9It was supposed to happen, sooner or later. With so many sorts of National somewhat Days, people get bewildered and a bit bored. One will ask, why do I have to celebrate Make Your Bed Day if it’s contrary to my attitude to life?

However, you won’t ever guess how they deal with that whirligig of holidays. They come up with the new ones! At least, that’s the case of the date we’re going to talk about today. When is National Lumberjack Day in 2022 and what does it have to do with the pancakes? Let’s find it out.


Two girls, Marianne and Colleen, were chilling on the calm autumn day of September 5, 2005, and were deep into the conversation on the quirky issue: how typical and a tad old-fashioned was it – the observance of the good old Talk Like a Pirate Day. They clearly felt the urge to advance the frontiers of the reasons to celebrate yet weren’t sure what the other character to choose. Going through the widest range, starting from the ninjas and ending with the zombies, they suddenly took this wacky idea into their head about praising… the lumberjack!

Although the common name is Lumberjack Day, it also has a few variations. Some of them even tease the piratical festivity, for example, Talk Like a Lumberjack Day. Anyway, why this stocky huge fellow?

National Lumberjack Day

Well, actually, one of the girls was occupied in the logging industry and wore the shirt with the proud inscription the “lumberjack”. Yes, she really was in the place of those stern big men and worked as hard as them, strapping the timber down on the pickup truck to transport it safely and making the delivery to the customers. Of course, she didn’t have to carry the load as those customers were quick to help seeing this non-typical plodder.

2013 was marked with a new version of the holiday’s name – National Pancake Day. As for this one, we can’t say why they made up their minds to honor the dish together with the lumberjacks. Probably, it’s their favorite dessert that might be eaten in the infinite amounts on that day? By the way, after taking that name, the holiday was written about in the press and won the recognition of the public.

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Since then, the number of those who support the date has grown hugely popular in the US, and even in the world. The girls created the website dedicated to that whimsical observance where you’ll find tons of information and concrete details on the lumberjacks’ slang or jokes about the fellows.

Hmm, what do you think, does every lumberjack know when is International Lumberjack Day 2022?


What does National Lumberjack Day mean? It is meant to extend the boundaries of your imagination, channel your inner lumberjack and tuck into the pancakes for each meal. Yep, all of these in twenty-four hours.

Sadly as it is, the lumberjack profession is gradually disappearing and the members of this glorious fraternity are becoming less visible. Basically, that’s not too bad, because the machines, replacing the fellows, perform the work better and quicker. Yet you’ll always understand that there’s exactly a man felling trees is standing in front of you because their appearance is firmly associated with the robust chap wearing the checkered shirt with the ax at the ready.

Interestingly, the need in the strong men didn’t fall away and there’s a fashion trend shaping called lumbersexual. The main elements are the thick and well-groomed beard, flannel shirt, boots together with the light untidiness in the look and rudeness in the speech. Kinda rough lumberjack right from Canada!

But don’t be fooled that all of them are strict and gloomy. They can smile, too, regardless of what day World Lumberjack Day in 2022 takes place on.

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The lumberjack is a logger, that is to say, a person who cut down the trees for timber. In fact, this occupation dates back to the ancient times when the first man took the stick in his hand and started to cut the boughs. Obviously, the stick was with the stone tip, to enhance the blow. So, the origin of the lumberjack’s labor happened in the Stone Age.

It developed steadily together with the need in the wood as the build material. It was necessary for the growing communities that used it for the heating, building, constructing the fortifications and, of course, for the shipbuilding. Till the 20th century, they worked closely to the now extinct professions such as the collier and the rafter.

Felling the tree with the ax is not an easy task. Have you ever tried to chop it in two? We bet you regretted that you have! On top of that, just cutting down the trunk is not enough. They have to prepare it for the transportation, cut to the smaller parts and remove all the knots.

So, who were those powerful men? The common features of the 100% logger, from the tip to toe, were the door-wide shoulders, strong and toil-hardened hands and the dense hair on the face. Only the healthy and enduring guys could be the professionals, especially at the times, when the true friends of them were the saw and ax. Today, the chainsaw and machinery make their life much easier. Yet not everyone is able to stand the many tedious hours of the physical work in the forests rain and shine.

National Lumberjack Day

Every job has its own legends and heroes. The lumberjacks often remember their folk character that came into being at the beginning of the 20th century and perfectly fitted in with the present times. We’re talking about Paul Bunyan – the giant logger, and his close friend – Babe the Blue Ox (though not so small as the baby). The people say that he was that big from birth and definitely with the natural aptitude for logging as he first saw the wood in the earliest childhood (the legs of the parents’ bed). A lot of merits are ascribed to Paul and his friend – the digging of the Grand Canyon and the like.

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What is the date of National Lumberjack Day 2022? The girls set it right the week after the pirates-related event, that is to say, on September 26.


How to celebrate the holiday? Well, first of all, dress appropriately, like a true enthusiast of felling the trees. Rummage in your wardrobe for the checkered shirt (the ideal colors would be the red and the black), the rugged jeans covered with the wood shavings, and the ax, probably, the fake one. And don’t forget to grow the beard! That’s why you should start the preparations at least a month before the date.

Secondly, according to the recent nickname of the holiday, make the pancakes! The recipe is too simple to bungle this job – just the certain proportions of the milk, eggs, butter, flour, and sugar. The maple syrup has to be placed in the middle of the table highlighting the Canadian spirit of these exact pancakes.

Create something from the wood. The aspen snowflake for the New Year tree, the poplar pen organizer in the shape of the skull, the oak hanger or the willow tablet holder – there are numerous ideas on how to decorate your home.

For the brave and determined ones, start building a house!

Lumberjack Day Facts

  • There is an underwater lumberjack job which is meant to cut down the drowned trees.
  • In most of the countries, “the best logger” contests are held regularly.
  • It is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs.

Tick off in your calendar, when is Lumberjack Day in 2022, and turn into the grumpy yet admirable fellow for all of the twenty-four hours!


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