In the modern world there are a lot of various people. We differ from each other because of our skin, features, general appearance and, of course, the color of the hair. However, are you ready to reply the question โ€œWhen is National Red Hair Day in 2022?โ€ without any serious prompts from our side?

Frankly speaking, we are almost sure that you are going to answer negatively. In this situation usually there are two categories of people. The first one has never heard about its existence, the second โ€“ doesnโ€™t understand the necessity of its celebration.

From our side we have made a decision to explain everything in details for both groups at once.


Certainly, we understand that the question โ€œWhen is International Red Hair Day 2022?โ€ needs the clarification of the historical background of this event.

There is a legend that says that the first red-haired man was Prince Idon. Having discovered Atlantis, he was illuminated by an unusually bright star, which left a special imprint in the form of a reddish mop of hair and freckles on him.

Another interesting fact about redheads, that Hitler, who was going to โ€œpurityโ€ of the race, even issued a ban on the marriage of the people with color of hair. By these methods, the cruel dictator tried to avoid the birth of so called “offspring with defectsโ€.

Red Hair Sisters

Nowadays in the contemporary social networks you can find a great amount of groups, which from time to time start various so-called anti-red campaigns. Unfortunately, the circumstances may be quite different. For example, in 2008 the event ended badly. In Canada the organizers established “International Day of Red Kicks” and it caused some serious incidents. In winter 2013 in the European France one student even made a harsh decision and killed himself, because of constant bullying. It sounds really terrible, doesn’t it? In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, in the modern society the problem is absolutely obvious and actual. Of course, it seems to be quite absurd to dislike people because of their hair shade, but our reality shows this discrimination almost every day in various parts of the planet.


What does National Red Hair Day mean? Oh, in this situation it is up to you to decide. You see, we donโ€™t know for sure whether you have any reason for celebration or not. However, no matter the color of your hair is, you can always organize a holiday in sympathy with some well-known men and women.

The fact that they are extraordinary people is evidenced by the fact that such famous personalities as Jesus Christ, Judas Iscariot, Aristotle, Cromwell, Van Gogh, Stalin, Nero, Bismarck, Lenin, Galileo, Friedrich Schiller possessed the sun color of hair. The Marquis de Sade, the English Queen Elizabeth I, Titian, Rodin, Antonio Vivaldi, Mark Twain, Sarah Bernard, several US presidents, from the very first – George Washington, John David Rockefeller, Bill Gates and Nicole Kidman are also among of them.

Have you ever heard that the most “red” nations are Jews, Irish, Scots and English. So, most red-haired people live in Ireland and Scotland – 11% of the population. In the Scandinavian countries there are 5%, and in Southern Europe there is less than 1% of them.

Scientists claim that the red gene came from descendants of Neanderthals, who were wandering hunters and brutal cannibals. It is likely that the red gene carries a part of the wild character of the Neanderthals, not restrained by the mind of passion.


Discussing the matter devoted to the subject concerning what day World Red Hair Day in 2022 is, we would like to tell our readers about the main features of character belonging to these people. Red-haired ladies are active and assertive. They can be eccentric and impulsive sometimes. Among them there are a lot of sociable, temperamental and purposeful representatives of the weaker sex. The specialists are sure that these girls of various ages have rather fiery temperament that is not restrained by reason. Perhaps this is the main reason why during the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church automatically reckoned all them to be witches.

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Male redheads are not always bed-giants, but they are very careful and attentive. In addition, they are usually excellent fathers, caring and restless, sometimes crazy. Sexologists believe that red-haired men are not too prone to fidelity. The reason for the ill-fated gene is a gift from the Neanderthal ancestors. At the subconscious level, the guys “lights” want to leave as many of their copies as possible, that’s why they may have a countless amount of lovers.


When is Red Hair Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you, so there are no any reasons for being worried about. This will happen as usual on September 8th. However, in most countries there are no any official events devoted to this special occasion.

Are you going to entertain yourself? โ€“ Oh, this is not a problem, especially for people with the perfect imagination. Do you know somebody with this hair color? You can always congratulate him/her and even to give a small present.

Or go somewhere, where people have used to be involved on the state level, for example, welcome to Holland. โ€“ The matter is that in the European country of the Netherlands on September 8th you can always part in the special festival, which is celebrated widely. Thousands of โ€œgoldiesโ€ from all over the planet come to the Dutch town of Brad, where the annual international holiday of people with this hair shade takes place. As a rule, the administration expects not less than five thousand guests, arriving from about than fifty countries. Usually the celebration participants dress in white to emphasize the hair shade. Along the streets there is a parade of adults and children, the flaming fetish models show out special dresses specially sewn to this day. Organizers say that they want to highlight the uniqueness of these people.

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Red Hair Girl

International Red Hair Day Facts

Discovering the matter “What is the date of National Red Hair Day 2022?” we want to please our reader with as many interesting facts as it is possible.

The most amazing thing has been represented recently. The contemporary scientists from Great Britain warn that red-haired people are going to disappear soon. This will happen under the condition if the climate doesn’t become colder. The blue-eyed people also fell into the risk group.

His study of British scientists in Scotland, but, according to them, a very fast problem can become a global one.

“If the weather became less cloudy and sunny, around there would be fewer men and women with the gene responsible for red hair,” said deputy director of the scientific organization Scotland DNA Alistair Moffat.

According to scientists, the appearance of this gene is possible in conditions of not too warm climate. In such temperate regions, the body tries to fill the deficiency of vitamin D at the expense of light skin, which will be more sensitive to sunlight.

“It’s just a theory, but a recessive gene can really disappear forever.”

At the same time, the modern experts emphasize that the documental confirmation of their conclusions will take hundreds of years

All in all according to statistics, around 1-2% of red-haired people live in the world. In Scotland, the number of redheads is 13%, and the gene carrier is every second Scot.


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