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🤼‍♀️ When is International Tug-of-War Day 2020

When is International Tug-of-War Day 2020? Can you answer this question without any prompts from our side? – This game is loved not only by children, but also by adults. Today we will talk about entertainment, which is called tug of war. It is noteworthy that this leisure activity is a team sport, in which there are not only certain tricks, but also tactical techniques.

As in another sport, there are special rules. If they are violated, the player’s team can be disqualified. In addition, they can remove the entire team from participating in the competition.


We know that it would be quite silly to discuss the theme, concerning what day National Tug-of-War Day in 2020 is, without mentioning of the historical background of this kind of entertainment.

The sport appeared in ancient times, and initially represented a part of the religious ceremonies of various cults. Information about the activity has been found in many countries around the world: India, Korea, Burma, New Guinea, Africa and America, Hawaii and New Zealand. Nowadays the game was lost to mystical significance and became one of the types of team sport.

However, an image of this type of competition has been found on the walls of one of the tombs, arranged in the Sahara.


In Europe, there are also many references to competitions of this kind, the oldest of which dates back to 1,000 AD. As the legends say, it was then that “Games of Power” were held-sporting societies, in which athletes from Germany and Scandinavia took an active part in many disciplines, among which there was a tug of war.

In the 15th century, the aforementioned type of contests was very popular in the United Kingdom and France, where it was called the “tug-of-war” or the “cable carriage”.  


What does National Tug-of-War Day mean? It is up to you to decide. In this case the rope is considered to be a sporting mean. On it there is a main mark on the center, represented by a flag. Four meters from the center there is one more flag, which is used as front marks.

As soon as the judge’s whistle sounds, the teams begin the competition. According to the rules, players are not allowed to change their hands or change players to places near the rope. The rope also can’t be wound on the arm when pulling.

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In the game, participants can not apply tools to improve grip on the rope.

In European states, a game of tug-of-war is quite common, in which teams are eliminated alternately. An unlimited number of teams can take part in such competition. The rules are simple: lost – left the tournament.

As a rule, not young, not strong, but clever and experienced teams get to the final stage of the competition.


Discovering the question “When is International Tug-of-War Day 2020?” we want to do it in details.

Before the start of the game, each team member should take a comfortable position at the rope and grab it. You need to stand with your feet in a wide rack, slightly bending your knees.

Many people believe that the main burden falls on the hands. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have good stability and strength in the legs.

At the same time the game takes into account “little tricks”. The coach knows that in order to evenly pull the thing you need to put along the rope of players for growth.

The strongest and hardiest person becomes the first from the central part of the rope. Here the main load will be concentrated. It often happens that the strongest player, in order to keep the resistance, has to lie down on the ground. It all depends on what strength and experience your opponent has.

There is another tactical scheme in the game, in which the players are not located on one side of the rope, and from two – in a checkerboard pattern. So you can achieve uniformity of action. Nevertheless, the nature of the movements is preserved.

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Professionals advise how to properly fight strong teams. So, you just need to hold the rope on your side at the start. It is not necessary to make attempts to draw an opponent. Once he/she has lost enough strength, you need to make efforts that have remained. In this situation, success is guaranteed.


When is Tug-of-War Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. So there are no reasons for being worried about. It is celebrated every year on February 19. The date is fixed, so you can join any time you like. It is not a problem, of course.

The best way to celebrate this holiday in a proper way is to be involved into this activity. So on February 19th organize a sport party and merry.

Do you know the rules? – We will recall you anyway.

The classical team consists of eight people, represented by seven pullers and one anchor. The task is to pull after the signal of the referee at least for 4 meters: the winner is determined by using the marks on the rope and the cover (ground or special track).

By the way the total weight of the team must be no much than that set in its category (for example, 520 or 680 kg). The length of the rope is not less than 33.5 meters, the thickness is from 10 to 12.5 cm. None of the participants has the right to stop the contest, otherwise the team will be considered defeat.

Tug-of-War competition

International Tug-of-War Day Facts

Investigating the question “What is the date of World Tug-of-War Day 2020?” we would like to give our readers as much interesting information devoted to this direction as it is possible.

Initially we can’t but mention that in Asian civilizations in prehistoric times the tug of war became a form of competition between the nearest villages.

Also this type of leisure activity was considered to be a symbol of contests of various mystical forces: victory over the evils in the struggle between good and evil, conducted during funeral ceremonies or during prayers for harvest, good weather etc. For example, in Burma there was a custom in which one side, which was representing rains competed in this sport with another side symbolizing a drought. In the competition like that, the rain team’s victory was viewed as the beginning of the rainy season.

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Even up to the present moment in the contemporary Eskimo communities, traditional rope tightening competitions are organized during the spring festivals. As a rule, all people are divided into two groups: in one team there are persons born in spring and summer, and in the second one – those, who are in winter and in autumn.

At the same time in the ancient world the game was represented in various forms, sometimes even unusual for us.

  • In Afghanistan, instead of a typical rope, a plain board was used.
  • In distant Korea the small boys and girls clasped each other’s hands by the waist, forming a so called living chain.
  • Modern Canadian Eskimos competed in pulling a short rope in a sitting position, it was a real combat.

In the countries arranged in Western Europe, its evidence refers to the distant times of 1000 AD. We can find the numerous legends and stories about heroes from Scandinavia and Germany. The characters participated in the organized so-called “Power Games”. We can say that the activity was a prototype of modern television sports shows. In the closer to us XV century the sport became a popular competition in France and Britain.

Up to the present moment it is known quite well that from 1900 to 1920, the tug of war was included in the program of the revived Olympic Games.

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