Lighthouse lighting day

In the calendar of amazing holidays, there is a celebration on January 18 Day of lighting the lighthouse. It is not known who came up with the idea of ​​an unusual celebration, but for many the event inspires romance and has become a symbol of hope.

There is a legend that once the guiding stars saved the lives of sailors in the open sea, pointing them to a safe path. But after many centuries, they decided to give part of their light to people. Since the dark night falls, the brightest and boldest stars descend from the sky to light the high towers and help those who are lost in the stormy waves of the sea to overcome the danger.

The holiday reminds society that hope is a strong feeling that is of great importance in a person’s life. Hope helps to confidently move forward and overcome any obstacles to achieve the goal.

Burning in the soul lighthouse, which shines with the light of hope, will not allow darkness to creep into thoughts, and darkness to envelop the heart. As long as a person hopes, he believes and lives.

Lighthouse lighting day
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