International Rabbit Day

Every fourth Saturday of September is celebrated around the world International Rabbit Day. The main purpose of the holiday is to convey information about the harm caused to these animals by humans. This day was started in 1998 in Great Britain. Later, the holiday was celebrated in Australia, and then around the world.

Rabbits often fall into the danger that humans create for them. The main one is conducting laboratory experiments and testing medical and cosmetic preparations. Animals are caught, kept in captivity in cages, and also killed on the hunt.

It is to ensure the protection of rabbits in the world that their holiday is organized annually. It is aimed at ensuring that people do not harm these animals.

Residents of different countries celebrate this holiday in different ways: they arrange beastly beauty contests, speed competitions, exhibitions. Great Britain and Scandinavian countries are the leaders in keeping these fluffy animals at home.

On this day, anyone who wants to can take home a small rabbit from the shelter and take care of it.

International Rabbit Day
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