Antarctica is a unique place on planet Earth. Humanity has only begun to explore the secrets it hides. Antarctica Day is celebrated on December 1, when its demilitarized status and sovereignty was approved. We bring to your attention a selection of interesting facts about this continent.


The biggest iceberg

The largest known iceberg is B-15

The largest known iceberg – B-15 – broke off from the Ross Ice Shelf in 2000 and had a total area of ​​about 11,000 km2. The iceberg broke into fragments and gradually melted into the sea. The size of the huge ice cap exceeded the area of ​​Jamaica. Currently, the largest existing iceberg is A-75. Its size is 4320 km2which is bigger than Majorca.

The lowest temperature on Earth

The most significant temperature “records” of the continent were officially registered in Antarctica. On January 30, 1982, data on the warmest temperature in this area +19.8°C were obtained on Signy Island. The lowest temperature in Antarctica and on the planet as a whole was recorded by satellites in 2018. It was –98.6°C.

The driest place on the planet

Dry Valleys - Antarctica

The driest place on the planet is located in Antarctica. It has a name Dry Valleys. Due to specific natural conditions, there is almost no ice and snow here, because constant winds contribute to the complete evaporation of moisture. There was no precipitation in the form of rain in Dry Valleys 2 million years. It is located in the area of ​​the Victoria, Wright and Taylor valleys near McMurdo Sound.

Dry Valleys on Google Maps

The cleanest sea

The cleanest sea on Earth – the Weddell Sea – located in Antarctica. It washes the west coast between the Antarctic Peninsula and Coates Land. Its area is 2.8 million km2and the maximum depth is 6,820 m. The last survey of the sea was carried out in 1986. The crystal clarity provides visibility to a depth of 79 m, which corresponds to the indicators distilled water.

Weddell Sea on Google Maps

Gates of Hell

There is a famous one in Antarctica Ice Canyon Gate of Hell, which was discovered by Italian polar explorers. The temperature in this area drops to -90°C, winds blow at speeds of up to 200 km/h. Scientists were stunned by such a find – the terrible wind and harsh temperature made it impossible to stay in the canyon.

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An aborigine of Antarctica

Depending on the season, 1,000 to 4,000 people live on the mainland. There are only two official settlements. Villa Las Estrellas was founded in 1984 by the Chilean dictator Pinochet. Esperanza is an Argentine research station founded in 1953. Right here in 1978 the first person on the mainland was born – Emilio Marcos Palma.

“Bloody” waterfall

Bloody waterfall

“Bloody” waterfall in Antarctica is secretly considered wonder of the world. It is located on the Taylor Glacier. The red color of salt water is due to the iron content. Water from hypersaline currents under the glacier goes to the surface and turns blood-red when it comes into contact with air. The waterfall was discovered by Griffith Taylor in 1911.

“Bloody” waterfall on Google Maps

What time is it in Antarctica?

There is no official time in Antarctica, because almost no one lives here permanently. Research stations observe the time that belongs to the time zone of the country closest to Antarctica, or the time officially established in the state – the founder of the research station.

Emperor penguin

Emperor penguin

The emperor penguin is the largest among the representatives of the family. The bird grows up to 100-120 cm. The habitat of emperor penguins is the harsh Atlantic climate. In search of prey, the bird can dive into the water to a depth of 500-700 m and be under water for 15-20 minutes.

Dogs vs. Seals

In 1993, they were officially in Antarctica dog sleds are prohibited. This was motivated by the fact that the animals could harm the population of Antarctic seals. Until that time, dogs were used on the mainland to move through the icy regions of Antarctica.

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Interesting facts about Antarctica


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