1. In the twenties of the 20th century, there were many supporters of silent cinema the appearance of sound was considered superfluous. As an argument, they used the fact that the language barrier would not allow films to be distributed around the world. Also, movie stars now had to have a pleasant tone of voice, speak without an accent and other flaws. It was also believed that the sound would disrupt the narrative of the film.
  2. Happy birthday to sound cinema it is considered October 6, 1927, when the film “The Jazz Singer” appeared on the screen. In it, the audience heard the main character’s lines for the first time. Before that, Warner Brothers had already released several sound films. But they contained only musical numbers, and the heroes, as before, remained “mute”.
  3. In the US, phone numbers between 555-0100 and 555-0199 used only in TV series, films and other works of art. In fact, these numbers do not exist, so that viewers are not tempted to call their favorite characters or express negativity to the film thief.
  4. Today, the country is produces the most movie content – by 2 movies a day, is considered India. That is, more than 750 feature films are released on the screens in a year. And although masterpieces are rarely found among them, they find their supporters not only in their homeland, but also far beyond its borders.
  5. The term “cinema” was born in Germany. Before that, filmstrips had different names in different countries, including “illusion”, “chromo” and even “kiki”.
  6. The tape “Gone with the Wind” became the record holder for the elimination of applicants for the main role. Before confirming the role of Scarlett Vivien Leigh, the directing team had to look over 60 applicants. But the script of the movie “Kill Bill”, on the contrary, was written by Quentin Tarantino specifically for the actress Uma Thurman.
  7. The model of the giant ape in the film “King Kong”, filmed in 1933, was only 45 centimeters. But thanks to the genius of the cameraman, he became the progenitor of all subsequent movie monsters.
  8. Most movie lovers believe that the first tape was a picture showing the arrival of a passenger train at the station platform. But it is not so. The first film was in 1895 “Workers leaving the factory”. Although both tapes saw the light of day thanks to the Lumiere brothers.
  9. After the filming of the movie about Frankenstein, the actor Boris Karloff, who played the monster, moved 3 operations on the spine, and also suffered from foot pain until the end of his life. This was a consequence of wearing a heavy suit. Also, very complex make-up was applied to the actor every day. That was almost enough three hoursand after the shooting day – the same amount of time for its removal.
  10. The Hollywood sign was invented in 1923. But at first its full name looked like HOLLYWOODLAND and marked a new neighborhood of Los Angeles. But thanks to the rapid development of the film industry, the name took root, shortened and became known all over the world.
“Workers leaving the factory” 1895 (restored)

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