All of us like mysterious stories, fairy tales and magnificent dream realization. As a rule, this appreciation doesnโ€™t depend on our age and can be shared both by children and by adults. Do you agree? Frankly speaking, we are sure that the reply will be predictably positive. However, are you ready to answer the question โ€œWhen is National Magic Day in 2022?โ€ immediately? Or, perhaps, would you like to have some time for thinking about? Unfortunately, in this case we expect the negative statement, as a great amount of contemporary men and women havenโ€™t even heard about its existence.

That is why we have made a decision to explain our readers all the peculiar features of this special occasion in details.


Of course, we understand that it is almost impossible to discover the matter, what day Magic Day in 2022 is, without paying attention to the historical background of this event.

We canโ€™t but mention that the art of illusion was known well even in ancient times. The contemporary specialists are sure that the first illusionists were shamans and priests who used their skills to manipulate the consciousness of people. Later, fakirs, puppeteers, magicians and card-sharpers, who usually appeared at fairs, began to appear. They turned illusionism into something like a circus art.

Magic Day

In the late 19th century, Harry Houdini became widely known. He initiated many tricks and ways of illusionism, which later became widely known among the masters of illusion. In addition to performing complicated tricks with shoots and releases, he also exposed charlatans. He discovered not one dozen miracle workers and clairvoyants.


What does Magic Day mean? โ€“ Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide whether to celebrate this special occasion or to forget about it completely. All in all a great amount of contemporary guys and ladies have never heard about its existence.

By the way, do you know what personal qualities should every magic master have? โ€“ According to the specialistsโ€™ point of view, this profession is impossible without physical force, agility, strength, natural intelligence and wisdom.

We also canโ€™t but mention that the salary of an illusionist usually depends on his/her success and the popularity of the performances.

Magic masters are people who evoke delight, surprise, sometimes with a slight shade of fright. Who among us havenโ€™t dreamt of becoming one of them? It is so terrific to defeat the crowd as well as to create real magic and a fairy tale, which the modern technogenic world so needs.

So what will you need in order to become a magician? It’s hard to say if you need any special skills for this. But definitely you have to have perseverance and a great desire. And, of course, donโ€™t forget about faith in the fact that there is no impossible. After all, mind that you canโ€™t be a magician and do not believe in magic. Always remember the words of the hero of an old tale: “You need to believe to fly properly!”


Of course, the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of Magic Day 2022?โ€ is known well to the people, who are in this profession.

All in all a person, who is able to create some artificial magic in public, is called a magician or an illusionist. He/she is an artist who shows tricks based on certain physical and psychological phenomena and subconscious delusions.

The representative of this direction usually demonstrates to spectators foci and tricks based on certain physical or psychological laws, playing on the subconscious delusions of the viewers.

The main task of the illusionist is to make the performance interesting or even really amazing for the audience. All these professionals usually try to bring special atmosphere and aesthetic pleasure. In this case, the secret of the “miracles” seen by the spectators must necessarily remain unsolved.

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German duet Ehrlich Brothers of Rainel brothers (Andreas and Christian Reinelt) collects entire stadiums. And in the show of illusionists in the summer of 2016 even a world record was set. โ€“ This day 38,503 people came to the football stadium in Frankfurt am Main. The brothers Rainelt has already won the title “Mage of the Year” three times. The success and popularity of young illusionists attract more and more adolescents and young people who seriously master illusive numbers and dream of becoming magicians. As the artists already noted, this is a very creative profession. – Magician and director, choreographer and inventor are in one rather artistic person.

Drama is the main and the most difficult part of the performance. “Magic has so many faces, however, the most important thing is to perform a trick fascinatingly,” – says Patrick. By profession, this person is a programmer, and this is his main occupation.


When is Magic Day in 2022, calendar is always ready to remind you, however, do you know, how to celebrate this holiday properly? Unfortunately, there are no special rules and customs for October 31. However, in most cases this is not a problem for those, who are going to spend this day amazingly.

Magic Day

Would you like to get this profession at home? โ€“ Of course, this is a bit more complicated than to study in special schools. After all, for this, apart from diligence and perseverance, you will need a perfect self-organization as well as specialized literature, the choice of which is very diverse nowadays, but as a rule, everyone can find a suitable textbook for themselves.

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Internet may be an excellent source of lessons on various tricks. After all entire mountains of literature, videos and simple descriptions of tricks can be found with a single click, sitting at home. By the way, video is a wonderful solution for beginning magicians. As a rule, this type of training is much simpler in understanding than learning from books. So if you decide to learn the art of illusionism at home, it’s worth finding a good video course.

National Magic Day Facts

Trying to get the reply to the question โ€œWhen is International Magic Day 2022?โ€ contemporary people usually want to get some interesting pieces of information. That is the reason, why we are going to tell you something really exciting.

There are various types of training for those who want to become an illusionist. Modern industry is ready to propose you a great amount of specialized courses and schools. You can also take lessons from professional mages or listen to a special course in variety circus schools.

But all this will have results only on one condition: you need a great desire to improve and to develop constantly. Frankly speaking, this is in any case, in fact.

After all, even the most experienced illusionists repeat one trick a thousand times before showing it to the public. So you have to work very much in order to achieve perfect results and to make the trick to look natural at the reflex level.

Real jugglers do not look at their hands during the performance, because it will be too distracting to the viewer. So, the performance must be brought to such a level that the hands themselves know what to do. You must learn perfectionism. In addition a person has to show patience, a lot of patience indeed. The more difficult the trick, the more time and effort you will have to make to implement it.


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