Career and job have a great importance in human’s life. Doctors and teachers, firemen and bakers, they all make the life different and everyone is necessary. One cannot live without a good medical aid or an educational system; we sometimes do not think about where the fresh bread appears on the store shelves from but some people provide it for us. Though, all world professions fuse and serve for mankind and well-being of every person. Choosing from all them, one must not deny that the jobs lied with distraction are also important and a juggler one is in the range. Somebody may ask when is World Juggling Day 2022 and what is so special about it? Does the juggler really deserve to be observed and celebrated like all the professional group? Do they present an interesting activity or it does not matter?

The meaning of the holiday

What does World Juggling Day mean for Americans? If one speaks about a worldwide day-off, it is wanted and needful. A holiday wants to underline the importance of kind a distraction and a type of people profession and show their enormous endurance. It also emphasizes on that every profession is needed, wanted and respected and people have to work for being a people. WJD tends to commemorate all the circus performers, their pupils, promote their activity and unite all the people in their occasional day.

World Juggling Day

The definition of the holiday

A juggler or a manipulator is a person who performs some physical actions throwing up and catching balls or other objects. Things may vary and they may be even some dangerous articles as knives, swords or torches. This profession requires a lot of attention, concentration and human perseverance. However, it is the  artwork that needs a lot of physical work. Remember – in childhood, when you were visiting the circus and watching jongleurs in the action. Everyone can confess that he was shocked by the huge strength and could not believe his eyes. Their self-possession, hands, and mind accordance draws everyone’s attention. That is why the WJD deserves to be celebrated and commemorated. The best award for professionals and amateurs is to tell to the family and friends when is World Juggling Day in 2022 and to share the party together.

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Frankly speaking, people distinguish two main circus artists’ feasts. The first one is International Juggling Day celebrated on April 20th. The second one is World Juggling Day taking place every year on June 14th.

Many people do not even realize of the existence of the day. This year the holiday falls on Saturday, so it could be a perfect weekend for you. The holiday gives a great possibility to unite to the celebration, show your respect and tell to the world what day is World Juggling Day 2022.

The history of the holiday

The first souvenirs about juggling as a sort of art are found in Ancient Egypt in XVI B.C. Archaeologists dug a board with some dancing women throwing up the balls. Some antique cultures as Greek, Roman, and Chinese also give testimony of this artwork. In Japan, it transformed into a war instrument and gained big popularity.

In the Middle Ages, the behavior toward jugglers has greatly changed. As one knows, those time mostly clerical controlled the society. They taught people, wrote books and their opinion was the biggest. The Church accused manipulators in a low morality and people began to neglect them. Despite, people of nobility liked the jongleurs and the way of distraction they proposed and the noblemen cheerfully asked the artists to show the performances.

Philip Astley was the founder of a modern circus in the middle of XVII century. He hired jugglers to perform the tricks and dangerous acts. Since that period, they became an integral part of every child and adult circus show.

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Europe discovered a kind of traveling artists at the beginning of XIX century. They appeared with some Asian troupes and with wild animals. They arrived in Great Britain, after in some parts of America.

With the development or dramatic theater art, the talented jugglers were in a big demand. They amused the audience in the intermission. The XX century is marked by the radio and television invention and its fast development though the artists step by step were pushed aside. So there was an urgent need to solve the problem because this performing genre could disappear from the Earth and the International Juggler Association was created in 1947. The organization ran out for jongleurs’ rights and obligations protection. It either promoted and advanced the art of balls throwing. At first, it was filled with professionals but some years ago, it began to include many amateurs wanting to learn the profession.

What are the World Juggler Day facts and traditions?

Beginning with the creation of World Juggling day, people raised the interest to the holiday. Do not miss the performers’ party, and circle Saturday, June the 14th in your calendars because it is exactly the day when in the World Juggler Day in 2022 and they willingly invite you to share some beautiful moments with them.

World Juggling Day

An international recognition gave a carte blanche and the promotion of this interesting job. Many performers united in groups, circus committees teaching old and young and doing all their best to preserve their unusual and amazing career. There were founded TV shows, forums, magazines, festivals and concerts, web sites and social events where one can find more useful information. In one word, the circus culture blossomed. The cinema and theater started to use the jongleurs’ art. It has been too transformed into a combat juggling where the players try to win between two opposite while performing acts. Even the Guinness Book of Records mentions the best jugglers in the world.

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There are many popular forms of juggling:

  • Amateur or professional. From the XX century, juggling was considered as a type of profession and from the second part of the last century, people started to practice it as a hobby. Because of that, the juggling art emerged from the circus big top and appeared in parks, squares and at the streets.
  • Trick juggling. Higher degree of professional skills pushed jongleurs to look for more difficult juggling techniques. They began to profess the job riding a bike or a horse, standing at the top of mountains or trees. They are very talented and courageous people making people empathy and ravish their ability.
  • Quantity of jugglers. There are very popular a multiple-person juggling. They represent large-scale professionals and one has not but admire a fantastic performance they assure.

The best way to celebrate the WJD is to learn to juggle in a very simple manner. It is very difficult and requires a Herculean efforts but it is worth doing. Find a professional performer, ask him about his life and job and please pray him to show some basic movies. It will bring pleasure to him and for you too. Tell your friends and co-workers what day is World Juggling Day in 2022, stay some interesting facts and invite them to join the holiday celebration. The best way of recognizing people’ work is to pay attention to it. Be sure the jugglers deserve it. Enjoy yourselves taking part in a very original commemoration watching people performing extraordinary tricks and hocus-pocus.


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