to one important holiday, about which not all people know. We have discussed its history and background together with other details, which let us draw the whole and a full picture of it all. This was practically all, that you needed to know, but still, there are some also important and interesting things left, which we need discuss obligatorily. In such cases there are no things, which do not make sense, that is why every detail should be kept into consideration.

National Airborne Day

So, we have not discussed the traditions throughout the holiday. It is not that usual like while other celebrations due to the peculiar reason for it all. Certainly, an official ceremony is held in the different region, just the difference goes to the areas, where it is all held. While the ceremony a minute of silence is obligatory in order to remember those people, who lost their lives while doing their job. Also, people congratulate those, who are alive and do their jobs at the present times. We should thank such people, who protect us and our freedom and peaceful life. That is why try to find out, when is Airborne Day in 2022, in the calendar, to get ready for it all and be a part of this holiday.

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Airborne Day Facts

We are now moving closer to the very end of the article, and there practically nothing’s left, which we may discuss. We hope that now you know practically everything, which concerns this day and people, who are the center of attention during it all. But still, we have not mentioned yet the date, when such a celebration is made throughout the country. Certainly, it all is celebrated once a year, though a day off is not made, and it happens on August 16. Do not think that bothers only the United States. There are a lot of countries all over the globe, who have the same holiday on the same date. So, it even can be called an international holiday.

By the way, it is an interesting fact, which you should also take into consideration. Have you ever thought, why particularly this date was chosen? We have the answer. It was the day, in far 1940, when the first parachute jump has been made. It was a very important event, which changed a lot of things and made new things possible. How hard it may seem, people still do not deny a chance to be a part of it all, though they know for sure that they may harm themselves physically or lose their lives.


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