All-Ukrainian preschool day

All-Ukrainian preschool day emphasizes the importance of preschool education, problems of development of educational institutions in Ukraine. It is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September, honoring educators, heads, and junior staff of kindergartens. According to the decree of April 13, 2011 No. 629 on the development of preschool institutions, the holiday entered into force at the state level.

The program for the development of the rising generation creates a basic foundation that serves as a reliable support for years to come. Employees of kindergartens and similar institutions work to lay the foundation for personality formation, to instill in children love for the world around them, and mutual respect. The profession of an educator requires qualified training and boundless patience.

  • In total, there are about 150,000 kindergartens, nurseries and preschools working in Ukraine, which educate 1,300,000 children.

With the support and funding of the state authorities, on this day awards are held in the nominations “The best worker of a preschool educational institution”, “The best preschool institution”.

All-Ukrainian preschool day
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