Most part of us, as the inhabitants of big cities and small towns, are already so torn off from nature that every trip sometimes becomes a real holiday. However, would you like to answer as quickly as possible the discussion subject โ€œWhen is National Visit The Zoo Day in 2024?โ€ or maybe you need some minutes for recollecting? Frankly speaking, now we are almost expecting the negative reply that is why our aim to investigate the subject in details seems to be rather up to date.


Certainly the matter โ€œWhen is International Visit The Zoo Day 2024?โ€ needs taking into account the historical past of this event. But, unfortunately, we will upset you in a way, as we havenโ€™t managed to find out any definite information available about the direct establishers of this holiday, as well as the explanation why we have this occasion on December 27th exactly.

More than 4 thousand years ago the rulers of Egypt and Mesopotamia the creators of powerful empires invented new entertainment. They started to collect exotic animals and to set them up gardens. The rulers founded the first menageries and botanical gardens. They were represented by African giraffes, cheetahs and monkeys, seals, bears and elephants from Asia. In the gardens among the rare plants, aviaries were set up for exotic birds, and unusual fish were released into ponds.

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Documentary evidence of the first gardens and zoos has also been preserved. The most numerous Egyptian sites were found in burials from 2500 to 1400 BC. About Mesopotamia we can get the information from the bas-reliefs of the Assyrian Palace 880-627 BC. In both areas there was found a huge number of written sources relating to the entire period: clay tablets, papyri, graffiti and tombstones. They described how the pharaohs and kings arranged zoos and gardens for pleasure, prestige and satisfaction of scientific curiosity. Animals and plant seeds were brought from distant lands, sometimes as gifts from friendly or conquered powers. Sometimes special expeditions were organized for this purpose. Royal people prided themselves on their collections and made every effort to ensure that plants and animals could grow and multiply normally.


What does Visit The Zoo Day mean? Oh, to tell you the truth, unfortunately, we are not able to help you with this question. The matter is that its answer seems to be rather individual. Of course, in the contemporary world there have been only a few people, who have never visited these animal parks, but the attitude to their existence is rather different indeed.

At present, this is the main role of all zoos in the world is preservation of the animal kingdom of the Earth.

The modern zoo should not just be a park containing animals, but the main instance of saving those species that a person has put on the edge of extinction. The menageries, used only for the entertaining of the idle public, must finally remain in the past.

At the moment there are about 1,300 large zoological parks in the world. In parts of the world, they were distributed as follows:

  • inย ย ย  Europe 47%;
  • inย ย ย  Asia 17%;
  • inย ย ย  Africa 3%;
  • inย ย ย  Australia 7%;
  • inย ย ย  North America 20%
  • inย ย ย  South America 6%.

At the zoos of the 21st century, there is tremendous responsibility for both the animals in their care and for biodiversity, which they must all contribute to the preservation.


The answering to the question, what day Visit The Zoo Day is, we have to mention some very important pieces of information.

Not everybody knows that a huge contribution to the movement of creating specialized parks instead of zoos was made by the English zoologist Gerald Darrell, who dedicated his life to the conservation and breeding of rare and endangered species of animals. As organizer and participant of expeditions for animal collections in Africa, South America, Australia, Darrell faced the problem of the death of the animals brought in from lack of proper care. The scientist created his own zoo on the island of Jersey (1958) for animals that are endangered. In the course of time it was turned it into a true Center for the Conservation of Rare Species.

The species composition of wildlife collections in zoos ranges from several dozen to several thousand species, and the number of specimens (individuals) varies from a few hundred to several thousand. The areas of these institutions are also different, – some occupy a few hectares, while others number in their borders many tens and even hundreds of hectares.

All zoos contain and demonstrate diverse representatives of the world fauna, but with various goals and objectives, in many of them entertainment purposes take priority over the others.

At present, the preservation of the Earth’s biological diversity is a vital task for all zoos in the world. The modern animal parks should not just be a place containing the beings, but the main instance of saving those species that a person has put on the edge of extinction, and menageries, organized only for entertaining of the idle public, must finally remain in the past.

Family visiting the zoo


When is Visit The Zoo Day in 2024, calendar will inform you. It wonโ€™t be very difficult in fact as you have already known that the answer to this subject sounds like on December 27.

This year it will happen on Wednesday, so it could be quite uneasy to spend the whole day in the family circle. However, this is an ideal opportunity to go to the nearest animal park, to watch the living beings, to discuss various matters with keepers and to discover something new.

Nowadays in the functional plan zoos have changed from collecting to entertainment with killing animals, then to entertainment demonstrations, after that to the first research functions (studying the physiology of animals) and up to breeding animals in captivity, to the conservation of endangered species and to return to nature. Thus, if earlier animals were caught and kept in captivity, now zoos seek to return the endangered species to nature, which is especially relevant against the background of the global task of mankind – the preservation of the Earth’s natural resources.

National Visit The Zoo Day Facts

In the attempts to get the wide explanation to the interesting subject, in this case it is โ€œWhat is the date of Visit The Zoo Day 2024?โ€ it is usually recommended to investigate the matter in details. That is why we have compounded the list of the most unknown and at the same time amazing facts.

Have you heard about the first European zoo? In 1793, in the Parisian Garden of the Plants the local administration opened the first public animal exposition, which later became the world famous zoo. Following this, zoological gardens became popular sights of many large cities around the world. But the first parks of this kind, of course, were somewhat different from modern zoos as well as from each other. Some of them reminded tight cages, others – the possibility for close contact with exotic animals.

The architectural and planning development of zoos occurs cyclically with some improvement from the oldest garden vast areas to medieval dungeons and pits for animals, then to close cages, after that to glazed and open enclosures with gaming facilities. Contemporary places remind the natural habitat of animals and safari parks.


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