When is National Anisette Day in 2022? Do you know the answer to this question? As a rule, contemporary people are not able to reply even under the condition we give them some prompts. Are you among them? – Well, don’t worry, please. Today we are going to improve the situation and introduce you an amazing special occasion from the modern calendar. Would you like to join? We are starting.


As you perhaps understand it is impossible to talk about the matter what day Anisette Day in 2022 is, without mentioning the historical background of this drink.

Anisette or Anise vodka, like other alcoholic beverages, has its ancient counterpart. Herbs and spices have been infused with vodka since the Byzantine era. Also, this drink was drunk by monks who lived on Mount Athos. There is even an amazing legend in Turkey that monks invented adding anise to vodka.

The anise-based drink was especially popular in France due to the ban on absinthe. The absinthe recipe was invented by Madame Enrio in the 18th century. Then it was sold to the Pernod-Ricard company, which produced the drink in huge quantities. Absinthe conquered Parisian society very quickly. In the 19th century, not a single bohemian party could do without it. The popularity of the “green fairy” declined significantly after the damage that absinthe caused to the body was established.

In 1915, the drink was officially banned, and its lovers, in search of an alternative, turned their attention to aniseed vodka. The firm “Pernod-Ricard” especially for the French population developed a tincture called “Pernod”, which tasted like absinthe.

This tincture is still produced today and is very popular all over the world. Later Pernod Ricard released Ricard, an anisette with a licorice flavor. The taste of this drink is even more reminiscent of absinthe.

We haven’t managed the names of the holiday establishers as well as the backgrounds for celebrating this day on July 2nd exactly. However, following the specialists’ points of view, initially it was nothing but a marketing decision, which turned to be really successful.

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What does Anisette Day mean? Frankly speaking we can’t even predict whether this holiday means something for you or not. As you perhaps understand, the tastes of the representatives of the modern society are quite different. Some people like and appreciate this drink, while others hate. At the same time there is a category of those, who have never tried it, so it is not a great surprise that these men and women don’t have their point of view at all.

All in all, anisette is a strong alcoholic drink based on anise. As a rule, drinks that belong to this class exist in almost every country. So, in Turkey it is crayfish, in Italy – sambuca, in France – pastis.

The recipe for this kind of vodka was known back in the Middle Ages. Since anise was inexpensive, the population began to use it widely in everyday life. It was also included in the recipes for gingerbread, and other pastries. Alcoholic drinks were also made on its basis. Anise has become the most famous flavoring additive.

In order to get it at home, first it was necessary to prepare bread alcohol, and then insist on it herbs, spices, and various berries. The main component of this drink has always been anise. Then the drink was distilled, in the end a product of 37-45 degrees was obtained. The drink was either consumed in small quantities on its own, or diluted with water.


The question “When is International Anisette Day 2022?” involves a lot of amazing pieces of information. Today we are going to represent you the most amazing ones.

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First of all, we shouldn’t forget that the drink made on the basis of anise is really popular among alcohol connoisseurs all over the world. In fact today almost each country produces its own kind of such a drink.

  • Turkey produces anise called “Raki”. It is made by distilling infusion of anise, rose and fig. At the same time the anise drink called arak is considered to be well-known and quite popular in the Middle East. As a rule, it belongs to the category of anise brandies and is especially drunk during the summer heats. Nomadic people prepared this kind on the basis of mare’s milk, more precisely, from fermented kumis with the strength of about 5%, after distillation its strength is 30%.
  • In Russia, there were two types at once: liqueur and tincture. The liqueur had a sweet taste, it was made from a mixture of two varieties of anise. The tincture was made from green anise with the addition of dill, coriander and lemon zest. The tincture had a bitter taste and was used mainly for medicinal purposes.
  • In Italy, the world-famous Sambuca tincture is especially popular. This drink has a pronounced scent. It is drunk in its pure form or as part of alcoholic cocktails. Sambuca goes well with ice and coffee beans.


When is Anisette Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. The special occasion has a fixed date, so memorizing it once, you are free to join any moment you would like to do it. So as it has been already mentioned above the holiday is held in the specialized circles on July 2nd annually. 

As a rule, there are no any state events devoted to this occasion. The local authorities hardly know about its existence. However, you can create a real holiday for yourself as well as for your close surrounding. By the way, what about a tasting? – If your answer is yes, we recommend you to mind the following rules.

If you are going to do everything properly, remember that this drink is usually consumed as an aperitif. Anise perfectly stimulates digestion and also induces appetite. Greek sort of vodka called “Ouzo” is drunk both on its own and in cocktails. It is used as an aperitif as well. Also you may take seafood, salads, cheeses, fruits, and various desserts to it.

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National Anisette Day Facts

Discovering the matter “What is the date of Anisette Day?” in details we found a lot of amazing pieces of information. Today we are going to share some of them with our followers.

This popular drink has a long list of its beneficial properties due to its composition. It was originally used to improve digestion. A certain amount of anise essential oil remains in vodka, which is also beneficial for the body.

Since it consists of at least forty percent alcohol, its useful properties include a disinfecting effect. With the help of such a drink, wounds and cuts are often treated if there is no medical alcohol at hand. Also, the beverage can be used as a preservative. It is added to dishes and foods that need to be stored for a sufficiently long time.

At the same time it can help to cope with such unpleasant diseases as tonsillitis, bronchitis and tracheitis. Under this condition the specialists recommend to add seven drops together with one spoonful of honey to hot tea or herbal decoction, and then drink twice a day for two weeks.

A drink with its addition has a calming effect, improves the outflow of phlegm and allows people to cure the disease much faster without poisoning the body with medications.

However, you should remember that the abuse of anisette as well as any other type of vodka in general can be harmful, so you should be rather wary of treating diseases with this drink.


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