Patriotโ€™s day is an annual holiday in several states of the America, which promotes consideration and remembrance of American Revolutionary War, the period of victorious fight for independence and freedom. Itโ€™s often mistaken for another holiday in USA that called โ€œPatriot Dayโ€.

This holiday is being celebrated in such states as Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Maine. On official level itโ€™s called differently: while in Maine it bears the name of Patriotโ€™s Day, in other two states itโ€™s called Patriotsโ€™ Day. This date is also celebrated in Florida, although there it is not an official holiday.

Before answering the question of when is Patriot’s Day in 2020, we must take a look on what this day exactly is, because without understanding the reasoning behind it, there is no point in attending to rejoicing.

Patriot's Day

This holiday was established as reminder of first fights that occurred during Revolutionary War: Lexington and Concord Battles. These two combats practically marked the beginning of open military conflict between America and Great Britain. Until that moment, opposition consisted only of boycotts and protests.

As war ended, United States of America finally gained the status of discrete independent country, so nowadays people remember and commemorate every important event that occurred then.

So, what day Patriot’s Day in 2020? Originally, it was observed on the exact date of those armed conflicts โ€“ on nineteenth of April. But now it takes place on the third Monday of April. That being said, this year it will be April, 16th.

Distinction of holidays with similar names

As was already stated in this article, people often confused whether someone talks about Patriotsโ€™ Day or Patriot Day. Despite similar names, these days are very different from each other. While Patriotsโ€™ Day is holiday with feasting and rejoicing, Patriot Day is rather sad commemorative date that honors the memory of those who died during the terrorists attacks on eleventh of September. Itโ€™s utterly important to discern Mourning Day from holiday, and that is why you need to know the difference.

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So, remember that if you want to solemnize the starting point of American Revolutionary War, you attend to the Patriotsโ€™ Day and its various social activities, but if you want to honor victims of horrible incidents cause by notorious al-Qaeda then you take part in observance of Patriot Day. The last takes place on the day of terrorists attack โ€“ the eleventh of September.

But if you really meant โ€œwhen is Patriotโ€™s Day in 2020โ€, then mark in calendar that it takes place on the seventeenth of April.

How this day is celebrated

Regardless of the fact that it is not federal holiday in any way, the celebration of Patriotsโ€™ Day is truly immense and has wide variety of different public activities. While some scholars, students and workers have their deserved days-off, others spend their time in schools and libraries and attend to educational activities.

Now then, when is Patriot’s Day 2020? As it always takes place on the third Monday of April, this year it is clearly going to be seventeenth of April.

Likely, the most interesting features of Patriotโ€™s Day are military reconstructions. Reconstructors gather in some special locations, such as Lexington Green, dressed in uniforms of both sides to re-enact battles. A lot of people are coming to see it. Those who participate are often being much more accurate than some of the famous moviemakers.

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Patriot's Day

In a way this activity can be called โ€œhistorical cosplayโ€. For those who donโ€™t know, cosplay is an important part of modern subculture, which consists of dressing up as characters of movies, videogames and books. Cosplay also often includes acting as a person that you represent. So, the parallels are obvious.

Also, there are various concerts that are arranged alongside with public lectures and even street racings. Some of the educational institutions have their spring holidays, so there are lots of youth participating in those activities.

Some of the stores, libraries and other different organizations are opened during Patriotsโ€™ Day, but it depends on local rules and traditions of celebrating. It is important to remember that this day pretty often occurs on the last day of paying income tax and may cause a lot of troubles, but usually deadline is shifted on the next couple of days.

Another feature of Patriotโ€™s Day is marathon (run for a long distance named after Battle of Marathon and famous achievement of Greek messenger, which ran more than forty kilometers). It symbolizes not only similarity in American and Greek fights, but freedom and persistence of American soldiers, too. This marathon bears the name of Boston and has long history, as it exists since 1897 and up to this day.

After imagining all this incredible rejoicing, you might be asking yourself such questions as what is the date of Patriot’s Day 2020. Itโ€™s perfectly understandable that you want to attend to such magnificent celebration and you clearly deserve to get an answer. The answer is April, 16th.


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