Crossword puzzle is one of the most popular variants of relaxation. People use them during different parts of a day. The representatives are made in different levels of complexity for different ages and minds. Small children usually develop their minds due to this kind of relaxation. Adults use these types of puzzles to broaden their outlook. Elder people can train their minds to improve memory. People like this kind of game so much that they gather in groups and provide different interesting contests on a special date. When is National Crossword Puzzle Day in 2022? How is this day held?


The earliest notices of the game concern the late 18th century. It was published in The Stockton Bee. People had a chance to do it for 2 years. Then the newspaper stopped its publishing.

In the middle 1800s Our Young Folksand St. Nicholas magazine published this kind of game using the phrase. In the late 19th century a magazine from Italy followed the idea.

This kind of a game hasn’t got a very long history. Nevertheless, it has gained strong popularity due to its great characteristics. People accepted the new joy and started to use it not only to develop brains but also to relax.

The first representative of a puzzle appeared in a newspaper in New York. It happened in 1913 on the 31st of December. Ordinary people with the least amount of knowledge tried to solve it. The idea to publish this game was so great that many newspapers in the world followed it.

Crossword Puzzle

The creator of a modern crossword became a 44-year old man A. Wynne, who was born in Great Britain but later left for the USA, Pennsylvania. The man was well-educated. He was a journalist. The man is thought to be a creator of the puzzle.

From that time this kind of game started to be weekly published in several newspapers, such as the World, The Boston Globe, and the Pittsburgh Press.   

The first book dedicated to puzzling was published by Simon & Schusterin 1924. That book became a real wonder and hit. People bought it everywhere. If you write a require “What day Crossword Puzzle Day in 2022?”, you’ll certainly get an answer “On the 21st of December”.


What does Crossword Puzzle Day mean for an ordinary person? The game carries a strong educative power for people of all ages.It influences human’s brain and leads to the increase of people’s desire to develop their skills and abilities.

Nobody stays indifferent when a puzzle comes to his sight. Almost everyone feels strong intense seeing a newspaper with this game. Even children feel a real interest scribbling words on a sheet of newspaper.

This game also develops people’s self-confidence. More crosswords are done, more knowledge is got and more crosswords can be done. There is a direct relation. People usually broaden their active language. This possibility is a great chance to develop perseverance and patience.

Doctors insist that doing a game everyday helps to prevent Alzheimer disease. It is obligatory to do at least one example every day. The brain activity stays developed in the old age. Thus, senility stays away for a long time. People can easily appeal to vocabularies. Difficulties don’t provoke uncertainty.

When is International Crossword Puzzle Day 2022? It’s on the 21st of December.


The term “crossword” was at first used in 1933. The first appearance took place in the Oxford dictionary. Nevertheless, the sentence as a command was noticed in the middle of the 1800s. It was published in a newspaper.

The term “puzzle” is dated to the 1500s. The Oxford dictionary claims that this word was mentioned as a verb. The term was used to denote “perplex, confound”. In the 1800s the term was used to describe a thing which is made to test a person’s ingenuity. Later the term became a noun.

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A crossword is described as a puzzle in a square form. Sometimes it is printed as a grid. It has got black and white squares. People are to fill in white squares. The best result is to fill every square with a clue.

The definition of the occasion hasn’t got any problems. People all over the world accepted these two words and haven’t made their translations. These terms are the international words. That’s why the title of the day is very clear for almost every person.

If a human hears about this occasion, he always understands what he should do at the moment.What is the date of Crossword Puzzle Day 2022? It’s always celebrated on December, 21.


One of the best ways to celebrate the day is to meet the best friend and try to do a puzzle. It is said that two brains are better than one. So, why not feel friendship and support. It is also a good chance to spend time together. A cup of coffee and a cake can be a good accompaniment to every meeting. The process of doing puzzles can show the best qualities of every person.

Online crosswords are very popular nowadays. There is a huge amount of different kinds and variants. You can choose the most suitable example according to its complexity. The choice of any level is available to every individual. Some people prefer to choose, then complete the trickiest variant.

Crossword Puzzle with "I Love You"

One of the most suitable variants to test the qualification is choosing a concrete professional crossword puzzle. It’s compounded of the terms from the certain sphere. If there are several mistakes, you should broaden your mind.

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Help your child to develop his active vocabulary. He can be a very educative for his age. It is also a good way of the team-building. Educational establishments propose this variant for groups of children. They study to collaborate. This skill will certainly help them when they grow up. Teachers can also tell them about the history of puzzling. They can show the importance of developing brains and mind.

One of the most interesting ways to celebrate the day is to take part in online competitions. There is no need to take the first prize. The process is the main goal of such contests. Creative persons can propose their own crosswords online for every individual. “When is St Patrick’s Day Crossword Puzzle in 2022, calendar”. It’s the most suitable require on the date.

National Crossword Puzzle Day Facts

  • The first example of the type was proposed in the USA in 1913. The creator was A. Wynne.
  • Crosswords faced banning in Paris. It happened in the years of World War II. It was thought that they were used for making secret messages.
  • The largest representative of the game had 91 thousand squares.
  • The Times also publishes crossword puzzles. The first example appeared in 1930.
  • In 1978 a special tournament was proposed in the USA. It takes place as a tournament.
  • Stanley Newman showed the best result of doing crosswords. It took more than 2 minutes.
  • The dwellers of Pompeii did the crossword puzzles.
  • Language system and country can influence the type of the puzzle.
  • The longest word described in the crossword had 58 letters.
  • If you want to earn $200 for a crossword, write it for The New York Times.


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