1. Kenyans are the best short-distance runners. They have no equal in the whole world. In 2012, at the Olympic Games in London, David Rudisha, a native of Kenya, covered the distance of 800 m in just 1 minute 40 seconds, which became the world record of the year. The best Kalenjin athletes brought many medals to their country at the Olympics.
  2. The well-known Nike company shot an advertisement for a new collection of sneakers with the participation of a young African from the Kenyan tribe. At the end of the video, the boy says a few words in his own language, and a slogan appears on the screen Nike – Just Do It. Later, it turned out that the Kenyan expressed dissatisfaction with the sneakers and asked for large, comfortable shoes to be brought to him. 😂
  3. The country is named after the ancient volcano of Kenya. It is the second highest African peak, whose peaks rise above the ground at 5,200 meters. Volcano Kenya is located relatively close to the equator, but this does not prevent the presence of 11 glaciers located on the mountain. They provide drinking water for a large part of the country.
  4. Residents call the southern volcanic island of Lake Rudolph Envaktenet, which means “irreversible” The people believe that the island itself is the petrified body of the goddess of fertility. The tribes say that those who dared to settle on it disappeared without a trace, because the goddess took young men and women underground.

    Envakthenet Island on Google Maps

  5. Kenyans call their public transport matatu – route minibuses. Matatu means in Kenyan language “30 cents a ride”, and although the cost of rental has increased significantly today, the name has remained. A bold yellow stripe is painted on the side of the bus, which means that it belongs to public transport.
  6. There is a settlement in Kenya where they live internal affairs are managed exclusively by women. This tribe is called Umoja, which means “unity” in Swahili. Several dozen women united in search of a safe place for themselves and their children. They became victims of violence and beatings by men, which forced them to create their own settlement, where Rebekah Lolosoli is the leader.
  7. The main sources of income for Kenyan entrepreneurs are tourism and coffee. Tourists pay money for staying in hotels, excursions, safaris, as well as for jewelry made by Kenyan women. Despite the fact that Kenya is one of the main exporters of coffee in the world, the natives prefer tea and beer.
  8. According to anthropological archaeological research, Kenya is the cradle of human civilization. The remains of human ancestors found on the territory of the modern republic are about 3 million years old. In addition, scientists studied the remains of a fossilized crocodile up to 200 million years old.
  9. Kenya is a country where you can see all the famous African five: elephant, rhinoceros, lion, buffalo and leopard. The republic is famous for nature reserves and parks. About 39% of mammals are found nowhere else on the planet except in Kenya. Hunting is strictly prohibited in the protected areas. Safari began to mean excursions into the wild.
  10. One of unusual for our view dances belongs to the Masai tribe. It is performed only by male representatives, which shows them from the best side for future brides. The dance consists mainly of high jumps up. The guy who shows the highest jump will be a worthy man.
Maasai dance

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