When is National Day of Bullying Prevention in 2020? This question seems to be rather important in the modern world, however, only a few people know about the existence of this special occasion in the calendar. Frankly speaking, we are almost sure that the significant part of our followers has just heard about the event for the first time. In order to clarify the situation, today we are going to investigate the holiday in details.


As a rule, our readers like to know something amazing about the historical background of the event. And the matter what day Day of Bullying Prevention in 2020 is is not an exception. However, unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find out much about the history of this event.

Have you ever thought when the bullying appeared? Unfortunately, it looks like it was known well even a long time ago. The specialists are sure that the first cases could be seen in the times when the humans appeared on the land. So it is possible to say that bullying is about of the same age as the humans, as they appeared on the planet approximately at the same period.

However, the situation started to be improved in 2007, when two young men Travis Price and David Shepherd wanted to change everything. It was an ordinary school day, when the boys came to their lessons in bright pink shirts. Of course, it was a very brave position, as the other students started to bully them almost immediately.

However, two friends were not going to give up. They purchased 50 shirts more and shared them around the other pupils. In such a simple way, fifty other men were encouraged to stand against the harsh behavior.

The idea was brilliant indeed and in the short period of time it was spread all over the planet. In 2008 the holiday was proclaimed by Gordon Campbell, who was the famous Premier of British Columbia, as a state one. The local authorities understood that the aggression should be stopped as soon as possible.

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Fortunately, the tradition has continued to spread in other countries. And up to the present moment it has got a global scale.


What does Day of Bullying Prevention mean? Frankly speaking, we canโ€™t answer this question instead of you. We donโ€™t know your attitude to this matter. Unfortunately, among the representatives of the contemporary society there are a lot of those, who find this problem to be unimportant one. However, at the same time the most part of modern men and women thinks that the problem of bullying should be prevented as soon as possible.

Bullying is a problem, the significance of which is poorly recognized by society. However, it is much more widespread than it seems at first glance. Among the 10 thousand people, who took part in a survey on bullying at school last year, only 19% were not familiar with the problem of bullying, while more than half of the parents who participated in the survey were victims of attacks in the past, and 42% of those were surveyed are still worried about conflicts that happened in childhood.

Unfortunately, the consequences of this problem is not limited to psychological violence, bullying can lead to the most tragic results.

Although it is not an exclusively childish problem, small people are bullied more often than adults. Usually it happened because the child may not understand the seriousness of the actions due to improper upbringing. Most foundations and specialists working in the field mainly focus on the problem in schools. Particular organizations, as well as psychologists dealing with specific cases, work purposefully with educational institutions as a whole.

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Investigating the question โ€œWhen is World Day of Bullying Prevention 2020?โ€ we came to the conclusion that we have to give the definition to this matter.

It is a regular psychological or physical pressure on the victim, carried out by one person or group of some people, which usually takes place in a closed social group. This problem is always deliberate negative and is characterized by an unequal distribution of forces between the aggressor and the victim.

In general, it involves psychological and physical terror, violence, beating, damage to property, psychological pressure that applies one person or a group in relation to the victim. Systematic bullying, malicious intent and unequal strength between the victim and the aggressor are thought to be the main criteria.

Unfortunately, up to the present moment the problem has become even more severe. โ€“ Just some years ago in some cases a child had an opportunity to hide from it at home, now information technology almost does not leave the small person such an opportunity.


When is Day of Bullying Prevention in 2020, calendar will remind you without any difficulties. All in all, it is not a serious problem to memorize the date of this special occasion. However, you have to be careful under the condition you are going to be involved into celebration. โ€“ The matter is that the event doesnโ€™t have a fixed date. It is held on the first Monday in October. In 2020 it will happen on October 5th.

As you perhaps understand there are no any special traditions devoted to this holiday celebration. Sometimes local authorities and charity funds organize some events, where the specialists try to draw the peopleโ€™s attention to the problems of bullying, which is considered to be rather up-to-date.

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If you donโ€™t know how to celebrate and there are no particular meetings and lectures in your place of living, just devote this date to the investigation of the special occasion. โ€“ Try to discover the direction and prevent these situations with your children.

The specialists are sure that under the condition the kid is being bullied, you need to talk to him/her and to make it clear to the son or daughter that you are completely on his or her side and that the situation is not his/her fault. You need to teach the small person that in many situations, the first step is to say “No” in particular situation. By the way contemporary parents can work at home on the childโ€™s skill to refuse and confidently set boundaries and frames.

World Day of Bullying Prevention Facts

Investigating the question โ€œWhat is the date of Day of Bullying Prevention in 2020?โ€ we discovered that there are regions, where the problem is being solved better than whatever else.

For example, in the most part of schools in America and some countries in Europe, the special rules are hanging right at the entrance, one of which usually prohibits humiliating children in any way possible. The educational institution accepts such rules completely, including schoolchildren, parents and teachers. They are introduced immediately, as soon as the child first enters a specific educational institution.

However, it is not everything, of course. From the very beginning of studies in such schools team building events are organized. The rules are fixed in the format of games, tasks and exercises. Unfortunately, if there are no “anti-bullying” rules at school, some children come up with their own “rules”, and to argue.


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