When is National Pharmacy Day in 2022? โ€“ You donโ€™t know the answer, do you? And moreover, you are really surprise now to find out about this holiday existence in the calendar, arenโ€™t you? โ€“ Actually modern people have used to visit these institutions almost regularly, but the most part of them has never thought that there is a special holiday devoted to it. In order to clarify the situation, today we are going to represent you this professional event.


The question concerning the matter what day Pharmacy Day in 2022 is may seem easy only at first sight. Actually it contains a great amount of amazing pieces of information, which might be interesting for our devoted readers. Initially we would like to tell you about the historical background of the event.

In accordance with our discoveries, the Pharmacist Day was introduced and after that established by the representatives of FIP Council during the appreciated World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Initially it happened in 2009 in the Turkish city of Istanbul. Why did they choose this date? – Frankly speaking the choice was not an occasional one. Due to the set of the corresponding facts on September 25 but more than 100 years ago in 1912 FIP was founded.

All in all the International Pharmaceutical Federation (or FIP in abbreviation) is considered to be a global federation of national associations, which united the specialists in the sphere of pharmacy as well as pharmaceutical scientists. Here we can’t but mention the WHO, which is believed to be the only official representative partner of the professional community in this direction. Up to the present moment the organization involves 140 member organizations, but in practice it represents the modern interests of more than 4 million practitioners and scientists from around the planet.


What does Pharmacy Day mean? Well, this is a perfect question. However, we canโ€™t give the answer instead of you. The matter is that it is only up to you to find out whether this holiday is important for you or not.

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All in all, pharmacy or pharmacology is considered to be an essential science, which deals thoroughly with the action of a drug, as well as the response of the human body and their gradual changes.

The various results of preclinical pharmacological studies allow scientists to compare the positive effect of the drug with its negative (toxic) effect. Such a comparison is important in order to conduct a thorough analysis of the ratio of benefits and risks prior to the start of a clinical trial of a drug (involving people). If a decision is made to conduct a clinical study of the drug, then the data collected in the framework of preclinical pharmacological and toxicological tests make it possible to determine the dose of the drug that is administered to volunteers in the first clinical studies (first studies in humans).


Talking about the question “When is World Pharmacy Day 2022?” we can’t but give the definition to the people, who are involved into this sphere. They are specialists whose main task is to create, to keep, to store and select the correct composition. Pharmacists can work actively with numerous factories) both home and international), scientific laboratories, profound warehouses and even hospitals.

In accordance with the common point of view, if a pharmacist wants to make a successful career in the sphere of pharmacology, then it is extremely important for him or her to develop soft skills (or the so-called over-professional skills). Focusing on tasks, speed of reaction, attentiveness to trifles and a good memory are extremely essential for men and women in order to be noticed and placed in a leadership position.

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When is Pharmacy Day in 2022, calendar will remind you without any difficulties. As a rule, it is not a problem to memorize the holiday and to be involved into the celebration.

First of all we would like to mention that this special occasion is considered to be a professional holiday. It is celebrated in the specialized circles regularly. However, it is recommended to pay attention to the date. Unfortunately, it is not stable or fixed. The representatives of the pharmaceutical industry prefer to keep it on the third Saturday of September. In 2022 it will happen on September 15th in Europe and on September 25th all around the planet on the international level.

As you perhaps understand there are special celebrations organized on the state level. However, some companies do everything possible in order to congratulate all the people, who are working in the sphere of pharmacy. Here everything depends on your own creativity and the desire to amaze the staff. You can have a great meal or a modest party with contests and competitions. Some pharmacological offices prefer to organize picnics in the open air. As a rule, the weather is still warm in September, so it can be a great decision for those men and women, who are sick and tired of offices.

World Pharmacy Day Facts

Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of Pharmacy Day in 2022?โ€ we would like to tell you that this sphere is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. As a rule, it involves the representatives of the huge amount of directions.

The existing range of responsibilities directly depends on the type of activity and the chosen direction in work. Here is our list of the most typical ones:

  • Pharmacist-seller
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This is a pharmacy worker. Every day, his or her work will involve communicating with people, answering their questions and selecting analogues of medicines that are similar in composition to those prescribed by doctors. In addition, a pharmacist, who is working in a pharmacy, is responsible for keeping track of the income and expenditure of medicines. In some drugstores, these specialists prepare drugs according to the prescription prescribed by the doctor. Also, such specialists are responsible for the proper storage of drugs. All in all many medicines need special conditions. The sales pharmacist reports and is responsible for restocking. The preparations must be available in the required quantity.

  • Research Pharmacist

These specialists work in laboratories. They are engaged in an in-depth study of various diseases, processes, bacteria, etc. Based on the findings, they create effective disease control methods. Nowadays, the most relevant are the search for effective drugs for AIDS, Ebola and other dangerous incurable diseases. There are several levels of access and hazard to laboratories. Only the most experienced and tidy employees have the possibility to work with high-risk viruses and vaccines against them.

  • Distributor pharmacist

This is an employee of pharmaceutical companies. Actually, he or she is the link between the manufacturer and the pharmacy. These employees visit doctors, pharmacy employees to advertise drugs for which they are responsible. They are not only pharmacists, but also sales representatives – the face of companies and brands.

  • Pharmacist in the manufacturing process

Typically, such specialists work strictly for definite pharmaceutical companies. They participate in the creation of drugs, are involved in calculating the dosages of the components and the process of mixing them.


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