9Humanity is evolving very quickly. We used to build high edifices, the sky and the sea do not frighten anymore as big ships and huge planes became the realities of our time. While upgrading one life, people sometimes forget about nature and of its inhabitants. If we explore and take profit of their natural environment, they will have no where to live in the near future. Moreover, some animal specimen have already disappeared from the Earth face and many are in a big danger. One of them is a red panda species, a younger brother of a Chinese panda. Everyone perfectly knows and loves the second kind and what about the first one? Do you know what does it look like? In most cases, we even could not recognize it among a raccoon andโ€ฆ a raccoon because they are very similar. Despite, this creature needs to be discovered so it is very urgent to stress when is National Red Panda Day in 2022. Let us find more useful facts and traditions and try to understand the meaning of the day.

International Red Panda Day 2018

The meaning of the celebration

What does National Red Panda Day mean for Americans? This date is not one of the usual environmental discussion. We are speaking about a whole family of living creatures. They risk going forever from the globe and will not return. Some people may consider it a bit childish and refuse to commemorate a day of animal protection. Still, one cannot deny the fact that men must unite in the world defending because if red pandas disappear today, cats will fade out tomorrow and dogs โ€“ after tomorrow.

No one can tell which consequences will be after the pollution of air, water, or ground and how they will influence natural world. That is the reason why the world reunite in a fight against the environmental using and against the death of animals especially as rare as the red pandas are. The Globe has to be aware of when is International Red Panda Day in 2022 and try to save the existence not only these creatures but all other.

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The fete aims to:

  • accentuate on a specimen, its uniqueness and the right for living
  • underline the importance of every living being in the whole world picture
  • to make people aware of the problem and to give the resolutions on how to keep safe these beautiful creatures
  • give a possibility to maintain the nature for future generations

The history of the commemoration

The red panda is very similar to a fox but still, it presents the class of mammals associated with pandas. It is a little bigger that a cat eating in most cases leaves and plants.

One can found its traces in China from XIII century. Europeans discovered the specimen in XIX. It has become known after the works of an English biologist and naturalist Thomas Hardwicke who was working in Asian colonies at the Great Britain territory. The man proposed to name an unknown beast wah that is how Chinese pronounces its name. However, he could not do it. In a matter of fact, it was very strange incident and even unpleasant. Hardwicke did not yet return from his mission with precious information about a new animal when his college, a French scientist George-Frederic Cuvier had the edge on him and gave it the title of a brightening cat. All English scientific world was furious but was not able to do anything. After that, many explorers found the Cuvies’ name better that the Hardwicke’s and since that time, a red panda has one more denomination โ€“ a brightening cat.

In addition to this, these animals need to be saved out and protected because there are at least 2500 representatives in the whole world. September 15 is announced to be the date when is World Red Panda Day in 2022. This day claims for its protection and this day people gather and visit animal in the zoos because they live especially there.

The definition of the day out

Despite their wild area of living, these animals are very friendly and inoffensive. Children adore feeding them with bamboo leaves, nuts, and berries. They will never hurt anybody and are always safe. That is why it is very important to chaperon them from disappearance. US calendar marks this day as a holiday to attract people attention to the problem of the existing of the animals and underlines when is National Red Panda Day in 2022. What is more, the feast wants to preserve the locations of red pandasโ€™ habitation. The specimen is mostly spread in India and in the southwest of China where hunting is still very popular. Destroying rain forests, people also destroy the little universe of small creatures. That is why a big quantity of animals die nowadays because of lack of food.

The jack lighters kill these animals for their fur, which is very expensive and costs a lot of money.

In some regions of Nepal and India, citizens take them in the houses as pets that is inconvenient for red pandas. They suffer a lot living as domestic animals and cannot feel in touch with the wild nature. Zoologists say it is difficult to maintain them even in zoos โ€“ the creatures need a special diet to follow. The red panda is included in the International Red Book and if we do not take care of it, we risk to lost them forever.

International Red Panda Day

What are World Red Panda Day facts and traditions?

Nowadays, scientists emphasize that the conditions of red pandas living have greatly changed. It becomes more and more difficult to live in wild woods, they cannot defend their territory by themselves. The females cannot but bring to world only one child a year.

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So, their population is difficult to reproduce. In modern times, they prefer to live in the zoos near people. Nevertheless, their popularity is enormous. Remember one of the most famous cartoons Panda Kung Fu and its main character Master Shifu, the red panda? No wonder, because the red representatives of pandas are very smart and calm, they look like big foxes and red raccoons. He charmed all the spectators by his professional skills in martial arts and by his intelligence. Moreover, the creators of illustrious internet browser Mozilla Firefox chose a little panda for the official logo of the company. Now it is well-known all over the world.

As one can see, everyone is doing his best for promoting the animal and attracting attention to it.

How can the ordinary people celebrate this time? What day should National Red Panda Day be? Here are some thoughts how one may honor the holiday if this funny animal:

  1. Your first task is to gather your friends and family, go to one of the local zoos or somewhere else and try to make friends with red pandas. Spend some time enjoying their amazing movies and amusing gestures. Share their holiday, bring them something tasty, spend some time watching them play.
  2. Invite your relatives to celebrate the day. A good option is to donate some money or to help people taking care of the living creations. Time spent on good acts is never wasted.
  3. Look for some charity organizations or communities, help them in their work.
  4. Educate the feelings of the protection of the environment, keep nature in safe for your children and grandchildren.
  5. Tell other good-willing citizens about the time and promote it.
  6. At last, change your behavior toward the natural world. Keep it safe and clean, do not forget to throw rubbish in bins, and make the order in a forest after your time of relax. Protect the world for a better living.


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