When is National Happy Hobbit Day in 2022? We are almost sure that you have never heard about this holiday existence in the modern calendar. Actually, only a few people know about it. As a rule, this special occasion is celebrated only in the specialized circles. However, we find it to be an amazing one, so today we are going to represent it in details.


Investigating the matter concerning the facts on what day Happy Hobbit Day in 2022 is, we came to the conclusion that our followers would appreciate various amazing pieces of information. Actually, like any other special occasions, this one is full of peculiar features. As a rule, the historical background is among the most interesting ones. The readers want to know the names of the establishers as well as the reasons for celebrating it on the definite date.

As you perhaps understand this special occasion doesn’t have a long history. However, the date is not an occasional one. One day earlier, on September 21, in the distant 1937, the classical version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s book was published. It was called “The Hobbit: There and Back Again,” and it became a bestseller almost immediately.

In 1969 Tolkien decided to sell all the existing the movie rights, as well as the corresponding products to United Artists. The price was really impressive. It cost £100,000.

At the beginning of this century the evets started to come very quickly. The very first installment of the famous trilogy, knows under the title”The Fellowship of the Ring,” appeared on the screens on December 19, 2001. It was a cold winter day and before the main holidays of the year, so the picture got its popularity almost immediately.

More than 10 years later, in December 2012, the continuation called “The Hobbit,” appeared on the screens. It was an original story. The excited fans took it as the true beginning of the epic journey, which was full of adventures. The terrific thing is that the owner received $37 million just on opening night.


What does Happy Hobbit Day mean? – Well, perhaps there is no a universal answer to this question. Up to the present moment there are people, who are not interested in this fiction direction, that is why it is not a great surprise that they don’t pay attention to this holiday existence and most likely that they are not going to celebrate the special occasion devoted to the holiday.

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When writing The Hobbit, Tolkien turned to the motives of Scandinavian mythology and the Old English poem Beowulf. According to some researchers, the story involved the experience of the writer during the First World War. A characteristic feature of the work is the opposition of ancient and modern standards of behavior, in particular, the style of speech of the characters.

Throughout the story, the main character develops participation in adventures becomes for Bilbo a way of self-knowledge.


First of all, talking about the question “What is the date of Happy Hobbit Day in 2022?” we would like to give a definition of this funny little creature.

Hobbits are considered to be fictional residents, who live in a fictional family of fantasy stories, written by John Ronald Tolkien.

To tell you the truth, the origin of their name is not known exactly. The first readers associated the name hobbit with the English words the man “Homo” and the rabbit “Rabbit”, the combination of parts of which gave the name hobbit.

This version largely arose from the fact that in the stories the hobbits, like the rabbits, lived in burrow houses. In the letters to readers Tolkien himself denied this relationship. Another possible origin of the name hobbit comes from the English “hob” or meaning a small playful spirit, fairy or elf.

As for the appearance, they are small of only about ninety centimeters and have a little chubby body and tummies. They have large and often overgrown feet with thick skin, thanks to which they can easily walk without shoes. In clothes, they prefer bright colors, most often yellow or green. Persons reflect their mood, as these creatures almost always express joy. At the same time we should mention that hobbits are very friendly and adore the guests. The long corridors in their homes are lined with coasters for umbrellas and hooks for visitors’ belongings. The only science that they study and which is madly passionate about is genealogy. Hobbits are very fond of eating and do this traditionally six times a day. Also, they like to smoke pipe tobacco and are able to disappear for hours, caring for their gardens.

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When is Happy Hobbit Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. As a rule, it is not a problem for people, who want to join the special occasion and to celebrate it. You perhaps understand that there are no traditions devoted to this holiday. However, you are always free to invent something interesting for yourself as well as for your surroundings on September 22.

In our opinion, here is a list of the most amazing activities you can do this day.

  • Have a great feast.

As you perhaps know, all hobbits enjoyed tasty things. They used to have 6 meals every day. It is an impressive amount, isn’t it? That is the reason, why we are recommending you to organize festivities with a good amount of various food. Be like a hobbit, use every chance possible to sit down in the circle of the closest people (friends, relatives or even colleagues from work) and dine away.

  • Share a few gifts

In your surroundings represent one of the most peaceful hobbits’ habits: give small gifts in order to share the good mood in your community. Well, we recommend you to give preference to something creative and simple. For example, funny toys, simple jewelry, and small musical (perhaps even artificial) instruments. They are really the perfect tokens for those, who want to remember the holidays.

  • What about an adventure?

Hobbit adore to leave their cozy homes and to explore the surrounding world. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter, what you choose a short walk or a grant tour, try to experience something special and terrific.

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Happy Hobbit Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Happy Hobbit Day in 2022?” requires a great amount of various explanations and clarifications, especially in the cycles of those men and women, who seem to know nothing about these fanny little creatures.

So, first of all we can’t but remind that they live, as it has been already mentioned above in the little burrow houses, which are dug up in earthen hills.

At the same time we would like to note that such houses really exist even in the modern world. Are you surprised? – Well, they are called fox holes. They look something like this: from all sides except the front, there is an ordinary hill. On the front side (usually south), it is possible to see a wall with a completely normal door and small round windows. They are sometimes made in suburban areas. In summer, they perfectly keep cool inside, and in winter it is warm. Hobbits live in small towns, without creating large cities.

By the way, these small creatures do not like various technical devices. At the same time, carts, mills and other devices for cultivating the land and farming are made. Hobbits are famous for their fragrant pipe tobacco. It is also known that they grow grapes, barley, cabbage, and other vegetables and grains.


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