Spring is a time of change and renewal in nature, in consciousness, in life.

Take advantage of the energy and opportunities of this time of year. Make your own checklist and enjoy every day of spring, with benefits for yourself and positive transformations in your life.

Spring is also a good opportunity to do everything important and what you don’t want to do in the summer. Add items to your checklist about dealing with things related to work, studies, visits to the dentist, scheduled medical examinations, tests, etc.

Sneak away to plan and organize your magical spring with our checklists, planners and habit trackers. Download ready-to-print planners and trackers at the end of the article.

From our website and channel 🦋Artlife:

To-do list for spring

  • Conduct a ritual of farewell to winter (Maslan, bath day, etc.)
  • Prepare postcards or gifts by March 8
  • Plant flowers near your house or entrance
  • Make a spring playlist
  • As daylight increases, get up earlier (use this time to exercise or do yoga)
  • Try to go to bed no later than 12 o’clock
  • Start/continue physical training
  • Conduct training in the fresh air
  • Start/continue running
  • Walk more, move more
  • Get rid of a bad habit/habits
  • Add more vegetables and fruits to the diet
  • Take a course of vitamins (as agreed with the doctor)
  • Limit/exclude the use of sugar for a day/week/month or completely (LOW CARB ZONE – recipes without sugar)
  • Have a detox day
  • To carry out planned visits to doctors and planned analyzes and examinations
  • Learn to cook a new spring dish
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Make to-do lists for the day/week/month
  • Start/continue keeping a diary/planner
  • Print out a few of your favorite motivational quotes and hang them in a prominent place
  • Take care of your time
  • Limit/reduce the time spent viewing social networks
  • Introduce a new useful habit or several into your life
  • Organize a spring picnic
  • Sit by the fire
  • Admire the cherry blossoms
  • Make a spring photo session (lilac, apple, dandelion, etc.)
  • Collect a bouquet of wildflowers
  • Visit the botanical garden
  • Take a boat ride in the park
  • Spend a day without complaints and negative thoughts (repeat several times)
  • Spend a day without a phone
  • Find time for yourself (alone with yourself)
  • Have breakfast on the balcony/veranda
  • Read every day (👉book selections)
  • Ride a bike/skate/scooter/roller
  • Do general cleaning
  • Throw away/give away/sell unnecessary things
  • Clean the balcony and arrange a rest area in it
  • Buy seasonal flowers for home
  • Transplant indoor flowers
  • Wash the windows
  • Remove winter clothes and things
  • Clean gadgets and computer from unnecessary applications, files, photos and information
  • Change the screensaver on your phone and computer
  • Tidy up your desktop — at home and in the office
  • Spend Saturday in the yard
  • Make a photo book with winter photos or just print the best ones
  • Take new photos every day
  • Take a walk in the spring city
  • Don’t buy too much
  • Change/update your hairstyle or style
  • Watch the falling leaves
  • Listen to birds singing in the morning
  • Rejoice at the first rain and thunderstorm
  • Plant greenery on the windowsill
  • Come up with and make good and funny jokes for April 1
  • Go to the forest for willow
  • Color eggs for Easter
  • Draw spring landscapes (or pictures by numbers)
  • Spend time with relatives (visit/ call/ write)
  • Chat with friends you haven’t seen for a long time
  • Take a mini-trip (to a nearby city, for example)
  • Watch a spring movie
  • Go to the planetarium
  • Go to an exhibition/museum
  • Start planning your summer vacation
  • Smile more
  • To be grateful
  • Talk about what you feel
  • Make an advent calendar for the summer
  • Make a to-do list for the summer

Ready-to-print planners and trackers


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