Civilized countries in general have a high level of literacy. Children are to go to schools. This obligation is set in the local governmental laws. There’re lots of universities and high schools. Nevertheless, there are many countries in the world, especially in Asia and Africa, where the majority of people can’t read and count. The reasons of that case are various. The lack of education can be explained by poverty, religion and a low level of consciousness. UNESCO decided to admit the problem and to choose one day in a year to involve the public into the problem’s solving. When is International Literacy Day in 2022?


The day was initiated because of the threatening educational situation in the developing countries. According to the official information, almost one million people didn’t have the minimum of needed skills. They couldn’t read, write and count. The majority of uneducated adults were women. Females were married when they were very young. Many religions don’t think about the female education.

The problem with children isn’t so great, but it’s obvious too. More than 74 million children don’t go to schools and have a lack of knowledge. They are always at home. Most of them are involved into the child labor which is out of law in the majority of countries in the world. Another reason to observe the date is to praise more than 4 billion people who are literate.

International Literacy Day 2017

The event was initiated in 1966. It was decided to start watching the tendency in literacy development throughout the world. The occasion was set on the 8th of September.

Despite the plan of the development of educational establishment to get rid of the world illiteracy, there are lots of people nowadays who need to be educated. It’s known that more than 15% of the whole amount of people on the Earth even can’t read. And again the 2/3 of this human mass are females. Women obviously suffer from this problem most of all. They don’t know how to write in their own language. Nowadays celebrations are provided in many countries. The best way to be involved is to ask the local internet community “What day National Literacy Day in 2022?”.

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What does National Literacy Day mean for the society? According to the international statistics, the real educational situation is awful. Lots of children aren’t involved into the educational programs. Their families are very poor or have many social problems, such as the parents’ alcoholism or lack of education. Another reason is remoteness from educational sets. Thus, children have no chance to solve the problem themselves. They need governmental help.

Adults have more serious problems with education because of their age. Lots of programs are started throughout the world to give minimum knowledge and skills to persons who can’t or don’t want to study. In Asia and Africa there are a few villages which have schools. Remote territories don’t have such establishments. The day is a great chance to remind the government about such a problem.

Many religions don’t allow women to study with males. So, they stay at home until their marriage. Then husbands prohibit their wives to get education. Elder people don’t feel free at a school desk. That is why education isn’t so available for them.

This occasion is a good reason to pay the society’s attention to the problems of illiteracy. It is the day when the local authorities can show the problem to the government. It is high time to explain children the importance of getting knowledge. When is International Literacy Day 2022? It’s on September 8th.


The word “literacy” has several meanings in the British vocabularies. The most used variant expresses the ability to write and read. It is the least demand to every human. Except this meaning, people use the term to name the whole ability and the presence of knowledge. The word in this meaning can be used with other words which name different spheres and brunches. And individual can have an economic or financial literacy and so on. It concerns the particular field. The word isn’t so old. It was used in the 80s of the 19th century. There is a chance to broaden the public realization on the occasion. Mass media is able to explain to people without any education the meaning of the event.

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The occasion itself is obvious for literate people. The day is dedicated to the problems of illiteracy and the importance of literacy. Everybody can elicit his own meaning. Another thing is illiterate people. They don’t know exactly what the day stands for.

The definitions can be given not only by volunteers but also by the means of mass media. TV and radio can provide basic information to illiterate people, explain them the meaning of the date. Thus, if a person understands that he or she is illiterate, the problem has solutions. What is the date of World Literacy Day 2022? The date is set on the 8th of September.


The day of literacy can be celebrated in many ways:

  • The youth can take part in volunteering programs. They can take part in a group of people who attend hospitals, retirement homes and other social and educational establishments. They can read books to patients and elder people there.
  • Parents and their children can watch films about wise people or the process of education. They can watch movies about people who made their lives better through improving their knowledge. The best variants are “Good Will Hunting” and “Dangerous Minds”.
  • If there is a book fair in the neighboring territories, it’s high time to attend it and buy a book or two.

International Literacy Day

  • Donating books is a good way of observing the day. It is a chance to share a favorite novel or poem with people in need. Many book programs are functioning in many countries.
  • Free reading is sometimes proposed to the public. They are open in bookstores and libraries.
  • Educational establishments all over the world propose various contests for the best composition. They provide lectures where professors make reports about various authors.
  • Book clubs are also open on the day.
  • Mass media provides the majority of educational programs which help people to broaden their knowledge in many spheres of life and science.

International Literacy Day Facts

  • “Literacy is the best remedy”. It’s the slogan of the whole occasion. It’s translated into Spanish, French and English.
  • Due to the extension of the internet throughout the world the amount of literate children has risen greatly. According to the international statistics, in 1990 it was 83% and nowadays it’s almost 92%.
  • Americans in general aren’t very literate. A half of adults aren’t able to understand a literary work which is given to the pupils of the 8th One fourth of adults in America is illiterate.
  • More than three fourths of American inmates don’t have a secondary education.
  • The thinking skills and the understanding of social importance can be raised by literacy.
  • Almost 20% of the population on the Earth is unable to write or read.
  • More than 60% of illiterate people throughout the world are girls.
  • The youth has more willing to become literate than the adults do. Thus, the level of adults’ illiteracy is higher.
  • The USA hold the 28th place in the list of literacy.
  • 75% of the whole amount of the illiterate adults in the world live in Africa and Asia.
  • According to the official list of literacy made by UNESCO in 2015, the most literate nation in the world lives in the Democratic republic of Korea. All citizens are literate.
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