We live in an advanced world. New technologies made our life better and faster, they gave the further possibilities in every area of human existence. It is not strange to have access to Internet everywhere on the globe, to be in touch with people who are far from us with the help of social media and smart devices, to live partly in real and in virtual life. We shop, sell and buy on the Internet, we command services and goods and we want them to be of high classification and level. The problem of value is one of the most urgent on the Earth. It is worth to signalize that this problem is one of the most currently important in the economy of most countries. That is the reason the world community must pay attention to when World Quality Day is in 2021, the time of standards and high level of world’ goods. We will consider more about this point of view and the modern aims.


The good characteristics of services and wares are the predominant condition of the effective activity of the enterprises, companies, and of the existence of every human. The notion of excellence is closely associated with the concept of a good way of life. It also touches the protection of the environment, physical and psychological health of every man. For example, our well-being depends on the value of what we eat. The emotional comfort rides on the grade of benefits we are given.

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The value of the product is all the properties that must satisfy the consumer. Anything has its characteristics, which must comply with certain norms and rules. These include technical conditions, value standards etc. The quality of the items should be formed at the initial stages, starting with the value of the raw materials supplied, in the course of scientific developments, at the design stage, in the manufacturing process itself, in transportation and storage. Compliance with the grade of products, according to standards, is monitored by special services which must be present at the enterprises.

The grade is closely related to requirements. To fully meet the needs, it is necessary to formulate the requirements at the development stage. These are the conditions and characteristics that the items must meet so they can be used for their intended purpose under certain conditions and for a certain time.

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But there is a certain disproportion between the level and requirements: not always the grade of the goods meets them. The conditions for goods are constantly changing along with changing needs under the same laws, that is, taking into account the development of scientific and technological progress, economics and culture.

What is the date of World Quality Day 2021? Yearly, the second Thursday of November is the moment. In this Year it is on November 11th.  It is curious to know the feast appeared in 1989. Its initiator was the European Organization for Quality. The association was created in 1956 by European countries. The UN sustained the initiation of this important international service. Nowadays, it includes 46 states. Moreover, beginning with 1996, the world community celebrates the Week of Quality when people gather at seminars, conferences, and meetings.


What does National Quality Day mean for Americans? This annual observance has following purposes to achieve:

  1. To attract more attention to the issue of valuable production. We all want to consume and use the items of high level according to our basic wills and needs.
  2. To involve all the factors that could help make the things better. It means to make them safe for the man and for the environment and to make them ready to satisfy the requirements
  3. To make the population of Earth aware of the problem
  4. To invite world commercial leaders to help in the improvement of their production
  5. To assure people have the basic right to eat, drink and wear the worth items
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It concerns not only big industries but the very ordinary people. That is why we also must give a hand and to tell others what day National Quality Day is in 2021.


The value does not only determinate the physical objects or services, it is the way we act, live, and think.

In marketing, quality is the totality of the properties of the item, determining its ability to meet the specific needs of consumers, meet the requirements. Marketing is one of the types of managerial activity, objectively necessary in the process of improving the characteristics of products.

Capacity is the main factor in the competitiveness of goods in marketing. Low-grade ones have low competitiveness, as well as top-shelf ones are competitive or highly competitive. Marketing puts the consumer in the center of attention, the whole work of the enterprise, using the principles and methods of marketing, is aimed at subordinating all the company’s activities to the interests of the consumer.


The grade of the goods for the consumer is represented as a set of properties related directly to both the product itself and the related services. High competitiveness is provided by the entire marketing system – from design, trial and serial production to sales and after-sales service, including among others management and quality control tools and procedures, transportation and storage methods, installation and after-sales service. Due to this, the competitiveness problem in marketing is not current, tactical, but long-term, strategic.

For a better understanding when is International Quality Day 2021, we will turn to the traditions of the holiday.

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Well, Q. D. has been celebrated since 1989 and yearly topic is different. This time, the topic is ‘Everyday Leadership’ which is related to updating your professional skills and becoming a leader in any sphere. There are not so many traditions to be mentioned, but the main aim is to take part in National Quality Vote where you have to choose the best product networks to find out the only one that meets your needs.

National Quality Day Facts

  • The previous year was celebrated with a bigger attention as the topic was related to the impact of failures of the companies and the operational governance in the private, non-private and other spheres.
  • Yearly, the topic of the holiday is different so that such themes as ‘Building a Quality World Together’, ‘Making Collaboration Count’, ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’, ‘Quality: Delivering Competitive Advantage’, and ‘Out of the Crisis’ were celebrated.
  • Seminars, conferences, and meetings are organized each time Q. D. is held. European Organization for Quality makes everything it can to provide the high-level services to maintain the whole situation.

To sum up, keep in touch when is Quality Day in 2021, by a virtue of calendar and with the changes that companies make to insure yourself against bad marketing campaigns which led to the possibility of deterioration of health.


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