We ourselves have to become the changes we want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Apathy, depression are often the consequences of living “not your life”. When a person has lost contact with his inner world, he does not hear his true desires and feelings. This happens when life is a certain social script or family program, when the taste for life is lost and participation in its creation is reduced to a minimum.

You just have to grab hold of the thin thread that is still left as a channel of communication with your subconscious. How to do it? Beginning to resist life by inertia. These can be minor changes in daily rituals or thoughts, the first small steps that will allow you to change direction and take the reins in your own hands. The main thing is to feel the taste, excitement will appear!

Choose a way of resisting inertia in your life, according to your strengths and capabilities, as safe and ecological as possible for yourself, let it be with love and faith in yourself.

It is ideal if you have the support of a specialist (psychologist or psychotherapist) and loved ones along the way. Then the process will be more intensive, the range of maneuvers will be much wider.

Resistance to life by inertia:

  • awareness is the prevention of living by inertia
  • avoid automatism in actions
  • do something wrong every morning (change the sequence of actions, take a different cup, a different path, do something in a different way)
  • once a week do something new, unusual for you
  • focus on the moment
  • pay attention to small things, smells, etc
  • listen to your feelings and desires
  • switch activities, alternate and balance them
  • realize your dreams and desires, even if they are insignificant or meaningless (in someone’s opinion)
  • talk to someone you wouldn’t want to talk to
  • be flexible in your views
  • refuse to be categorical
  • allow yourself to be wrong
  • free yourself from the fear of evaluation
  • responsibility and a creative approach to one’s own life are resistance to inertia

Life by inertia

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