St. David’s Day is one of the most important holidays for the faithful people of Wales. It is celebrated not only in the principality of Wales but also in other countries of the world. For example, in New York, a huge Empire State Building lights up the colors of the flag of Wales. So, if you’re interested when St. David’s Day is in 2022, the answer is on the 1st of March.


Numerous prophets claimed that there were many miracles before the birth of the saint. His memory is cherished on the day of David’s death. This day had been celebrated as a religious festival up to the 16th century and in the 18th century this day was recognized as a national festival of Wales. He was canonized by the Roman church in 1120.

St. David’s Day 2018

The legend of the saint who lived in the late 6th century came to us through the work of a prophet, who lived in the 11th century. Three decades before the birth of David an angel appeared and told that one of the greatest saints will be born soon in Wales.

Legend has it that St David was born in the unmarried union of two lovers: Prince Sanda and young noblewoman Non. At that moment when the boy was born a lightning split a huge rock in half.

Do you want to know what the date of St. David’s Day, 2022 is? Paintings of St. David with a small dove on his shoulder will hint you on the 1st of March. A dove is a peaceful symbol. In the capital of Wales, Cardiff, festive concerts and other events are held.

St. David was the bishop of the city Menevia and fought Pelagian heresy, wandering around the country and preaching. During his life he founded about a dozen monasteries in Wales, calling the monks to conduct particularly strict way of life in hard work, and silence. In his homeland, the Prophet founded the Cathedral and became its rector. In the XII century, a new cathedral had been in its place. It stands until now. Menevia is now called “St Davids”.

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According to one legend, the holy Welshman helped in the battle with the Saxons, having advised attaching a leek to the clothing to distinguish allies from their enemies. The tip was effective and the Welsh were victorious. The second legend says that during one of his sermons the land under David rose so that everyone could hear him and a white bird on the shoulder.


Check the calendar to know on what day St. David’s Day in 2022 is, the streets in Wales are decorated with images of the prophet with a dove on his shoulder. Welsh people attach leeks to their clothing or headgear on the 1st of March.

Across the region there are festive events and competitions of choral singing, St. David’s Day is celebrated in all the pubs, clubs, and other public places. Concerts of folk and rock music are held. Indispensable festive dishes are served on each family’s table.

Leek and daffodil are directly related to cooking. In ancient times it was believed that leeks bring good luck in the battle, so the soldiers added it to their armor as a mascot. Currently, leek is an integral part of the diet of Welsh cuisine.

Narcissus, which appeared on the lands of Wales in the days of the Roman Empire and today has a purely decorative value (by the way, narcissus is an indispensable decoration of the table on the day of Saint David), was originally used for culinary purposes, in conjunction with green figs which was served as a dessert.

St. David’s Day

Sacred plant

In the days of Queen Victoria, Welsh Life Guards regiment was marked with a pattern of a leek. In the 80s of the last century, there were coins decorated with national symbols in the United Kingdom. They were denominations of 1 pound with the image of English anchor (rose), Scottish (thistle) and Welsh (leek).

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Leeks are grown and sold all year round. But when St. David’s Day is in 2022, they will appear everywhere. Therefore, you should distinguish the winter leek with thick short “legs” and a more intense flavor and smell and summer leeks, with a long, thin, more loose “legs”. The leaves of the summer plant are light green, while the winters are darker.

There was a “Society of leek lovers” in the UK, where participants discussed recipes, how to grow and how to cook leek. Clinical studies have shown that regular consumption of dishes from leeks leads to the normalization of metabolism, improve appetite. Leek has a diuretic and choleretic effect. Leek is useful for treating obesity, rheumatism, gout, atherosclerosis, and diseases of the nasopharynx. By the way, the Roman emperor Nero in large volumes consumed leek for his voice to be strong as long as possible during the long speeches. Later this useful quality of leek has been proved by the scientists.

St. David’s Day parade

Recipes and cuisine

What day St. David’s Day is going to be in 2022? It will be Wednesday. So you can enjoy festive food in the middle of the week.

Recipes of the Welsh festive cuisine are not too diverse, but the dishes are quite hearty and versatile because for the local residents it wasn’t so important to create a complex recipe, but simply to feed the family. Legend has it that David, patron saint of Wales, ate only leeks, which he found in the fields. The daffodils were brought by the Romans during the conquering of Wales, and they were for eating, not for decoration, as it is now.

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These days nobody eats daffodils. Although they decorate the holiday table with it, but leeks are necessarily included in the menu. Love to the leek of the people of Wales is well-known.

There are lots of well-known recipes with leek. Leek could be eaten simply in its raw form, for example, with black bread. French especially love the leek in their dishes. These include leek broth in recipes, vegetable purees, salad recipes, and even recipes for pies. Preparation of the leek includes its frying in the batter. Leek can be simmered and served ready with grated cheese or mushrooms.


The feast combined ancient history, folklore, religious beliefs and the love of people to forget their daily troubles and remember good old times. It may be a great time to spend with a family. So, if you wonder, when St. David’s Day is in 2022, the calendar will solve that conundrum. The date is 1st of March. You could gather around a festive table or watch the great holiday parade. Many soldiers take part in the marching with the orchestra to keep the spirit of the troops high. You could visit a local church to learn more about the holiday and to immerse into its’ atmosphere.


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