• With millions of fans around the world, John Lennon, a member of The Beatles, announced on the radio that the band more popular than Jesus Christ. Outraged by such self-confidence, the workers of the radio station (Texas) publicly burned the group’s records. It became symbolic lightning striking the building of the radio station the day after the broadcast.
  • In 1976, on April 1, in his interview with a radio host, astronomer Patrick Moore warned of a decrease in gravity at 9:47 a.m. due to the passage of Pluto near Venus. The astronomer jokingly claimed that jumping up at this time you can feel weightlessness. After fruitless bounces, outraged radio listeners bombarded the presenter with calls.
  • During the Second World War, representatives of the command of the American army resorted to a trick. They invited several Indians from the Navajo tribe for conducting a radio broadcast in the native language for the purpose of transmitting classified data. Foreign intelligence regularly intercepted the negotiations, but could not decipher them due to the lack of Navajo translators.
  • The voice is transmitted over the radio at lightning speed – more than 1000 km/h. This means that from the receiver it can be heard faster than from the far corner of the roomwhere the phrase was spoken.
  • It is impossible to surprise anyone with radio channels that broadcast music of various genres and directions. But there is a station called Birdsongradio which broadcasts only birdsong. They were recorded more than 20 years later by ornithologist Quentin Howard in his own garden in Wiltshire.
  • In 1938, the radio play “War of the Worlds” based on the book by Herbert Wells was held in the USA. Those listeners who did not make it to the beginning of the performance decided that they were broadcasting real news. In some cities of the country panic ensuedas people decided that the Martians had indeed taken over Earth and burned down the White House.
  • Radio saved the Eiffel Tower from being dismantled in 1909. This building was created in 1889 for the World Exhibition. It was believed that it spoils the appearance of the capital, so it was planned to demolish it. But the radio antennas installed on the tower gave a powerful signal and a long range. Therefore, it was left, and later turned into the most famous symbol of Paris.
  • Scientists have not yet come to an agreement as to who deserves the laurels of the pioneer of radio. The Germans attribute it to their compatriot Henry Hertz. Americans are convinced that it is Mykola TeslaItalians read Guglielmo Marconiand the Russians – Oleksandr Popov. In fact, all these scientists independently made discoveries with a slight difference in time.

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