When is National Fanny Pack Day in 2020? – Here is a good question, which unfortunately can’t be answered by many contemporary people. And this is in vain in fact actually. Why? – The matter is that this accessory is used all around the planet. So today we propose you to discuss this direction in details. Are you ready? – We are starting!


It would be quite silly to discuss the matter “What is the date of Fanny Pack Day in 2020?” without paying a close attention to the historical background of this special occasion. We can’t but mention that this theme takes a significant place in the list of the most interesting and asked ones.

Do you think a belt bag is a relatively young accessory that saw the world in the 80’s? It is not true! It is difficult to establish the exact date and place of birth, but it is known that it was popular with different cultures as early as antiquity.

For example, Native Americans did not sew pockets in their clothes, but they made small handbags from buffalo skin and wore them on their belts. So did the Scots: the Sporran, as they called it, became part of the traditional decoration of the Highlanders. And the wealthy medieval lords used loafers to carry arms and money.

Fanny Pack

In Ukraine, leather bags for the belt were worn by Cossacks for flint and cullet.

So why has this accessory been in the shadows for a long time? Its reputation was spoiled by public transport workers and market traders who fell in love with the “pendant purse” with a fervent love for compactness and functionality. Fortunately, far-fetched stereotypes broke. Proven by time and people, today a small loincloth bag has become an accessory of city dandies. And unlike other models, it underwent minimal modifications, retaining the original practicality and convenience. And these ones, you will definitely agree, are important characteristics, given the crazy pace in which we live.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you why we have to celebrate this event on March 12th. Perhaps, initially it was nothing but a successful marketing decision, used to this accessory promotion.

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What does Fanny Pack Day mean? – In fact, it is up to you to decide whether to celebrate this special occasion or not. You see, there are a lot of men and women, who don’t like this kind of clothes.

In general, the bags on the belt appeared massively in 90’s. Since then, they have been used in many different ways, sometimes people even used it as an attribute exclusively of racketeers and market traders.

Now these models are again in a trend. Modern realities are such that a so called banana bag is not only a practical accessory for men and women of middle age, but also an original belt version for young people.

The main advantage of this model is that it not only allows you to free your hands and at the same time to take a whole series of necessary trifles with you. Young people do not like restrictions, and using banana, one can feel easily and confidently. Going to the club, movie, theater, cafe, for a walk or skate – take with you a waist bag that can hold the necessary minimum of objects.

Contemporary designers offer to wear a fanny pack not only on the belt, but also casually throwing it over your shoulder. In this case, it is desirable to choose a one-color model, the color of which will correspond to the color of the clothes or, on the contrary, to prefer a contrast combination.


Investigating the matter what day Fanny Pack Day in 2020 is, we have to tell our readers much about this accessory in particular and the situation in general.

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There are a lot of options for using such bags and this is explained by their ergonomics and practicality. In form they resemble bananas, which ensures their sufficient roominess, as the compartments are oblong in shape. It is an everyday, universal, affordable accessory. However, the model range presented on modern websites also includes more stringent, business-related, belt-shaped variants of a rectangular shape.

This belt bag will suit both guys and girls. Men’s models are more strict colors, the main decoration is the name of the brand. The female version has more diverse design. There are models made in the style of unisex. They are a combination of one or two colors and are made of textiles.

The main materials for sewing these waist bags are nylon or polyester, as well as leather. Models of textiles are considered to be an everyday variant, which is usually combined with jeans or shorts, as well as with any clothing in a sporty style. They are not rarely taken as a supplement to work clothes.

Leather products are more respectable and can complement even a male or female costume, if you want to give your image some kind of democracy and relaxation.


When is Fanny Pack Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. But we recommend you to be rather careful if you are going to be involved. Would you like to know why it is so? – The matter is that the date of this special occasion celebration is not fixed. It is held on the first Saturday in March.

Of course, the best way to spend this day properly would be a purchasing of this terrific thing. However, do you know how to do it? – We are going to teach you!

St. Patric's Fanny Pack

When choosing a stylish accessory, first of all, decide on the purpose for which you will use it. If you are actively involved in sports, running around in the morning, cycling and so on, stop on the classic sports bag on your belt. Most often, such products are made from textiles. They are wear-resistant and well-worn.

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If the budget for the purchase allows, and you are in search of an accessory that will add your raisins to your image and last long, choose a leather bag for your belt. It is perfectly combined with many items of the wardrobe, it will contain a sufficient number of necessary trifles, and the hands at the same time will be completely free. With proper care, this bag can last a very long time.

National Fanny Pack Day Facts

Talking about the question “When is International Fanny Pack Day 2020?” we should remind our readers about the peculiar features of this model wearing.

Today we are going to tell you about two famous brands, which represent this type of accessory.

  • DropBag BlankNote – bold unisex

Blue jeans and a white shirt, beige chinos and a printed T-shirt, blue shorts and checkered crochet-top – DropBag looks great with different sets. This can be like a men’s bag for a belt, and a woman’s one.

What’s the secret? It is in conciseness and a touch of brutality, of course. This model seems to say: “The boundaries are erased. Conventions are no more. Relax and just be yourself in any time! ”

The bag has a compartment for small things and a pair of pockets for cards, on the back there is a capacious pocket that closes with a zipper. Size: 21×14.5×5 cm, the length of the belt is adjustable from 70 to 100 cm. And most importantly it’s all genuine leather.

  • Alice BlankNote – elegant femininity A bag of “Alice” Graphite Velor

The items are rather famous for elegant shape, chiseled silhouette and tassel with fringe – Alice, a women’s belt bag will appeal to 100% girls. But this does not mean that it harmonizes only with airy summer dresses! The model perfectly complements both strict trouser suits, and frivolous maxi dresses, and refined cocktail toilets. All because the craftsmen have provided different versions of socks: on a chain, on a belt and as a clutch. You just need to buy one bag, and get three in one!


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