I received my education in the library. Absolutely free.

Ray Bradbury

Inspiration, motivation, transformation of consciousness and improvement in all areas of your life – look for it on the pages of books and take action, create your life! Choose what suits you, what your heart responds to, what will bring benefits.

Self-development is the activity and activity of a person who seeks change for the better, it is about a creative approach to life, about the will and the value of choice. Of course, this is the choice of a spiritually mature and conscious individual.

A selection of the best books for self-development and changes for the better in your life from our channel 🦋Artlife:

  • “Get out of your comfort zone” Brian Tracy
  • “Morning Magic” Al Halrod
  • “Eat, move, sleep” Tom Rath
  • “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” Haruki Murakami
  • “How to overcome anxiety and start living” Dale Carnegie
  • “How to make friends and influence people” Dale Carnegie
  • “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki
  • “Smile before it’s too late” Oleksandr Sviyash
  • “One habit a week” Brett Blumenthal
  • “Seven skills of highly effective people” Stephen Covey
  • “Dreaming is not harmful” Barbara Sher
  • “I want and I will” Mykhailo Labkovskyi
  • “Throw Junk Out of Life! The art of cleaning” Marie Kondo
  • “Emotional intelligence” Daniel Goleman
  • “Heal yourself” Louise Hay
  • “The healing power of thought” Louise Hay
  • “I want to tell you about…” Jorge Bucay
  • “On the side of good” Jamil Zaki
  • “The Art of Creating Happy Memories” Mick Viking
  • “Stories for reflection” Jorge Bucay
  • “Authenticity. How to be yourself” Stephen Joseph
  • “Nonviolent communication: the language of life” Marshall Rosenberg
  • “Five languages ​​of love” Gary Chapman
  • “13 habits that strong people got rid of” Amy Morin

Self-development book selection


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