When is International Podcast Day in 2022? Well, to tell you the truth, we are almost sure that this question can be answered only by the small amount of contemporary men and women. Why? – There are some explanations. The first reason is that this occasion is thought to be relatively modern, so it is not a great surprise that only the people in specialized circles know about it. There are a lot of those, who can hardly explain what the podcast means in practice.


Talking about the question what day Podcast Day in 2022 is, we can’t but mention the peculiar features of this amazing direction. As a rule, modern people are interested in the historical background of the event.

Frankly speaking, the history of this holiday can’t be long as such thing as this application appeared not a long time ago. The specialists are sure that some of their forms could be met in the eighties. However, the podcasts themselves in the modern sense of the word we used to now appeared at the beginning of the 2000s. Actually it was the period of the growing popularity of iPods.

In 2003, the RSS-to-iPod program was created. This software allowed users of Apple players to download periodically released audio programs. By mid-2005, these applications had become so popular that Apple added them to iTunes. Over time, there were more and more podcasters and their audience grew. Now the general amount of consumers of such content is hundreds of millions.

All in all up to the present moment podcasts and podcasting has already united a great amount of people. The history started 6 years ago in 2014, when the special occasion was celebrated in a definite cycle by 6 hours of broadcasting.

On the international level men and women realized the application power very quickly. So they came to the conclusion that they need the holiday devoted to this occasion in the calendar.

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Up to the present moment 55 countries have been involved. People from all around the planet share their podcast stories and journeys.


What does Podcast Day mean? Well, to tell you the truth, it seems like we are not able to answer this question instead of you. Why? – You see, we don’t know you personally, so we can’t even predict your attitude to such matter as a podcast.

As you perhaps understand in the modern world there are a lot of those men and woman that don’t care about its existence and are not going to use it in the nearest future. So it is not a great surprise that they won’t celebrate the holiday like this.

As it has been already mentioned above the advent of applications has been facilitated by the spread of several technologies: RSS, MP3 audio format, and digital audio players. For the first time, podcasting was used by Adam Curry, who wrote in August 2004 the code for a program that automatically downloads new audio files using RSS. Files could be played on a computer or transferred to a portable MP3 player.


Talking about the question “When is World Podcast Day 2022?” we can’t but mention some amazing details, which may be interesting for our curious readers.

First of all, we can’t but mention that podcasts are considered to be the audio files that resemble broadcasts on a specific topic, represented in a special format. In order to create them, people do not need any professional skills and expensive equipment. The only things, which are usually required, are a microphone and Internet access. It is quite easy to get them, isn’t it? – That is an explanation, why nowadays such recordings are made both by ordinary people as well as experts in certain fields. By the way, modern celebrities prefer to use them in their personal blogs.

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Up to the present moment, there have been hundreds of thousands of podcasts in the world. They can be done about almost anything: from technology to cinema, and from fashion to sports. Such direction as science, cars and humor are also among the most requested ones. You will always surely be able to find something to your liking, no matter what you are interested in.


When is Podcast Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you and to memorize it is not a problem for those men and women, who are really going to be involved into celebration. The event will happen as usually on September 30th.

However, it would be quite silly to wait for any official events devoted to this holiday and organized on the state level. So the best thing to do would be to create something amazing for yourself and in such an easy way to make your day brighter and more remarkable.

What about your first application? Have you ever thought about it? – All in all the process of creating and publishing a program takes place in several stages. They are not difficult, so even being a learner you will cope with them without any difficulties.

Here are they:

  • First of all search for an application idea and determine its subject. Before recording periodic podcasts, as a rule, the peculiar plan (showcases) is compiled. This simple set of activities facilitates the process of narration during recording significantly.
  • The stage, which is called an equipment preparation. Typically, a digital or analog microphone is used for recording. In order to improve the recording quality, the audio signal is processed using a digital or analog mixer, various filters are used, etc.
  • Record your application. The sound signal is captured either by software or hardware. When using software tools (i.e. audio editors), the signal of each person is recorded on a separate sound track. Communication between remote interlocutors is carried out through Internet telephony.
  • Create the whole thing. During the process of the installation, the sequence and overlays of sound tracks are synchronized, noise and interference are removed, and various musical designs are superimposed. The peculiar music is used as the musical arrangement.
  • Publish an application. A ready-made podcast is usually published on various specialized terminals, blogs and sites dedicated to this software.
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International Podcast Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Podcast Day in 2022?” involves a great amount of various amazing pieces of information, which may be interesting for our followers. Today we are planning to introduce the most peculiar of them and here is our list for you:

  • The term was initially introduced by British journalist Ben Hammersley on February 12, 2004, in the Sound Revolution article for The Guardian’s Television Industry section.
  • The technological base of podcasting is the RSS or Atom format with a specific enclosure element (“attachment”) that describes the connected media object (picture, video, sound recording file, etc.). This element has the following attributes: url – link (URL) to the audio file, length – object size in bytes and type – MIME type of the object (for example, “audio / mpeg”).
  • Talking about this direction we can’t but mentioned such essential thing as a podcast manager, which is represented by a specialized application used for listening to applications. The most popular applications in the world are Apple Podcasts (pre-installed podcast client on iOS, iPadOS and macOS), Spotify, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Castro and others. All in all they provide the same basic functionality, but may differ in interface and additional functions.


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