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👨‍🦰👩‍🦰 When is National Redhead Day 2022

We are surrounded by so many people, who are so similar to us and so different at the same time. How often do we walk across the street and notice someone, who has one or several things, which you have too? We think you noticed such things millions of times during your life. And when we see something of the sort, most of us would like to become acquainted with these people and share interests, which are similar to you both. Many people have such like thoughts, that is why special days are created, which unite people with this or that interest. And in this article, we would like to talk about one of such days, which is dedicated to people, who have red hair. We will speak about it in details and will know, when is National Redhead Day in 2022.


To begin the discussion of the holiday, we should touch upon several main details especially, except the rest of them. Though the holiday is rather humorous and funny, that serious reason to celebrate it, many people enjoy it and such like days let people have a rest during their working and busy days, meet people with the same interests and have fun. That is why we also should know all truthful information about such days in order to know our culture and national traits better.

Redhead Girls

So, we should discuss the history of the holiday first and know, how has it all began. The history, by the way, is not so long – it all started only in 2005 in Netherlands. It is funny, but it is worth mention, redhead people are extremely rare in this country. The holiday was created by a Dutch painter, who enjoyed works of other painters, who depicted people, especially women with red head color. Such works of art impressed him to create a festival, which would gather people with the red head from different countries and unite them for at least one day a year. He wanted to show, that people with such head color are also beautiful and attractive and they know, what day World Redhead Day in 2022 is.

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What does National Redhead Day mean, we will wind out concretely in the following paragraphs. Though there is nothing so special or difficult and it all may be understood right from the very name of this day. Nevertheless, we will stop on some of the details and also some general information in order to give all people, who are interested in all this, a full understanding of the sense of the day.

So, Redhead Day is a festival, which is held once a year in Netherlands. The festival is totally free and it gathers people with red head color or any piece of arts, which is connected with it. The only requirement for the participants is to have only natural color, not changed or artificial. As we have already mentioned, the festival is held for the last 12 years, so it could be called a young holiday in comparison to many others. Though it is held only in Netherlands, every year people from about 50 countries in different points of our planet come to meet such like people, visit this holiday, and celebrate it with like-minded ones. They always know beforehand and for sure, when is International Redhead Day 2022.


So, in several previous paragraphs, we have spoken about the meaning of the holiday closer and mentioned the most important details, which really matter. There is nothing especially difficult in the understanding of the sense of this day, that is why we are sure that all people, both, who have already known about its existence and those, who read about it for the first time, understood well everything, which concerns this particular day and now knows, what is it all about.

Nevertheless, we would like to make a kind of a conclusion and combine everything, which we have already said, in this paragraph. It will give our readers a full understanding of the holiday and unite all the aspects, which, may be important concerning this very day. So, let’s conclude, that this very holiday unites redhead people and art, connected with them, once a year in Netherlands. There are no special requirements for attending the festival except natural hair color. The rest things there are free for all of the attendees. That is why if you too want to visit the festival and maybe haven’t heard about it before, try to know, what is the date of National Redhead Day 2022.


Now it is the very time to discuss some of the traditions of the holiday or in other words – find out, what do people do during this festival. As we have discussed the rest of the main details, which do really matter and have sense, this is the time to move to other important things. So to say, we have discussed only one tradition, which may be obvious for most of us and also reasonable – people with natural red heads from all corners of our planet try to attend this festival because nowhere else they can meet so many suchlike people as they are and share their interests and thoughts.

Redhead croud

People of totally different ages come to the festival, as it is absolutely free and includes entertainments for all age categories. Also usually every year some kind of dress code is required, and every year it is changed. That is why it is a kind of an intrigue, but in such a way every festival looks interesting and bright and stands out in comparison to many other festivals of the sort. For example, the second festival, which was held, required white dress code and participants were able to try on a lot of interesting costumes, many of which were designed by themselves personally and individually.

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International Redhead Day Facts

So, finally and slowly we moved to the very end of our discussion, touching upon the main aspects and details, which characterize Redhead Day. We found out some aspects and interesting facts from its history made concrete definition not only for those, who have already known about it all but for those, who hear about the existence of such holiday for the first time in their lives. We tried to collect here the most useful information, which would give you the full understanding of it all.

But still while our discussion we haven’t mentioned one of the main facts about this holiday – its date. Certainly, you can look, when is Redhead Day in 2022, on the calendar. It is interesting that the festival, unlike many usual holidays, lasts for not one, but four days. Every year from September 2 until September 4 all the participants have an opportunity to celebrate it all. As every time the festival has new special color (dress code color, as we have discussed), it also has a special topic – for example, it may be a famous painter. So, it is always interesting to observe this holiday and not less interesting to get ready for it and take part with people, who look like you or are very similar to you.

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