Autumn, namely September 1, is the beginning of the school year: every year for a specific person, a significant part of his life, historically, it happened like that for society as a whole. In autumn, we have more time for learning and self-improvement. Autumn creates optimal conditions (natural and mental) for learning: cool air, weather not for walking, prolonged rains and falling leaves create a special thoughtful and philosophical mood.

Autumn is the only season that teaches.

Elchyn Safarli “…there are no memories without you”

“Autumn training” is not about the educational process, not about courses and seminars, not about improving a foreign language or improving qualifications, it is about symbolism, about knowledge that is beyond the control of the educational system, it is about answers to the most important questions, about life.

Autumn teaches us:

  • appreciate the warmth
  • give warmth
  • accept changes
  • accept the inevitable
  • adaptability
  • appreciate the moments
  • create coziness
  • to slow down
  • take care of yourself
  • to defend
  • take care of the future
  • let go of the past
  • get rid of excess (like trees shedding leaves)
  • to change
  • combine colors and mood
  • choose bright colors.

Autumn teaches us


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