The mode of saving one’s own resources is about self-love. It is relevant in both wartime and peacetime. Turn on economy mode to be as efficient as possible now and for your future.

Mode of saving own resources:

✔️ reduction of news reading time

✔️ limiting communication with toxic people

✔️ stop communicating and arguing in social networks with enemies and those who support them

✔️ learn to distinguish between anxiety and fear (fear is a real threat now, anxiety is about a potential threat in the future, fear protects us, anxiety destroys and prevents us from acting adequately)

✔️ cessation of criticism, accusations of oneself and loved ones

✔️ stop analyzing and criticizing the past, actions already taken and decisions made

✔️ avoiding the phrases “if…”, “should have…”

✔️ self-forgiveness

✔️ reducing demands on yourself and your loved ones

✔️ reducing control where possible or not essential

✔️ prioritizing the provision of sleep, food and rest

✔️ asking for help is normal

✔️ accepting help is taking care of yourself.

Mode of saving own resources


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